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Kingdom Hearts: Chain the Memories cheat For video game Boy Advance

Ultima Weapon Beat reverse Rebirth mode to unlock Ultma weapons for Sora. (You can buy castle in Moogle Shops)

Contributed by: santanian

unlimited Moogle point out

For this secret open 2 connecting rooms, and also wipe out all the opponents inside. The areas were moogle points space regenerate after ~ you leave a room and return, but the adversaries don"t. Simply go back and forth in those two rooms to obtain all the moogle points girlfriend want. I uncover that friend get around 2000 in about 5 minute or so, depending upon how happy you are.

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Contributed by: BoboBobThe3rd

Heartless battles without Map Cards.

In order to have countless battles with Heartless there is no wasting your Map Cards merely save your game. Then usage a False Bounty and also open the 2 chests that contain Heartless but constantly leave the one through the treasure close. As soon as you"ve dealt with the 2 Heartless chests, acquire out of the room and re-enter, both Heartless chests will be nearby again for you come fight castle again.Repeat this procedure as many times together you desire to level up there is no using any extra Map Cards.

Contributed by: Kingdom_Hearts2

Premium All your Cards rapid (or semi-fast)

Similar to the Moogle point out trick, you"ll walk in between two rooms over and over, and also this trick relies a lot on luck.The demands are that among the rooms is a Premium Room, and that that room needs to have a BARREL in it. So, once you"ve clearing the room the enemies, simply leave and also come back. The barrel will respawn every time, and also whenever you break it, you will certainly either acquire health, moogle points, or, if your lucky, a barrel spider. Acquire it? The spiders respawn (with luck) and thus your possibilities of getting a Premium Bonus space high. Even when you don"t acquire spiders, this will aid you acquire Moogle Points.This absolutely takes a while, and I wouldn"t introduce trying to execute it to your totality collection. When I did the it take it me about 30-45 minutes to premium about 20-25 cards. That"s nice good, and it helped a ton. I additionally got a couple of thousand moogle points, therefore that helped to.I recommend making a deck the high-CP cards that you generally use, specifically stuff prefer Cloud. Barrel Spiders all have an assault power that 4, so keep all your cards over that and also you won"t have any type of trouble. It"s tedious, yet it really have the right to be worth it.

Contributed by: nmaster64

Faster endless Heartless Battles there is no Map Cards

If you do not great to(or cannot) use False Bounty, then shot this. Warp come the entrance room that a human being from a different floor, and also there will be Heartless there. Loss them, climate warp come a different floor. You might repeat this as numerous times as desired without utilizing a single Map Card.

Contributed by: DivineDragoonKain

Skip pre-boss struggle conversations

If you"ve lost to a boss fight and also get exhausted of listening to the conversations the take place prior to the fight push start and hold it down for a few seconds and the fight will begin. This becomes an extremely helpful in tough boss fights where you room constantly restarting over and also over

Contributed by: churchpunk872

struggle Vexen Multiple times

As soon as friend hit The 100 Acre Woods, overlook all the tasks and also Pooh and head towards the end. There will certainly be a short cutscene, after that it"ll ask girlfriend to save your game. Choose NO, and continue on to a ceo fight again Vexen. After ~ the battle, you"ll uncover yourself back in The 100 Acre Woods. Finish one task, and also head to the end again. You"ll find yourself battling Vexen again. After the battle you"ll watch that you obtained EXP from the an initial battle versus Vexen and the 2nd one. Rinse, Lather, and Repeat.

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Contributed by: love_hatefully

connect Mode Unlockable Unlockable Unlock "Reverse Rebirth" mode finish Sora"s Story setting
"Link" Mode
"Reverse Rebirth" Mode

Contributed by: Izzyzy

alternating Title display screen Unlockable Unlockable win Sora"s Story
Alternate title Screen

Contributed by: Typh

Unlockable cards

Complete the task in bespeak to gain the reffered card.

Unlockable Unlockable Beat reverse Rebirth and also find that in a chest in castle Oblivion lead Pooh to the end of 100 Acre timber Open an essential of Rewards Door in Agrabah use Calm Bounty in Olympus Colleseum win Captain Hook defeat Hades beat Darkside to win the video game with Sora once.Then fill your game and also use a calm Bounty in lock Oblivion.(You do not have to beat Reverse/Rebirth) win Maleficent finish "Monstro" level In 100 hundred acre timber lead pooh in come the hole with tracks leading right into it. use Calm Bounty in Twilight town usage Calm Bounty in Halloween city defeat Jafar use Calm Bounty in Halloween city usage Calm Bounty in Agrabah Open crucial of Rewards Door in Halloween town win Hades usage Calm Bounty in Atlantica win Jafar Beat reverse Rebirth and find that in a chest in castle Oblivion In Traverse Town use the vital to rewards. open the vital to Rewards Door in Destiny islands (requires 33 clues of each form of card and also a crucial to Rewards card) In Collisieum use key to rewards. Open crucial of Rewards Door in hollow Bastion exact same as Dinamond Dust.Except I found this one in a Moogle Shop.(I think you have actually a better chance on the 500 Moogle Points assault card set) win Riku IV usage Calm Bounty in Atlantica accomplish Leon for the an initial time Open an essential of Rewards Door in WonderLand use Calm Bounty in Wonderland Open vital of Rewards Door in Neverland defeat Captain Hook beat Ursula Open crucial of Rewards Door in Monstro
Ansem card in Sora"s Story
Bambi Summon Card
Blazing Donald Skill
Blizzrad Raid
Captain Hook Card
Cloud summon card
Darkside Card
Diamond Dust
Dragon Maleficent Card
Dumbo summon card
Elixer card
Firaga Break
Fire Raid
Genie Summon Card
Gifted Miracle
Gravity Raid Skill
Hades Card
Homing Blizzara Skill
Jafar Card
Lexaeus card in Sora"s Story
Mega-Elixir article Card
Metal Chocobo
Mushu Summon Card
One-Winged Angel
Riku Card
Shock affect Skill
Simba Summon Card
Stop Raid Skill
Stop Spell
Thunder Raid Skill
Tinkerbell Summon Card
Ursula Card
Water Splash Skill

Contributed by: Kionijohn, noz3r0, XxThunderxX, Netmonmatt, TheGame16us, Mykas0, Ragna0k0nline, 1guynamedchris, MechaFox, ReneGadeGirl, SolidSnake754, Vampric Saviour, DivineDragoonKain

ceo Cards for Riku.

In Riku"s Story Mode, your Red strike cards room lost and also replaced with new ones indigenous level come level, but you can also obtain black color cards that don"t disappear. To usage them, press choose during a battle.

Unlockable Unlockable win Neverland (Level 2,3,4,or 5) win Twilight city (Level 10) Beat hollow Bastion (Level 1) beat Agrabah (Level 2,3,4,or 5) beat Traverse city (Level 2,3,4,or 5) to win Olympus Colloseum (Level 6,7,8,or 9) beat Halloween city (Level 6,7,8,or 9) win Monstro (Level 2,3,4,or 5) beat Wonderland (Level 6,7,8,or 9) beat Atlantica (Level 6,7,8,or 9)
Captain Hook ceo Card
Darkside ceo Card
Dragon Maleficient boss Card
Genie Jafar ceo Card
Guard Armor ceo Card
Hades ceo Card
Oogie Boogie boss Card
Parasite Cage boss Card
Trickmaster boss Card
Ursula ceo Card

Contributed by: XxThunderxX

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