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Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney dated from February, 2005 to August, 2007.

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Katie Cassidy is a 34 year old American Actress. Born Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy on 25th November, 1986 in Los Angeles, California, USA, she is renowned for Ella Simms in Melrose Place, Ruby in Supernatural, Laurel Lance / black color Canary in Arrow. She zodiac authorize is Sagittarius.

Jesse McCartney is a 34 year old American Singer. Born Jesse Arthur McCartney on nine April, 1987 in Ardsley, brand-new York, USA, the is well known for Dream Street, Beautiful Soul/Bradin Westerly top top Summerland in a career the spans 1999–present and also Musical career and also 1994–present. His zodiac authorize is Aries.


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Relationship StatisticsStatusDurationLengthDatingTotal
Feb 2005 - Aug 20072 years, 6 months
Dec 2004 - Aug 20072 years, 8 months

Katie supplied to day Greg Raposo in 2002. After their break-up Greg's friend Jesse request Greg for Katie's number. Greg already had a new girlfriend and was okay v it.Katie Cassidy and also Jesse McCartney dated because that over 2 years.

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Relationship Timeline

August, 2007 - Breakup

December, 2004 - Hookup

Couple to compare

Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney


Age (at start of relationship)

5" 7½" (171 cm)

5" 10" (178 cm)
Hair Color
Brown - Light
Eye Color
Roman Catholic
Born-Again Christian

Photo collection


Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and also Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and also Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and also Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and also Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy
Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy


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lillyJan 9, 2011

i dont think that i can get jesse mccartney or anything yet i feeling lik katie is realy gorgeous however that she is taking benefit of jesse and also hes falling because that her

jesse_katieFeb 6, 2010

I think they`re a yes, really perfect couple

NudDec 29, 2009
deynielleNov 28, 2009

hi jesse those up? break n b kau ni katie? try to translate this in english you can do the sorri poh if i asked you a stupid concern hehehehehehehe ns hope you deserve to email me hehehe MABUHAY!

cuty26Jul 15, 2009


Angry fanJul 7, 2009

I am so p*ssed off with all these annoying kids going on around how Jesse have the right to do for this reason much much better than Katie - space you implying yourself? clear you`re all incredibly jealous of Katie who is very beautiful; honestly, Katie might do better than bloody Jesse McCartney.

CHAYNESHAApr 22, 2009


sweet_honeyJan 12, 2009

I assumed they damaged up due to the fact that she cheated???? idk however that`s wut i heard

BreannaJan 9, 2009

I LOVE YOU! From your true love. If girlfriend ever discover me.

redgeJan 6, 2009

jesse is too lot maybe u currently know what ns maean..too much for katie..jesse ca find another one which is far better than katie..

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nawrocki12Dec 10, 2008

someone called me Jesse mccartney got engaged recently!

jessicaNov 15, 2008

i love jesse and also i feel really jeluse from all the girls the dated jesse due to the fact that i to be hoping that ns ould be one of them anywayz if jesse loved hr then i wish him all the best since what makes him happy renders me happy to and that is reall love even if wasn`t to it is in in and also by the means some the u can go to concerts yet iam indigenous uae and also iam arab so there is no way that i deserve to see him but i always had hope that ia walk to satisfy him and also jessica is no my real name however i can`t speak my genuine named...... Hope u all the ideal jmac

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