The influential musician Kiely Williams has had a fruitful career, as she to be a component of multiple girl groups. Today, she stays out that the spotlight, yet people tho remember she incredible phase energy. That is this singer, and how walk she attain her fame and also success?


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She thrived up through her parents and a sister. Kiely Williams' sister's name is Michelle.

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How old is Kiely Williams?

This mrs was born ~ above July 9, 1986. Therefore, her age is 34 years together of 2021.

Early days and also career

From a young age, she showed enormous interest in singing and also acting. As result of her mother's involvement in the industry, she began landing roles once she to be still a teenager. One of her first works was appearing on The Jersey, a present on the Disney Channel.


However, she career important kicked off as soon as she, Naturi Naughton, and Adrienne Bailon developed the girl band 3LW. The team was managed by Kiely Williams' mom, who likewise played a part in developing it.

3LW gained signed come the brand Epic Records, and eventually, in 2000, they released their very first album, which was titled 3LW. It to be certified Platinum in the united States.


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"3LW" (L-R), Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and also Jessica Benson. Photo: Jeffrey MayerSource: Getty Images

The group went on come collaborate with multiple prominent artists of that time, consisting of Destiny's Child, Nelly, Jessica Simpson, Eve, and Dream.

The trouble came once their album very same Game, various Rules got leaked online, and also they had actually a conflict with the label over that. However, they eventually stayed with Epic records for some much more time.

They were collection to release their brand-new LP title A Girl deserve to Mack; however, Naturi Naughton left the team after arguments with management and fellow bandmates. She was at some point replaced by Jessica Benson.

The Cheetah Girls

Kiely and Adrienne then starred in The Cheetah Girls, which to be a Disney Channel film. In the movie, they depicted a fictitious girl group in addition to Sabrina Bryan and Raven Symone.

After the success that the movie, Sabrina, Kiely and Adrienne formed a real-life girl team with the very same name - The Cheetah Girls. The last two to be still associated with 3LW; however, due to their Disney Channel career, they could not pay equal fist to two projects at once, and also Kiely Williams' 3LW career to be over, together the team members walk their separate ways.


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Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams of the "Cheetah Girls" come at the official pre-party of the 2008 Teen selection Awards on august 2, 2008 in Hollywood, California. Photo: Michael TranSource: Getty Images

The Cheetah girl movie had actually two sequels, each including the original soundtrack from the group. The girl disbanded in 2008, as they all want to seek solo careers in singing and also acting.

Kiely go on to have a successful solo career, together she recorded a couple of songs and starred in a variety of movies. She likewise co-starred on miscellaneous Internet series with Sabrina Bryan. However, nowadays, she prefers to stay out the the limelight.

Kiely Williams' net worth

This effective performer has obtained a most money from her public appearances ~ above stage, exhilaration work, and also album sales.

According come Celebrity network Worth, her net worth is $1.5 million.

Is Kiely Williams married?

The singer's an individual life is going fine - today, she is a happily married woman. That is Kiely Williams' husband?

At one suggest in the mid-2010s, she began dating Brandon "BJ" Cox. Eventually, the popped the concern to her.


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The two gained married ~ above December 17, 2016. Your intimate wedding, which to be attended by your close friends and family, took place in fort Worth, Texas.

The pair used a beloved venue for their special day. Among her bridesmaids to be her former bandmate, Sabrina Bryan.

In 2017, Brandon Cox and Kiely Williams announced that the star to be expecting a baby. Kiely Williams' daughter, who the happy pair named Rowan, came right into this people in march 2018.

3LW and also The Cheetah girls members

Who room the members the both groups? find out their names here.

3LW members: Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Naturi Naughton (left), Jessica Benson (joined later)The Cheetah girl members: Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan, raven Symone (only in the movies)

Today, Kiely Williams is concentrated on she family, but people still remember her for being a significant star the the 2000s.


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