which unlockable personalities in LEGO harry Potter year 5-7 room the earliest unlocks for all the exploration powers (such together Dark Wizard)?



Strength - Dudley: Year 1 level 1. Alternatively, usage the super-strength red brick uncovered in Hogwarts.

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Dark Magic - Bellatrix (Azkaban): Year 7 part 2, while experimenting Hogwarts in between missions she in the air over the field near Hagrid"s house. Usage the pink platform through Hermione to gain the pumpkincopter, then use it to paris around and also get Bellatrix.Key - Mrs. Cole: Year 7 component 2. Usage dark magic in the diner kitchen to unlock her.

You can likewise get Grindenwald young and also old up the astronomy tower, year 7 component 2 as quickly as you have the right to walk complimentary in Hogwarts, you require Hermione"s pink platform. Additionally they"re at sight cheap to buy ns think favor 200k each?



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