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I have actually a later on model man Deere 316 and I believe there is a difficulty with the brake safety switch. I"ve been trouble shooting the various other switches and the circuits show up to be working properly. The only problem is, I have no idea whereby the brake safety switch is located.Any aid would it is in appreciated. Store the explanations detailed because I can just be as dumb together this concern sounds. Thanks.

Thanks Brian. I"m afraid the manuals didn"t help me. The service manual helped me through the testing procedure for things prefer the ignition switch and also some various other things, but it didn"t give a diagram of the brake move location. For this reason I had actually to article here.As much as following the linkages, ns feel prefer I have complied with every location available. I am wondering if the move is ~ above the parking brake component or ~ above the brake linkage part.Finally, if someone knows just how to override this switch, please post.Thanks in breakthrough for anyone that can help me.


Not sure if this will aid but once working on more recent cars , trucks ect. It"s sometimes hard to find things choose your brake switch as well . I"ll walk to a parts supplier web site and bring up the part I can"t discover ( NAPA , GM , Ford ) to obtain an idea the what I"m searching for . Sometimes they"ll display the connectors and wiring also , Al
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Ok, i took a look in ~ the company manual. Top top Acrobat web page No. 299 (Service hands-on page 240-10-3) over there is a schematic. Ar 240 has all the electric stuff. Over there is a description of the starting circuit top top 240-15-2. The brake switch if existing should it is in under the ideal foot rest area. Only 316"s Ser. No. 596121 or later have actually a brake switch.Let us recognize what girlfriend find.
Dang. Ns am a complete idiot. My tractor is too beforehand to have actually a foot switch. I"m together a dumb a$$. But now I"ve still obtained a problem.My tractor doesn"t start. Naught happens. No voltage to the starter once you rotate the crucial to the begin position. I tried jumping the solenoid and it does run the starter. I tested the ignition switch and it works properly. I checked the neutral switch and it works. I"m do the efforts to start it at the very least thirty times and also only one time it started and also then as shortly as i flicked the PTO move it died and hasn"t restart. Any type of suggestions?Thanks guys.
Yes, The PTO switch has actually 2 to adjust of contacts. One collection sends power to the clutch and also the other collection is supplied to interlock the starting circuit so the the tractor will not begin if the PTO is engaged. That is pretty common for the contact to go. Execute you have the early 316 through the single cylinder Kohler or the later one through the twin?You have to look in ~ the company manual as I indicated above. There is a an excellent description the the starting circuit and the safety and security interlocks.
Thanks for every one of the help everyone. I finally diagnosed the problem. The connector in ~ the starter solenoid was loose and full of dirt. I had actually been checking voltage in ~ the backside that the connector (by sticking the voltage meter probe in there) yet that voltage was not reaching the solenoid itself. I lastly just took it apart and also cleaned that out. Man, what a pain the was. Many thanks to everyone, including JD Brian because that helping me along the way! I"ll shot to repay the donate on this board by helping someone else.
Glad to hear you obtained it sorted out. Bad connections are often a problem on larger tractors that have actually not had any type of routine maintenance.
Did we ever before decide wherein the brake safety switch was located? I"m searching for mine too....and I know I have actually one..somewhere.....
Did we ever decide whereby the brake safety switch was located? I"m searching for mine too....and I know I have actually one..somewhere.....

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according to the component ar diagram in the service manual it is approximately under the ideal side whereby your foot rests. This info. Is in the electric section the the manual right around page 300. You deserve to download the hand-operated from the manuals section of this forum.
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