Is Donald Glover regarded Danny Glover? One is a beloved actor, director, and activist that starred in the Lethal Weapon movies. The other is recognized as "Childish Gambino" and is an imaginative actor, singer, and comedian who produces and stars in the hit show Atlanta.

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 There"s no doubt around it: Both of them are super-talented. However are the two males actually related?

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Since the two share a critical name, fans have speculated that the two are related. Danny Glover has remained in the organization for awhile whereas Donald Glover very first came ~ above the scene through NBC"s 30 Rock. 

Let"s acquire to the bottom of this theory:


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1. Donald Glover"s IMDB bio literally states they"re not related. 

“Donald McKinley Glover to be born in ~ the Edwards Air force Base, California, and was increased in rock Mountain, Georgia. His mother, Beverly (Smith), ran a daycare center, and his father, Donald Glover, to be a postal worker. That is, regardless of rumors, not regarded actor Danny Glover. Donald i graduated from new York University through a degree in Dramatic creating in 2006.” 

2. Donald Glover flourished up in Georgia. Danny Glover"s from north California.

Danny Glover is native the north California just Area whereas Childish Gambino, if born in California, thrived up near Atlanta, the city in i m sorry his hit display is based around. "Atlanta is a an extremely specific form of place, and I want to make a show with a local theme,” the says. 

3. There to be a hoax made around the rumor ~ above Saturday Night Live. 

When Donald Glover to be the guest host (and also musical guest!) on Saturday Night Live, he do a joke about being Danny Glover"s father.

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4. Donald Glover"s genuine father is a postal worker. 

His Wikipedia and also IMDB web page both state he was raised in Georgia. His mom is a retired daycare provider and his father, Donald Glover Sr. Is a retired postal worker. 

5. He raps about not being related to Danny Glover.

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In his song "Sunrise", Glover raps "Donald Glover no relation” - a straight reference to the fact that the is not related to actor Danny Glover despite civilization often assuming the is. Lyrics often have concealed meanings, but this one appears pretty straightforward.

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6. Donald straight-out denies Danny is his father. 

"People think ns Danny Glover’s son. Ns get referred to as Danny all the time due to the fact that it’s a name the makes an ext sense than Donald." he claimed in an interview. 

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