If you observed Queen that the Damned this weekend, you may have actually recognized Lestat"s singing voice as that the Korn singer Jonathan Davis. It"s an overwhelming not come ? Davis has one that the many distinctive voices in absent music. If you went out and bought the Queen that the Damned soundtrack, however, you didn"t hear Davis at all, in spite of the truth that that wrote and also produced, together with Richard Gibbs, five of the album"s songs.

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Davis, who also scored the film, walk not show up on the soundtrack because, according to MTV News, his contract v Immortal ? i m sorry is own by Sony ? prohibits him from showing up on a Warner Bros. Soundtrack. Davis is heard in the Warner Bros. Film and in the music videos the accompany it, however not ~ above the soundtrack, a reality that is glossed end in the film"s manufacturing information. "While Davis offers Lestat"s vocals in the film," the push packet reads, "the absent songs the co-wrote v Gibbs room performed ~ above the soundtrack by a virtual who"s-who of modern-day rock artists." and a virtual who"s-who it is, with Marilyn Manson, Jay Gordon that Orgy, Wayne revolution of Static-X, David Draiman the Disturbed and also Chester Bennington the Linkin Park was standing in because that Davis.

But are Korn pan happy through the results? The film"s internet site, http://queenofthedamned.warnerbros.com features message boards complete of feedback. "Oh what ns wouldn"t provide for castle to release a "Vampire Lestat EP" through Jonathan"s vocals," articles loreieixx. One even much more excited fan, pennylaneishere, posts, "i assumed i to be going to crap my pants from joy. Any korn fans go to view this movie? jon"s voice was abviously meant for the songs, the soundtrack doesn"t it seems ~ to occupational for me though. Jon"s voice is needed, thats all ns gots to say. And WHY ISN"T THERE any type of INFO ~ above JON DAVIS on THIS website OR ANYTHING around THE MUSIC!??!"

Another fan even attempts an internet petition that sorts, posting:

"As many of friend know, the "queen that the damned songs" i beg your pardon were created by Jon room performed by various artists (wayne static, jay gordon, david draimman, etc,?) ~ above the soundtrack cd.

however,?in the movie itself, they space sung by Jon!!!

we all need to email immortal records and let them know that we desire the movie version of the Queen the the Damned song released,?for us, the fans. We have to let them recognize that without the consumer, lock would have actually no business. And this is what we want. Not think that your ONE email wont aid in the matter, due to the fact that each and every one matters and will put us one step closer to acquiring what we want. We have to let them understand that this is other that will please BOTH the fan/consumer and also their business. If they think noone will certainly buy this if it were to be released, they space sorely mistaken. PLEASE acquire as many world as you have the right to to email them, the an ext the better!!! One thing to remember is to be nice as soon as emailing them, dont at them!! Their address is: immortalrecords

PLEASE assist in this fight, email immortal today!!

also, cut and also paste this whole message in each and every korn page/website you deserve to find!! (if that hasnt to be posted there already) thanks, deadliner" human being like deadliner, pennylaneishere and loreieixx space in the majority on the message boards. Anyone who dares to article a negative response come Davis" vocal power in Queen the the Damned is met with responses such as this one, indigenous pennylaneishere: "jons voice sounded absent ass. What the hell room you talking about. The soundtrack is what sound weak. The songs were produced jons voice and also noone elses."

To it is in fair to the soundtrack, if friend can gain over the fact that Davis is no on it, or never cared if he is or isn"t, the album is not weak. Having not watched Queen of the Damned, I delighted in the soundtrack because that what that is, a repertoire of songs, new and old, because that death- and also isolation-obsessed goth children to enjoy. Unbiased goth/industrial/hard rock/nu steel fans are most likely to reap the five new tracks, return most difficult rock/nu steel fans probably already have a copy that the Deftones" "Change (In the residence of Flies)" and also Disturbed"s "Down through the Sickness," two of the formerly released song on the album. If the bulk of the new tracks, Static"s "Not supposed for Me, Draiman"s "Foresaken" and Bennington"s "System," sound prefer something turn off of a Korn album, in regards to both music and also vocals, both Marilyn Manson and Orgy"s Gordon placed their stamps of distinction on Davis and Gibbs" songs.

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Jorge Saralegui, a producer that who"s been affiliated with Queen that the Damned because 1998, addresses frequently-asked questions on the Website. Top top the music: "We made 3 Lestat music videos. MTV might not beat them, because the movie has an "R" rating, yet VH1 could. In addition, we intend to release them ~ above the net. The videos room seen in component in the movie. Lock will virtually certainly be on the DVD. Castle will more than likely be displayed at some allude on the TV music channels. However, us hope to release them in other styles soon. The videos are of Lestat and also his band, so no one else native the cast, including Aaliyah, is in them. In various other words, lock aren"t Queen that the Damned videos (which might include Aaliyah); they are videos indigenous the tape "The Vampire Lestat" (aka "Satan"s Night Out"). For those who care, castle each have actually a classic horror-movie theme: The room of Dr. Caligari, Murnau"s Nosferatu and Browning"s Dracula."

For fans who would have desired to listen Davis top top the soundtrack ? "this movie is walking to need to hold me over till the following korn album," kandykorn007 write-ups ? the wait is actually not as well long. Korn"s 5th album, Untouchables, is set for a might 14 release. The band"s Website, http://www.korn.com, promises that the first single, "Here to Stay," will be the end "soon" and also a Feb. 25 news release claims that the video for "Here to Stay" is being directed through the Hughes brothers (From Hell, American Pimp) this mainly in Los Angeles.