The Oregon State Bar has a video clip titled "At what period can i leave my child residence alone?" top top their family law page.

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Oregon walk not have a regulation specifically stating the exact age when kids can it is in left house alone. However, the child neglect statutes do offer part guidance. The Clackamas County youth Department"s FAQ web page has more information ~ above leaving children home alone. Friend can additionally find more information in Washington County law Library"s legal research study guide and also in Oregon legal study blog posts on leaving children home alone.


2011 Oregon modification Statutes, thing 163, sections 545 and also 547, "Child Neglect":


163.545 Child disregard in the second degree. (1) A person having actually custody or manage of a boy under 10 year of period commits the crime that child overlook in the 2nd degree if, through criminal negligence, the person leaves the son unattended in or at any type of place for such period of time as might be most likely to endanger the health or welfare of together child.

(2) Child ignore in the 2nd degree is a course A misdemeanor. <1971 c.743 §174; 1991 c.832 §2>


163.547 Child overlook in the an initial degree. (1)(a) A person having actually custody or regulate of a son under 16 year of period commits the crime of child disregard in the an initial degree if the person knowingly leaves the child, or enables the kid to stay:

(A) In a automobile where controlled substances room being criminally delivered or manufactured;

(B) In or top top premises and also in the immediate proximity where controlled substances are criminally delivered or made for consideration or benefit or wherein a chemical reaction involving one or much more precursor substances:

(i) Is occurring as part of unlawfully manufacturing a managed substance or grinding, soaking or otherwise breaking under a precursor substance because that the unlawful produce of a controlled substance; or

(ii) Has developed as component of unlawfully production a managed substance or grinding, soaking or otherwise breaking down a precursor substance because that the unlawful produce of a controlled substance and also the premises have actually not to be certified together fit for usage under ORS 453.885; or

(C) In or upon premises that have actually been figured out to be no fit for use under ORS 453.855 come 453.912.

(b) As offered in this subsection, “vehicle” and also “premises” perform not encompass public places, as identified in ORS 161.015.

(2) Child ignore in the first degree is a class B felony.

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(3) Subsection (1) of this ar does not use if the controlled substance is marijuana and also is ceded for no consideration.

(4) The Oregon Criminal righteousness Commission shall classify child disregard in the very first degree together crime category 6 that the sentencing guidelines network of the board of directors if the regulated substance being delivered or produced is methamphetamine. <1991 c.832 §1; 2001 c.387 §1; 2001 c.870 §11; 2005 c.708 §2>