The Pretty little Liars, YOU, and Dollface star talked around her love for women in a current YouTube video.

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Television star Shay Mitchell is opened up about her love for and also attraction come women. 

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel end the vacation break, the 33-year-old actor(and star of several of our fave TV present like Pretty little Liars, YOU, and Dollface) sat down with friend and also former PLL co-star Ian Harding and built gingerbread houses, drank part holiday-themed cocktails, and answered some burning questions. The two spilled tea about their greatest fears, play a ring of Marry, F**k, Kill, and at one point, the object of being attracted to women came up.

"When was the critical time you were attracted come a woman?" Ian inquiry Shay. 

"Wow. Every day." Shay replied. 

"For me, it"s never ever been "I require to discover a boyfriend, I need to find this,"" she continued. "I important feel prefer I do loss in love v a person." 

"I preferred the fact that i played Emily and also I preferred the reality that ns played Peach," Shay said around the above queer character she play in both Pretty little Liars and YOU respectively. "I"m honestly much more intrigued by women than ns am by men." 

This isn"t the an initial time Shay has talked about her sexuality, and how she prefers not to restrict or brand herself. Throughout a 2017 interview through Maxim, when asked about how she personally identifies after years of playing LGBTQ+ personalities on screen, Shay said, "People constantly ask me, "You beat a gay character? space you gay? are you straight? space you this? are you that?" Look, Emily doesn"t brand herself, and I don"t brand myself either. I fall in love with the soul of somebody. Love is love, and also that"s something the I"ll store saying."

Watch Shay speak to Ian around her love for women in her complete vlog below!