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Bonus Levels

Since Bonus Level 1 is pretty straightforward, I"ll simply skip come Bonus LV2 onwards. You can shot this as soon as beforehand as you can yet take keep in mind that part doors won"t open up unless girlfriend use characters from other groups.

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Bonus Level 2:

Bonus Level 3:

Bonus Level 4:

Bonus Level 5:

Bonus Level 6:

Bonus Level 7:

Bonus Level 8:

Bonus Level 9:

Bonus Level 10:

Bonus Level 10

Bonus Level 9

Bonus Level 8

Bonus Level 7

Bonus Level 6

Bonus Level 5

Bonus Level 4

Bonus Level 3

Bonus Level 2

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Apr sixth 2015Guest
i have actually done the polyjuice medicine in bonus level 5, but i not have any type of of the studs for part reason?? i have collected loads but th only one the i have the right to an adjust to is justin, is over there something i need to do to adjust this??
Aug 12th 2015GuestYou have to purchase the characters from madam Malkins (in diagon alley) after ~ you uncover them.
Nov 24th 2012GuestAll that the bonus levels in gringotts are in the exact same place. You need a character favor griphook to unlock the levels. Level 10 is all of the method at the end. Ns am in ~ 96.9% and also have 5 an ext characters, 1 red brick, 5 student in perils, and 7 yellow bricks. I have actually no clue where the remainder of this are and also i have completed every 24 levels. Any kind of ideas?
Jan 16th 2012how perform you gain Ron out of the area ~ above bonus level 6 through the lava and also the dementors
Dec third 2011Guest"We"re to the allude where us need four gold bricks for 200. Three of those room in the gringotts bonus levels. We complete the levels and also it won"t award united state the yellow bricks. How do we acquire these?"This is happening to us as well, we"re two gold bricks shy, and also when we complete bonus level 3 and bonus level 7 the video game won"t award united state the gold brick. Any kind of help?
Nov 24th 2011GuestHow do you get to the yellow brick in number one? ns dont understand exactly how to open the door.
May 22nd 2011Guest
We"re come the point where us need 4 gold bricks because that 200. 3 of those room in the gringotts bonus levels. We finish the levels and also it won"t award united state the gold bricks. How do we acquire these?
May 2nd 2011GuestWell the dark characters can be found through the end the game. Just replay some of the level to find some the them. Additionally in bonus level 1 friend don"t have to open the chest you need to go towards the earlier (north) side of the screen and there is a room v the yellow brick in there. When you acquire the brick, you have finished the level!

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