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Who is the Food Network Addict? He"s the male serving up the latest news and also gossip on her favorite celebrity chefs. Indigenous Rachael beam to Ina Garten, Paula Deen to Giada, he"s acquired you covered. Stop by daily and also feed her addiction.

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Those space Paula"s own words, describing her involvement through the upcoming 560-seat Paula Deen Buffet in ~ Harrah"s in Tunica, Miss.She"s expecting big things!Umm... Yeah. A huge paycheck.
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In her estimation, what specifically should be she goal, if no to earn money? You have actually to, "strike while the stole is the hot" as the speak goes. While many criticize Paula, Rachael, Emeril, etc for having actually things favor their own line that cookware, wouldn"t they it is in dumb come not shot every rewarding venture possible? Paula, like some other FN (and non) cooks has her line on QVC, consisting of her own line that cakes, snacks and also of course, she endorsement the Smithfield products (also easily accessible on QVC) and they sell prefer crazy. (hell, Michael Gruber also has his own coffee to pitch! You can see an advertisement for the every month in Paula"s magazine).What would certainly be dumb would be come sit back and no pursue any kind of other avenues of revenue other than her FN show when you know world are clamoring come get more of you.

Stars should definitely pursue every avenue. I composed the "big paycheck" point with no judgement. I"m the least judgmental human when it comes to FN people (or anyone on TV) lending their names to commodities or services. The doesn"t mean I can"t chide that a bit when it"s funny or rather D-list (Florence Henderson top top a swimg selling denture adhesive). There space some world who would say the Paula Deen selecting to open up an all-you-can-eat buffet in a region known for having actually the worst obesity trouble in the U.S. Would be unethical. I, however, to be a little an ext rational. For this reason 3 cheers for selling your goods, FN stars!

Many FN stars have increased greatly but in Paula instance is this for the good. She and also her sons to be on Larry King a pair of months ago and firmly declared that they go not desire to or have any intentions that expanding. Time wise, they were in negotations with Harrah"s. Paula has constantly stated the the greatest joy is gift a grandmother, yet on her party display she proclaimed that she is also busy to it is in a grandmother. She and her sons have actually always promoted the prominence of safety time and sharing a meal with your family, however they determined to expand in a cassino! expanding can be a good thing, but in Paula case, our we seeing the beginning of the end?

As the owner the the blog i take every one of your comments as tongue in cheek since you"re not about to "bite the hand that feeds you" as far as using your very own self-named blog, one addiction through Food Network TV, to insult their chefs - heavens forfend! yet I additionally appreciate that you permit us to leaving comments which may not be so conciliatory - that being stated - i have big problems through Paula Deen, having struggled with a divorce and agoraphobia, now becoming a star - and siding v Smithfield ranches which go so lot environmental damage (in exactly how they mass raise the pigs) and union busting - shame Paula - what happened to your heart? Roberto desde Miami

anon: true, i don"t think Paula"s feather to increase her realm much an ext if it needs her direct involvement. Various other her surname on the door, I"m no really sure what Paula"s "involvement" will certainly be through this casino. She said that it will look like her house and, i suppose, serve her very own or similar recipes, but other 보다 that ns doubt she"s stressing also much about it.Roberto: The hand the is this blog is no really "feeding me" :-) At least not yet. I understand where you"re comes from, though. I appreciate hearing all sides that the argument and if i knew the wrongdoing on anyone"s part--including FN stars--I wouldn"t hesitate to article or talk about it. Ns personally don"t recognize enough about the Smithfield debacle to take it one side or the other. I will shot and educate myself and then post around it.

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Hope this tidbits and also links help - Roberto desde la playa* * *http://www.smithfieldjustice.com/From this site:Poverty wages, brutal conditions, crippling injuries--5,500 employees in Tar Heel, north Carolina confront this every day in ~ the world"s largest hog processing plant. Cited by person Rights Watch for violating international human rights standards, Smithfield pack has created an atmosphere of intimidation, racial tension, and also sometimes violence for workers who want a voice top top the job. Story from Dec. 2006 - rolling Stones:Boss Hog America"s peak pork producer churns out a sea the waste the has damaged rivers, eliminated millions the fish and generated one of the largest fines in EPA history. Welcome to the dark next of the other white meat. JEFF TIETZPosted Dec 14, 2006 8:53 AMhttp://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/12840743/porks_dirty_secret_the_nations_top_hog_producer_is_also_one_of_americas_worst_polluters

Her laugh in ~ 1:45 is so stroked nerves if friend play the over and over.