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I"m help my neighbor with his 95 Rodeo v the 3.2L engine. He changed the fuel pump i m sorry wasn"t the issue. The pump won"t run when you turn on the key. The fuse and also relay from the box placed on the fender well checked out as walk the strength supply to the fuse. As soon as I applied a check light to the confident lead in ~ the connector through the fuel tank, it would light up because that a half a second when the crucial is rotate on. Repeatedly transforming the an essential resulted in nothing. Ns switched the relay with the one for the heater and got the exact same results, lighting increase breifly, then nothing. Chilton"s hands-on doesn"t help. Thanks for any suggestions...
Okay, 19 views and no response. Let"s try this, is over there a electrical pressure regulator top top this car and also if so where might it it is in located?
check that the pump and also tank has correct ground, IMO traction it back out that the tank, hook the up directly to the plug and test power at the pump connectors itself, and verify that the new pump is even an excellent in the very first place. And also that its appropriately installed and also connected.its a an easy basic electrical pump setup,Vacuum feather mechanical regulator on the fuel rail, 1-2 2nd initial key on prime, and also stays running as soon as the engine cranks over.
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On a 95 Rodeo 3.2L the fuel pump relay is regulated by the ECM. Once the ignition move is put in the Run position the ECM will certainly momentarily energize the fuel pump relay to start the pump to prime the injectors for startup. As soon as the engine is rotating the ECM will continue to save the fuel pump relay energized as long as that is receiving a "engine rotating" signal. Isuzu supplies several different methods of obtaining an "engine rotating" signal. I believe on a 95 Rodeo it supplies a signal produced by the electronic ignition module. The is a safety and security issue, if the engine is stop rotating ~ initial startup or never starts the fuel pump is closeup of the door Off. It shows up from her test the ECM does momentarily begin the pump to element the injectors, but since the engine does not start there is nothing to produce the essential signal to save the pump running. Girlfriend may have actually a defective electronic ignition module.