The song properly portrays mockery Groban’s expression of faith and additionally presents the affect of his Episcopalian religious beliefs in his lyrics.

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Is that true?

Does "you" in the lyrics refer to God?



There are a selection of short articles like the one in the OP that claim the track is intended as a Christian anthem. For example here, here, and also (indirectly) here. However, whatever I"ve found directly attributable come Groban (that is, through a verifiable citation) gives no clues of what he has actually in mind once singing the song. He has acknowledged that he was raised Episcopalian and that his father"s next of the household is/was Jewish -- this is documented in a selection of places, prefer Wikipedia -- but past that, he appears not to it is in publicly religious.

My very own conclusion is that Groban, through intention, provides no claim about how the song should be interpreted, leaving that as much as each individual.


The only trouble that it wasnt created by Groban for this reason what the believes in or what he was increased as has actually no relevance regarding the question.


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