Postcards are found throughout Traverse Town. Their original purpose and contents are unknown, but what is known is there are 10 total and you get prizes for mailing them in the mailbox in First District (above).

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Prizes:1 – Cottage2 – Mythril Shard3 – Mega-Potion4 – Mega-Ether5 – Mythril 6 – Elixir7 – Megalixir8 – Orichalcum9 – Defense Up10 – Power Up

--== Locations ==--

Postcard #1

- In the Item Shop, hit the ceiling fan with your Keyblade to start it turning.

Postcard #2

- In a chest on top of the Accessory Shop. High Jump makes it easy to reach.

Postcard #3

- In a chest on the awning of the Shoe Store in Second District.

Postcard #4

- In a large blue vault behind where Cid is selling Gummi blocks.

Postcard #5

- Use Blue Trinity #1 in First District.

Postcard #6

- In Second District, take the rooftops to a secret window that leads to Third District. In the corner on the ledge in Third District is the card.

Postcard #7-8

- In Third District, cast Thunder on the broken conduit in the corner, then head into the Gizmo Shop. Get up on the walls inside the shop and look for little pressure switches. Step on all three, and the clock in the middle of the room will start spinning. When it stops, examine it for 2 cards.

Postcard #9

- In the Item Synthesis Shop, examine the poster by the oven.

Postcard #10

- In Geppetto"s House in First District, examine the vase in the corner.

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Torn Pages

Torn Pages can be found scattered across most worlds. There are 5 total. They are the missing pages from Merlin"s old book, AKA Winnie the Pooh and the 100 Acre Wood. The more pages you have, the more mini-games you can play therein. It doesn"t matter what order you return them in, they are always unlocked in the same order.