The Tipton Hotel wouldn"t have actually been the very same without the hunky-yet-dumb lifeguard, Lance Fishman. Top top the pilot of The Suite Life that Zack and also Cody, Lance conveniently melted Maddie Fitzpatrick"s heart and also ended up dating London Tipton on later on episodes prior to they damaged up.

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We last observed Lance a lining 10 year ago, and actor Aaron Musicant is still simply as handsome in 2017 together he remained in 2007 (but clearly much, much smarter than his Disney Channel character). He"s grown his hair out and doesn"t seem come share Lance"s obsession v water.

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Suite Life to be Aaron"s last acting function and he"s due to the fact that gone top top to end up being "a carpenter, a builder, designer, and a wide-eyed son who likes to play through power tools," follow to his an individual website. Aaron"s a builder extraordinaire, sharing numerous pics of his creations online. He revealed he traveled around South America the year after he wrapped Suite Life and discovered his love because that building and also architecture — going for this reason far regarding describe his neighbor"s home as being "full that sex appeal." Um, if you speak so.

Oh yeah, and also he"s a Shaman. Favor we said, Aaron is much an ext intelligent 보다 Lance.

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It sounds favor Aaron"s quit exhilaration for great after recognize a brand-new passion in life, but if there"s ever before a Suite Life reunion in the close to future, us hope Lance provides a cameo. Ns mean, we require a new Waterworks jam already.

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