Does anyone recognize what to execute over through the swimming pool in the bonus level? I have actually tried placing them in order (gold, silver and also bronze) both vertically and horizontally...but naught happens!


well i"m ~ above 971k studs. Ns don"t have actually a key charachter for this reason can"t open up the box.

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And can"t obtain 1 blue listed below the water tower on much right.


Annoying, need to do the totality thing again afterwards


managed it, with a bit of luck and also found the vans knocked down an ext buildings than magic could. Hurrah!

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Drive the LEGO truck around you the ends up to the peak of the white pad. It must pop up a bit. Blast it, and use your magic to make the G.



i tried to set them up a particular way, however the control... AAHHHH!!! provided up... Stupid crap.

I´ve to be trying come arrange those blocks at the pool for half an hour now, damn. Glad I discovered this thread.


I will just leave the then and also continue on my route of destruction.

i to be stuck around 930k and i went by the water tower ~ above the far right and, i found it u can shrink the train and also destroy things in the back. Once i did that i rode the tiny train and got the remainder of the 70k i needed

I was under the impression that you can"t carry out the bonus level until you get all 200 gold bricks, yet I managed to execute this critical night without having all the bricks. Ns was a bit surprised, but glad to get it out of the way.

i to be stuck about 930k and i went by the water tower top top the much right and, i found it u deserve to shrink the train and also destroy things in the back. As soon as i go that ns rode the small train and got the remainder of the 70k ns needed


Same through me. Ns wouldn"t have even known about shrinking the train if girlfriend didn"t write-up this. Thank you therefore much.

The bonus level took me about 5 tries, around 40 minutes because that the last try. Try walking approximately over the grass, in search of flowers to popular music up. Lock can aid for a few more studs.

I sat there for prefer 10 minute trying to number out what i was suppose to do. I provided up and also threw Harry and also Ron right into the pool.

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