Anca Pennington

On Tuesday, 10 December 2019, Anca Pennington, 30, of Omaha, Nebraska purchased three bottles that Tylenol, each containing 24 pills, after passing through security at Newark Liberty airport in new Jersey. She then proceeded to a toilet stall, swallowed all of the pills, and laid under to die.

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Earlier that day Pennington, a solitary mother of four, had showed up on the set of the Comcast-owned, NBCUniversal television Distribution-produced Steve Wilkos Show in Stamford, Connecticut, where host Steve Wilkos had actually announced that she had actually miserably failure a polygraph test about whether she had burned her infant daughter v cigarettes. The show’s in-house polygraph operator, Daniel D. Ribacoff, had actually come on phase to support his polygraph results.

Daniel D. Ribacoff

Ribacoff, a member of the American Polygraph Association, has previously declared on the show, “We have actually tests that space 99.4% accurate, i beg your pardon is way more accurate than most medical tests, and means more specific than any jury trial.”

And in a 2016 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread, in solution to a inquiry Steve Wilkos averred, “The lied detector exam are like 99% accurate.”

In fact, however, polygraph “testing” has actually not been shown through peer-reviewed research to reliably job-related at better-than-chance levels of accuracy under field conditions. Alan P. Zelicoff and Steven E. Rigdon have performed a peer-reviewed statistical analysis of the best obtainable field research studies of polygraphy. Based upon that analysis, Dr. Zelicoff opines that “if a subject falls short a polygraph, the probability that she is, in fact, being deceptive is little an ext than chance alone; that is, one might flip a coin and also get virtually the same an outcome for a optimistic test based on the released data.”

Steve Wilkos

As Pennington recalls, Wilkos told her on stage that she was disgusting, the she was never ever going to watch her children again, and also that she to be going to walk to jail. The audience booed her.

Pennington recounts that she had looked up to Steve Wilkos as a father figure and had never questioned polygraphs. Afraid that no one would believe her and that she would lose her children, Pennington made the decision to end her life throughout the ride to the airport for her flight home, creating a suicide keep in mind on the paper of paper with her flight information that was offered to she by the show’s producers.

Lying ~ above the airport restroom stall floor after consuming the Tylenol, whose active ingredient, acetaminophen, can reason fatal liver damages in sufficiently huge doses, Pennington started to feeling warm, and also her heart started racing. She became scared, believed of her children, and also called 911. An ambulance came. After nearly a mainly of hospitalization, she was released and also returned house to Omaha, having escaped any kind of permanent liver damage.

Photograph the Anca Pennington’s child daughter’s lesions listed to The Steve Wilkos Show

While in hospital, Pennington confirmed nurses photos of lesions on her infant daughter’s leg: lesions the she had actually suspected to be pinch point out or cigarette burns inflicted by the daughter’s father, who had actually left them, or through the father’s brand-new girlfriend, both that whom likewise appeared together guests ~ above The Steve Wilkos Show and also passed polygraphs. Together Pennington recalls, the nurses automatically recognized the lesions as ringworm, a common fungal epidemic that is easily treated.

Later in December 2019, lesions reappeared top top the infant’s leg, and also a medical examination confirmed a ringworm infection, because that which clotrimazole, an antifungal medication, to be prescribed.

Before contacting The Steve Wilkos Show, Pennington had also contacted the Nebraska division of household Services concerning her skepticism that her daughter had actually been abused. In a letter date 3 December 2019, a complete week prior to her illustration on the show, but which Pennington states she received only after her return to Omaha, Children and also Family services specialist Nicole powers reported, “Based top top the information obtained during this investigation, it has been figured out that the allegation will be detailed as ‘Unfounded."”

Pennington reports that on Wednesday, 22 January 2020, The Steve Wilkos Show contacted her and also told her that the episode in which she appeared will wait in February. Pennington declared that she was “devastated and also traumatized.”

ptcouncil.net has actually written come Steve Wilkos Show producer Jillian Calandra, that coordinated Pennington’s figure on the show, and polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff search comment. At the moment of writing, no replies have been received.

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In might 2019, the long-running british tabloid television program The Jeremy Kyle Show, which bear similarities come The Steve Wilkos Show, to be abruptly canceled after ~ Steve Dymond, who “failed” a polygraph “test” carried out for the show, cursed suicide.

In December 2019, Pennington mutual her story in a series of video clip clips that ptcouncil.net has assembled together a YouTube playlist: