McCartney described on his MySpace website that this monitor was motivated by a conversation he had with writer/producer Sean Garrett around "moving on from your an initial true love."
The solitary release that this song was a re-mix special the rapper Ludacris. McCartney commented in a press release: "I"ve been a fan of Luda"s throughout his career and also having the on this track to be an impressive honor. He"s innovative across the board and constantly brings the freshest lyrics to any kind of track."
Ludacris additionally appears in the song"s promo. The rapper called MTV News: "You have the Ludacris element, through me car-surfing on the hood on among these old-school cars. And I said, "As lengthy as you have actually one that those old-school cars and big-ass chains in a video, I"m down." What else execute you want in a video?"
In the video, a photograph of singer Katy Perry deserve to be watched attached to the automobile sun visor. Sean Garrett additionally appears briefly in the clip.

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Rhianna indigenous Sydney, Austriai agree v TriciaTricia native Rockville Centre, NyBoy five songs have the right to predict what her going thru at the moment....This one also came out and I will constantly remember the from the on/off relationship and the words were so identical to how he felt around me...and the feel he was describing come me! however I love the method Jesse sings fastly the lyrics through the lift music....its an unforgettable one, particularly if her thinking about the "one that gained away" :)see much more comments
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