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FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — There’s that saying, “one man’s trash is an additional man’s treasure.” But, one Maryland mom is taken that old adage to one more level by dumpster diving.Many that us have taken up brand-new hobbies during the pandemic. Because that Yarrow First-Hartling, she hobby gives her the best type of adrenaline rush because there’s nothing favor finding free stuff.

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It began at the start of the pandemic when her household was ~ above lock-down.

“I was bored out of my mind, I essential to get outta the house and do something that ns felt personally COVID-safe,” First-Hartling said.

So, she go onto TikTok and also found users prefer
dumpsterdivingmama and
jenn_nniffer — 2 mothers posting around their finds in dumpsters, that received thousands that views and also had others complying with in your footsteps.

For First-Hartling, the social media videos were a revelation, “dumpster diving videos speak look at every the stuff that stores room throwing away and it’s totally free.”

Now, she a regular. Pour it until it is full up her auto with totally free finds favor toilet file or cans of La Croix. All things she can’t let walk to waste.

So we’ve all picked up a few pandemic hobbies. This is Yarrow First-Hartling. She began dumpster diving throughout the pandemic. The a point now…we’ll tell you why she doing it and what she finding – this evening

— Annie rose Ramos (
AnnieRoseNews) might 28, 2021

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On Friday, us went out v her as she walk dumpster diving in Frederick County whereby the county’s spokesperson said WJZ it’s legal to dumpster dive if the dumpsters aren’t locked and there aren’t any kind of signs the say “NO TRESPASSING.”

Behind one grocery store store, Frist-Hartling organized up a container of fresh mozzarella.

“It’s tiny tiny mozzarella balls and also it’s tho cold,” she said. She to be excited to take it it home and enjoy it.

She stated she enjoys countless of the things she finds. She likewise gives stuff to her household or friends, however she’s uncovered so lot stuff the she has a brand-new rule, “either usage it or discover a house for it and also after the it gets donated.”

But that the opportunity of finding free stuff the keeps her coming back for more.

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“The thrill, the rush, friend never know what she gonna find,” she said.


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