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Gerard means from "My chemical Romance" and also Joe Rogan. WMG/Reprise Records and also Getty images

As reported by The Cut, way and Rogan re-publishing the very same maternal grandmother, and are as such cousins. Yet on Rogan"s podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience," the told actor Kevin Smith that they don"t actually recognize each other.

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In addition to gift the front guy of "My chemical Romance," means wrote the comic book collection "The Umbrella Academy" (now a hit Netflix series).


chuck (left) and also Amy Schumer (right) in 2015. Andrew Burton/Getty pictures

Senator Schumer is a an initial cousin to Amy Schumer"s father, making them first cousins once-removed. Castle don"t make a ton of appearances together, however they do use their joint star power every now and also again.

The two Schumers spoke at a joint push conference for gun reform in 2015 after a fatal shooting which happened during a screening the Amy"s movie "Trainwreck."

Then in 2017, Amy publicly safeguarded Senator Schumer after chairman Donald Trump dubbed him "Fake Tears lining Schumer" in a tweet.

Emily blunt is Stanley Tucci's sister-in-law, which method John Krasinski is Tucci's brother-in-law.


Emily blunt (left) and also Stanley Tucci (right) in 2010. Jason Merritt/Getty images

Emily blunt inadvertently play matchmaker once her "Devil attract Prada" co-star Stanley Tucci met she sister, Felicity, at Emily Blunt and also John Krasinski"s wedding in 2010.

Tucci married Felicity Blunt two years later, and the happy pair have two youngsters together (just choose Emily Blunt and Krasinski). All 4 siblings-in-law recently walked the red carpet throughout the premiere that Krasinski and Emily Blunt"s brand-new hit movie "A Quiet Place."

Singers beam J and also Brandy room siblings, but they are additionally cousins come rapper Snoop Dogg.


Siblings ray J (left) and Brandy (center), and their cousin Snoop Dogg (right). Jemal Countess/Getty Images and Jag Gundu/Getty pictures

Singers and siblings Brandy and also Ray J have made their usual brother-sister relationship pretty public. Like most siblings, they post pictures that one one more to your social media accounts, walk the red carpets together, and sometimes they even talk or argue end Twitter.

Meanwhile, the pair are likewise close v their cousin Snoop Dogg. Snoop has collaborated withBrandyand offered her in amusic video, and he had Ray J together a guest on his YouTube showwhere heintroduced him together "my cousin, my family, my familia."

Singer Lily and also "Game of Thrones" actor Alfie Allen are brother and sister.

brother Lily (left) and also Alfie Allen (right) in 2007. Claire Greenway/Getty photos

Talent clearly runs in the family seeing as she"s a famous singer andhe"s do waves together Theon Greyjoy top top "Game of Thrones."Like many siblings, they it seems ~ to have a love-hate relationship.

The singer oncewrote a song about her brothers needing to acquire a job and several years later slammed "Game of Thrones"during a Reddit AMA saying the she was readily available a incestuous cameo come play his sister top top screen. Alfie thendenied that fact.

"The only thing I"m going come say on the is the it"s no true,"he stated to Vulture. "And also that Gemma Whalen was constantly their first choice for the part. And she"s fantastic. And also that"s the one point I’m going to say about that."

Since then he"s "banned" her from discussing the present at all.

Jason Momoa is the stepfather of Zoë Kravitz.

Jason Momoa (left) and Zoë Kravitz (right) ended up being family members in October. Neilson Barnard/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty pictures

Momoa has actually been with Kravitz"s mother, Lisa Bonet, because that 12 years. The happy pair got married in a quiet consciousness this October, do Momoa the main stepfather of Kravitz. The brand-new family members have actually shared sweet Instagram picture of themselves together,including one where Kravitz referred to as Momoa "papa bear."

Momoa and Bonet also have 2 other kids together —Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa and also Lola Iolani Momoa.

Now both Momoa and also Kravitz are playing DC characters in coming movies, i beg your pardon you deserve to read all around here.

Speaking that the Kravitz family, TV personality Al Roker and also singer Lenny Kravitz are far-off cousins.

Al Roker (left) and Lenny Kravitz (right). Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images and Mike Windle/Getty photos

On an episode of "Today," Rokerand Kravitz questioned that lock both have the Roker genes in them. This led Roker to do some investigating, and also he later on revealed that their grandfathers were actually cousins. They have quite a couple of people in between them a much as the family members tree goes, yet blood is blood.

"All I understand is I"m going with it," Rokersaid ~ above the show. "Kids think it"s cool."

The Coppolas and also Schwartzmans space all regarded Nicolas Cage.

Francis Ford Coppola (right), Jason Schwartzman (center), and Nicolas Cage (left). Getty images

This is one famous family. Francis Ford Coppola, who directed "The Godfather" amongst other films, is the uncleof the Schwartzmans. Jason Schwartzman earn his reputation in movies favor "Rushmore" and "Moonrise Kingdom," but his younger brother is also recognizable. Robert Schwartzman was in "The Princess Diaries," despite he"s given up exhilaration since.

Francis is also the father to Sofia Coppola, who directed "Lost in Translation" and "The Bling Ring."

All the these human being are likewise related to actor Nicolas Cage, who readjusted his surname from Coppola to avoid any type of nepotism in the industry. Francis is Nic"s uncle,making the Schwartzmans are his cousins.

Jenny and also Melissa McCarthy space cousins.

Cousins Jenny (left) and also Melissa McCarthy (right). Jason Merritt/Getty Images and also Kevork Djansezian/Getty pictures

The famous actresses may share a critical name, but many never ever made the connection. Jenny has even shared a throwback photo of the 2 of them as soon as they to be children.

The actresses can be in the exact same business, yet their careers haven"t overlapped and the two don"t seem come bevery close. Melissa, because that example,didn"t attend Jenny"s wedding ago in 2014. That can have other to perform with areport claiming the Jenny thought her cousin needed to lose weight to do it in Hollywood, eventhough Jenny steady denies it.

"There is a crazy story going approximately that I as soon as told mine cousin, Melissa, the she would have to shed weight in bespeak to acquire into present business. Nothing could be additional from the truth,"Jenny toldPEOPLE.

Joan and John Cusack room siblings.

john (left) and Joan Cusack (right) in 2013. Timothy Hiatt/Getty pictures

John and also Joan Cusack have actually both made names for themselves in the movie industry and also have remained in 10 movie together. Yet many don"t realize that they"re brother and sister.

Joan gives credit come her brother for encouraging she throughout her career in the hectic industry.

"I think it helps to know another person in the business, due to the fact that everything is such an illusion, therefore it"s good to be able to go, "Oh, my God! This is how it really is!" or "This is how it wake up there!""she called AV Club. "You know, "cause nobody knows any type of of it. Civilization know more now in general, ns think. So i think it was advantageous to have actually each other."

Actors Warren Beatty and also Shirley MacLaine are siblings as well.

Warren Beatty (left) and also Shirley MacLaine (right) at the 36th AFI Life accomplishment Award i beg your pardon honored Beatty. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures

These gibbs don"t share a last name due to the fact that Shirley offers her center name MacLaine. The two also don"t re-publishing anymovie credits and also MacLainerecentlynoted that they likely never will.

"Oh, ns don’t think we"d it is in a great team," sheonce told Closer in ~ the TMA Heller Awards.

As for Beatty? Hedoesn"t think so poorly that the idea.

"Not a poor idea," he stated on "CBS Sunday Morning,"withone exception: "I think us shouldn"t play man and also wife."

"Grey's Anatomy" actress Jessica Capshaw is manager Steven Spielberg's stepdaughter.

Jessica Capshaw (left) and also Steven Spielberg (right) in 2012. Michael Buckner/Getty images

The "Grey"s Anatomy" actressdidn"t exactly grow up with Steven Spielberg, but because her mommy married him in 1991, they"ve acquired close. Through such abig name in the industry,you"d think the he was to thank for her start, however according to her, the wasn"t therefore easy.

"In a lot of methods it was in reality not useful to have famous parents since there is certainly a very human feeling of, "Well, as soon as you come from every that, who wants to see that girl succeed." You want to see the underdog succeed, the girl who spent her last 2 dollars ~ above the bus ticket," she stated in one interview with USA Today.

Actors Hallie and also Jesse Eisenberg space brother and sister.

Hallie (left) and Jesse Eisenberg (right). Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty images

Hallie Eisenberg had one of the most recognizable encounters in the human being in the late"90s. She was nearly the challenge of Pepsi, no to point out she landed leading duties in movies like "Bicentennial Man" and "The miracle Worker."

She"s bring away a leaving from acting due to the fact that then, however her older brothers is tho making the family members name well-known in Hollywood. He"s Oscar-nominated and famous for functions in several movies, consisting of "Batman v Superman" and also "The society Network."

Jesse freshly revealedon "The this evening Show"that they"re living together. Jimmy Fallon asked him about his sister"s friend Owen Danoff, that was fighting because that fame top top season 11 that "The Voice," and also Jesse called himthat they"re every roommates.

"He is mine sister"s boyfriend, but additionally my roommates, "cause, i mean, they live v me," that explained. "We have actually separate rooms yet essentially he"s a roommate."

Actor boy name Sheen is father to actors Charlie Sheen and also Emilio Esteves.

Emilio Esteves (left), Charlie Sheen (center), and Martin Sheen (right) in 1996. Getty images

It"s well-known pretty much and vast that Charlie Sheen is young name Sheen"s son. After ~ all, castle share both a name and a striking resemblance to one another. However, many people might not recognized that martin Sheen has an additional famous son, Emilio Esteves.

The trio the Sheens have had their ups and also downs.Many speculate that it"s a fight between brothers, but their dad is proud of castle both.

"This morning, together I watched that alone, reveal his deepest, darkest secret, ns couldn"t believe the level that courage i was witnessing, and that it was my son," he claimed after Charlie revealed that was HIV-positive to Matt Lauer. "I left that a message, and I said that if I had actually that lot courage, ns would readjust the world."

He additionally worked side-by-side with Emilioon 2012"s "The Way," and also claims that there"s no one better to job-related with,

"From my suggest of see there"s nothing better," he claimed in one interview with The Guardian. "I"d job-related with him because that the rest of my life,frankly."

Alexander Skarsgård (left) and also his father, Stellan Skarsgård (right). Kevin Winter/Getty pictures

StellanSkarsgård has several creditsunder his belt. He"s been in"Good will Hunting" and "Mamma Mia!" as well asMarvel"s "Thor" and "Avengers" films. His kid Alexander is stealthy vain though. He hit fame with his steamy role in "True Blood" and has starredin "The Giver" and also HBO"s "Big tiny Lies."

Stellan and Alexanderwent head-to-head on fourth of July weekend in 2016when Stellan"s movie "Our type of Traitor" opened up againstAlexander"s "The Legend that Tarzan." follow to Los Angeles daily News, Stellanwas pretty thrilled aboutthe competition.

"I think he"s got more backing and an ext screens,"he claimed in theinterview. "Still, it"s fun."

In the end, Alexander obtained the bragging rights.

Then Alexander"s younger brother, Bill, had actually a breakout duty in 2017"s reboot the "It" whereby he play Pennywise the Clown. The movie became one of the highest grossing horror movies of every time.

Blake (left) and Robin vivid (right) at the 2017 People's selection Awards. Christopher Polk/Getty photos

Serena valve der Woodsenand the teenager Witch herself space truly sisters goals. They"re frequently seen together at compensation shows and fashion shows, and also Robyn is the godmother to Blake"s kids.

Robyn and Blake even jokeabout whose children are whose.

"She has actually my children and also I have actually her children, we"re like, "No, those space my children!" She"s like, "No, your youngsters are mine children." We always argue around it. She"s the best," she recently said come ET.

Katherine Waterston (left) and her father, Sam Waterston (right). Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures

You most likely recognize Sam indigenous his functions in hit shows like "Law & Order" and also "The Newsroom." His daughter came to be an actor, too, yet she"s usually seen ~ above the huge screen.Most newly she played TinaGoldstein inthe "Harry Potter" spin-off"Fantastic Beasts and also Where To discover Them."

Despite this huge success, her exhilaration career wasn"t as easy as you"d think it would be for thedaughter of a renowned actor.

"When you space the boy of one actor, it"s constantly a really inviting world," Waterston said in an interview v The Sydney Morning Herald. "Everyone is nice to you, the hair and also make-up human being braid her hair and play with you, and the costume department renders outfits for her teddy bears. It"s yes, really misleading, since then as soon as you actually go to seek a job in acting, you realize that world aren"t for this reason friendly."

In fact, she couldn"t even land a role on she dad"s "Law & Order," a show that "every gibbs in brand-new York" can acquire a credit transaction for.

Cousins Tom Cruise (left) and also William Mapother (right). Michael Loccisano/Getty Images and also Ken Ishii/Getty pictures

Tom Cruise is one of the greatest international movie stars, however he"s no the only actor in the family. His cousin wilhelm Mapother has starred in shows prefer "The Mentalist" and "Lost." Mapother has likewise had cameos in 3 of Cruise"s movie and small roles in 2 others.

Unfortunately, Mapother doesn"t comment on his cousin an extremely often.

"I"m no answering any kind of questions around him because I"ve learned that unfortunately, nearly anything ns write/say around him gets taken out of context," he created in a Reddit AMA two years ago. "So it"s easier and safer to say nothing."

Dakota Johnson (left) with Antonio reversal (right) and their family as he was honored top top the Hollywood walk of Fame. Stephen Shugerman/Getty pictures

The "Fifty Shades that Grey" actress is no newbie in the film industry. She prospered up with Antonio banderas after he married her mommy actress Melanie Griffith when she was just a kid (her dad isnone various other than actor Don Johnson).

With a family like that, it"s virtually impossible not to getinto acting.

Griffith and Banderaswere with each other until 2015, however despite the split,he has actually nothing yet kind words and also admiration for his previous stepdaughter and hercareer.

"Dakota didn"t want our help. Every time the she was dubbed for a movie "I don"t want you guys to be there, ns don"t desire them to understand that you space my mother" or who her real father, her organic father Don . She didn"t desire help. She has been really honest in the aspect," the said throughout a guest figure onITV"s "Loose Women."

Christian Bale (left) and activist Gloria Steinem (right). Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Frederick M. Brown/Getty photos

He"s an actor v arumored anger problem and she"s a feminist icon and also hero. You most likely wouldn"t have actually suspected that their paths had evercrossed, however she"s in reality his stepmother.

Steinem married Bale"s fatherDavid once Christian to be well right into his twenties. They to be married for 3 years before David passed away in 2003.

Steinem still thinks of Christianaffectionately though.

"He is a very an excellent person, a an excellent lover the animals, and also an extremely talented actor. He"s married through two children and lives in California," she saidin a item for daily Life. "I don"t check out him that often, yet we"re in touch native time to time."

Julia Roberts (left) and Emma Roberts (right) arrive at the premiere that "Valentine's Day." Kevin Winter/Getty photo

These leading ladies have actually been really public about their familial ties. Lock speak about each various other in interviews, post heartwarming images of each other, and according to Julia, spend lots of time together.

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"She"s therefore lovely," Juliasaid during an interview withAllure."We invest a many time together. Emma is a exceptional girl."

Even despite they invest so lot time together, there"s one point Julia will never ever do: take a part in or watch Emma on "American horror Story."

"I can"t also get despite the commercials," Juliaonce stated to E! News. "I to be the many fitful scaredy cat."

Bryce Dallas Howard (left) through Ron Howard (right) as he was honored through a star on the Hollywood to walk of Fame. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures

Ron"s face might no be rather as recognizable as his daughter"s this days, but only because he spends histime behind the camera quite than in former of it. After exhilaration in "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Happy Days," Ron switched over todirecting. His work contains "Apollo 13," the Oscar-winning "A Beautiful Mind," and "The Da Vinci Code."

His daughter stayed in the household business, however took a various route. She"s actedin "The Village" and also "Jurassic World." but despite their various roles in the industry, he"s still an ideas to her.

"He"s a dad, but additionally this exceptionally impressive individual. Ns really look up to him," she said during an interview with UK"s Express. "It to be a exorbitant gift, cultivation up having a beautiful partnership with mine dad."