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Well, Jimena Gomez Paratcha came into the spotlight after she name connected with legend artist Jimmy Page. Now, she is renowned as the ex-wife the Jimmy, the previous lead guitarist the the rock’n’roll band Led Zeppelin.

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Caption:Jimena Gomez Paratcha through her ex-husband Jimmy web page (Photo: Getty Images)

On 7th November 1972, the celebrity ex-wife Jimena Gomez Paratcha born in Francisco, California. She is the daughter of Argentine parents yet details of her parents" missings. She thrived up in California and Buenos Aires areas. Having actually American nationality, Jimena is of mixed ethnicity.
Also, she has actually e regulated to execute a lot of of ar work in Ecuador as a teenager. She used to occupational with Amigo de ras Americas and traveled voluntarily through several South American orphanages. Jimena made decision to aid orphans sooner or later after she witnessed her begging in the street in ~ the age of 11.
Jimena Gomez Paratcha met Jimmy when he to be 50 years old while she was only 23 year old. The duo in reality met because that the very first time throughout the "No Quarter tourism in Brazil". Then your romantic relationship started which leads their relationship into marriage.
In April 1995,Jimena Gomez-Paratcha bound the wedding knot with her husband Jimmy Page. Type their married life, she became the mom of two kids shares v her husband. The duo blessed v a daughter Zofia Jade page born in the year 1997. Climate they blessed with 2nd child a sonAshen Josan Pageborn in the year 1999.
Also, Jimena is a mom of a daughter, Jana Page born in the year 1994 indigenous her previous relationship. Later on Jimmy embraced Jana and also gave she his critical name. But she hasn"t stated the biological father of Jana. The couple couldn"t keep their marriage and divorced in the year 2008 for reconciliation reasons. They lived for much more than 10 years as husband and also wife.
Before marrying her, Jimmy had a divorce from her first wifePatricia Ecker in the year 1995. Castle actually gained married in the year 1986. Also, they came to be parents of a boy James Patrick page III from your married life. He had actually a short relationship v American artist Jackie DeShannon in the at an early stage 1970s.
From his connection with Charlotte Martin, they became parents that adaughter called Scarlet Page, born in 197. They had remained in a romantic relationship from the year 1970 to 1983. According to reports, her ex-husband Jimmy is in a romantic connection with his girlfriendScarlet Page.
Jimena is famous as the celebrity ex-wife yet she has been energetic in her experienced career. Therefore Jimena Gomez-Paratcha has an approximated net worth of $200 thousand dollars. She has been earning a handsome salary working as a society lobbyist. The typical salary the a social worker in the USA creates a typical salary of $47 thousand to $79 thousand every year so go Jimena Gomez.
But she ex-husband Jimmy web page holds an approximated net worth of $180 Million. Previously, he had a total net precious of $145 million in the year 2008. Also, Jimena obtained satisfying fortunes as assistance after the separation from her celebrity husband.
This beautiful celebrity ex-wife has a slim and also appealing human body figure. She stands at a elevation of5 feet 6 inches i.e 1.6 meters tall. Jimena has actually dark brown eyes shade with irradiate brown hair color.
After divorcing indigenous husband Jimmy, Jimena began living a short profile life. Also, she has hardly made any type of appearances. Also, she can be living a single life. She brought up herthree kids as a solitary mother.

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Currently, she is working as a society worker. Jimena has been functioning as a charity worker because that a long duration of time. Jimena is continuing where she left off according to various sources. She is at this time working together a charity worker and also living a comfortable life.