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There is a fuel cut-off switch. I think that is supposed to create in instance of a roll-over. Reset that by pushing it in. Not sure where that is on an 04. In mine 07 that is top top the left side as soon as you open the hood, near the waiting filter box.Not sure if that is her problem however worth trying
Please, PLEASE, PLEASE explain this in greater information - WHERE specifically is this switch located? my wife"s auto is likewise an "07 and also exhibits the precise same symptoms - I set up a brand-new fuel pump, the gauge sender functions fine, the F/P relay checks good, I have actually voltage at the pump, yet NO FUEL distribution OR PUMP PRIME.Can you probably take a photograph of the switch location or in ~ least explain exactly where it"s located?? ns can discover no such switch in the vicinity the the waiting box.

It is situated on the passenger next of the engine compartment increase by the cowl. It has actually a rubber sheathe on it. Push it in and if that resets you will certainly feel/hear a click. Https://
I provided a filter number indigenous alldata for my 2006 kia sorento. It to be the not correct number because that the filter. It had a hole were the old one had actually the hole plugged. Pulled the pump out and also installed the old filter. The closestly Kia dealer with a filter to be 60 mile away. Ns ordered a new filter and installed that after it arrived. I had actually to speak to 7 dealers before I discovered a dealer with a filter, Their additionally is a pressure regulator in the system earlier of the fuel rail.
It is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment increase by the cowl. It has actually a rubber cover on it. Press it in and also if the resets you will feel/hear a click.

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Thank you because that the reply and info, nstoolman 1 - my wife"s car is a 2007 KIA Rio
, and also I specifically started browsing for ideas in that forum; I need to have gotten sidetracked somewhere follow me the means and finished up in the Sorento forum. In any kind of event, the information does not use in my case.I do appreciate your fast reply and also information, however - give thanks to you very much!

Sorry mine bad.
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