Burgundy and maroon space usually failure for same color but there is a key underlying difference between them. Maroon is a mix the red and brown while burgundy is a mix of red and also purple. This attribute makes burgundy come look brighter in appearance than maroon and also gives it much more of a purplish tinge. The burgundy hex code is #800020 conversely, the maroon hex password is #800000.

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The name“maroon’’was first used in English language in 1789. That is derived from French indigenous marronor chestnut (a nut that is deep red brown in appearance). Generally, red and also brown provides up maroon. Maroonis a really popular selection in uniforms for both schools and sporting groups whereit is frequently paired with white, grey or gold.

To acquire maroon paint using major colors, girlfriend only need tomix blue right into a red base making use of a 5:1 ratio. Further, add a very tiny amount ofyellow repaint to acquire maroon’s brownish tinge.



Burgundy is a deep red brown the shade lighter 보다 thecolor maroon. The color of burgundy was named after a drink that had thedistinctive red the shade of color. Specifically, the was named after the shade ofred wines coming from burgundy vineyards in France. The an initial recorded use of burgundy together colorwas in 1881. The deep, dark red is generally a result of mixing red with a dashof green and blue resulting in brown v purple undertones.

The burgundy color is also similar to various other shades the colorsuch together cordovan and also oxblood. Once it involves clothing, Burgundy works wellwith shades of gray such together light gray or charcoal gray. It also pairsbeautifully v turquoise, gold yellow and also umber.

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Burgundy is usually associated with greater class society. Itsrich hue and red shade are construed as signifying complexity(sophistication). That is viewed as an ext serious than lighter shades that red andlacks feeling of fun, light energy that shades prefer pink have.

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Maroon Vs. Burgundy color In Tabular Form

Description Maroon is a brownish red color. Burgundy is a shade of red brown.
Outlook A brownish red color. A the shade of deep red.
How it is made Mix blue into a red base making use of a 5:1 ratio. Further, add a very small amount that yellow paint to acquire maroon’s brownish tinge. mixing red with a dash of green and also blue leading to brown with purple undertones.
Hex Code Hexadecimal code is #800000. Hexadecimal code is #800020.
Name derivation cd driver its name from French word marron which describes chestnut. derives its surname from Burgundy-a an ar in France.
Symbolizes Maroon color symbolizes sacrifice and bravery. Burgundy is more sophisticated, the symbolizes wealth and also power.
Physiological strength Maroon is connected with control, responsibility and also thoughtfulness. Burgundy is associated with a sense of high ambition.
Association Mostly linked with low course society. Mostly associated with higher class society.
Popularity Maroon is a common choice for restaurant logos, interiors and menus. Maroon is also a an extremely popular selection in uniforms for both schools and also sporting teams where that is frequently paired with white, grey or gold. Burgundy is a popular shade for sheets and also pillows. that is the color of the robes worn through Vajrayana buddhist monks such as Dalai Lama.

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