This is exactly the same as the White Minikits, except the reality that they"re blue and in different places. Using a ghost character will make girlfriend invisible come enemies. The blue kit obstacles are accessed v each chapter"s door under "Challenge"

Chapter 1

Left side in the beginning room

Room to appropriate after leaving beginning room - construct gears to access kit

In C3PO restricted room at finish of main hall

In R2D2 room ~ #3

In same room together #4 but you need to force open little vent, enter it climate fly over

In the room whereby you require to pressure the door to progress and also with 2 blue pipes on either side of the door, jump on the newly created crate

In the following area, execute not run down, however rather paris to the left and through the R2 door.

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Go ago out and also run towards the screen and there have to be a kit next to the shield door

Run every the means right and jump on the conveyor belt

At the finish behind the brown vehicle

Chapter 2

1 once you start, head into the an initial right path.

2 After moving the tree with the force, ~ above the appropriate side the the path

3 Just prior to heading increase the stairs, on the right.

4 after heading increase the stairs, use the pressure on the brown wall to expose the kit

5 In the alcove appropriate after the bounty hunter panel

6 right after #5, jump over and force the block on the tall structure.

7 once you acquire to the droid ship with a metal side, blow it up with bounty hunter, enter and go under the stairs

8 exit the area pointed out in #7 and force the bricks come the right. Jump up and also get the kit

9 go right and force open up the panels impede a room

10 In the last area, on the left following to force usable objects

Chapter 3

1 go forward and destroy the brown doors

2 ~ grappling twice, blow up the window inbetween two flower pots.

3 after grappling again, in the edge behind two steel objects.

4 after ~ going ago outside, drop down to the left and also follow the path right

5 Go ago left and also fly to the left. Grapple up.

6 after going through the target door, fall down and also it"s beside the red button.

7 monitor the area round right and go up the grapple top top a higher ledge. Paris over best then blow up the steel doors.

8 prior to shooting the 4 targets, use a high jump character on the left elevator

9 after going v the 4 target door, go north and find the behind some bombs.

10 last one is in the southern east edge of the same area.

Chapter 4 (Use Tie Fighter)

1 (First Lap) come the appropriate as shortly as girlfriend start. Lean your vehicle right during the countdown.

2 (First Lap) before the first speedpads

3 (First Lap) In between two sets of holes on the left after dropping down

4 (First Lap) Up very first tie fighter ramp

5 (First Lap) In pink crystal cave on right

6 (First Lap) ~ pink crystal cave on ideal

7 (First Lap) ideal after #6 under rock bridge

8 (First Lap) after #7 on sharp corner

9 (First Lap) come the left that speedpads ~ #8

10 (Third Lap) After starting third lap, will certainly be after ~ a speedpad.

Chapter 5

1 As quickly as you start, walk up the grapple and also jump across

2 Head right into the courtyard and go up the grapple top top the right. Head around the ledge and go right.

3 jump down and also go v the key R2D2 door. Fly end the canyon and also once within the palace, go down the room on the left.

4 ~ standing ~ above the buttons, go through the brand-new door and also turn left in ~ the end. At the end of this area usage the force on the dark object and also jump up.

5 After structure the R2 panel, in the next area, shoot open up the brown windows with plants and also go in.

6 In the following open courtyard, head up the very first grapple ~ above the right and also work your method forward and left follow me the path. Fly end the lacking bridge and also you"ll view the kit top top the various other side.

7 Fly ago to the other side from #6 and also work your method around the route behind you.

8 ~ leaving the vault area with the gate, head right and jump come the reduced ledge and walk ideal till you watch it.

9 The following one is ago inside the palace. You will eventually involved a circular room with a droideka. Top top the right, damage the statue and also head inside.

10 In the hangar, is behind some bombs simply after the second starfighter top top the best hand side.

Chapter 6

1 As quickly as you start, on the left

2 After defeating Darth Maul"s an initial 3 lives and also crossing the bridge, construct the starfighter ~ above the left, open the doors and also the kit will certainly be outside.

3 Head back inside and up the two yellow force pads and also into the stormtrooper room, kit is inside.

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4 In the next room with Darth Maul waiting, monitor the bottom level approximately to the right and also blow increase the steel barrier.

5 very same area, ~ above the really top level after making use of the grapple.

6 after leaving the ahead area and entering the huge room with Maul in the middle, head increase the very first beam top top the left.

7 end of left course from middle of room.

8 indigenous the middle, head up the far right beam.

9 In the laser ar corridor as soon as chasing Maul.

10 In the really last room once Maul starts come attack, use a high run character ~ above the an initial ledge ~ above the right.

Episode 2

Blue Kits video (Credit packattack04082)

Chapter 1:

#1: start of level, behind a "billboard" #2: within the first "TIE Fighter" Gate#3: on the bridge where you can go left or right approximately a building, (before the very first tunnel), bridge is ~ above the right#4: In front of the avoid light prior to the first tunnel#5: In the south east edge of the an initial electrfied gated area#6: ~ leaving the gated area, that is sraight ahead in in between two signs#7: ~ the the 1st "Malfunction" area, revolve right and also switch to a TIE starship, store going and there will certainly be another TIE Fighter gate#8: In in between two "billboards" on the left next just before the 2nd tunnel#9: Below first turret in the tunnel#10: front left edge of second "Malfunction" areaChapter 2:

#1: in ~ the start, head south and also there will certainly be a tiny ledge#2: ~ going through first door head right, and have an R2-D2 unit open the it is provided closet#3: prior to opening the shutters, revolve right,#4: After opening the shutters to check out the "Clone Factory," a gate will open up allowing access to a Bounty Hunter Door. Go v this, and also go every the way across come the various other side of the appearing platforms, and use a high jumper to acquire this one#5: ~ #4, walk to the 5 tanks and also go in the very first crawlspace.#6: after an R2-D2 unit opens an additional door, walk left, in front of the window#7: In the Stormtrooper acess room, usage an R2-D2 unit come disable the barrier on the right side.#8: ~ chasing Jango Fett across the land mine bridge, keep going straight to a grapple point, grapple to the ledge and go every the method to the left#9: force move the LEGO"s blocking an R2-D2 access point, and high jump to the ledge over the door#10: Dark force move the barricade, come the left of the 2 R2-D2 accessibility points (for the hovering sentry droids hatch) and also enter the room and it will certainly be in former of some holding tanksChapter 3:

#1: Left side previous the 3rd Force moveable object, in the archway#2: previous the very first stamping machine, then jump onto the red platforms appropriate after it#3: inside the wire structure cylinder just before the 3 fans#4: Head south and there will certainly be a rotating bridge, Boost throughout to the grapple point, grapple come the ledge, and use a Stormtrooper to accessibility the roomMini-kit will certainly be in the ago corner#5: After shoot the second target to activate the molten steel container, high run to the ledge and proceed come the R2 access point/room. Walk all the way across.#6: after ~ #5 exit that room, head best on the platform#7: as soon as you go into the lava room, move along the sides to the very first grapple point, grapple to the ledge and drop down to the ledge listed below it#8: damage the silver- barricade and also go within the maze, have to be close come the enntrance gate (No need to navigate the maze)#9: ~ exiting the maze, head southern to a small ledge. An increase your method south to a little island.#10: when you first enter the lava swimming pool room, over there is a tiny ramp leading right into the lavaChapter 4:

#1: On peak of the Padmé"s pole#2: Heading right, behind the first pole girlfriend see#3: As quickly as you hit the door after #2, head south right into the battle#4: Behind Anakin"s pole#5: Behind the pole just past the silver- object#6: come the left the Obi-Wan"s pole#7: High run to the Stormtrooper access panel, jump to the ledge to the north, head right, then high run to the ledge to the south#8: to the left that the crawlspace#9: past #8 is an open area through brown and yellow LEGO blocks. Mini-Kit in the back#10: by the gate wherein the protection Droids (red ones) came out atChapter 5:

#1: previous the an initial Fuel cabinet (object through red ring on the ground)#2: come the right of the 2nd fuel cell#3: to the left the the rock, close to the large hole#4: Inside first TIE Fighter gate, near the back left#5: In between the 3 laser emplacments and also the large hole#6: Behind the gate, top top the left side (TOW bomb gate)#7: top top the right side the the cliff, just prior to the shield alongside some rocks #8: at the begin of the Droid delivery attack, alongside a laser emplacement#9: In the middle, beside a Mini-Kit "holder"#10: southern of the Mini-Kit "holder" near the shipChapter 6:

#1: in ~ the begin of the level, the very first grapple suggest you see before pursuing counting Dooku#2: Inside and straight ahead, left of a absent pile#3: come the left in the Geonesian battle room, beside some silver objects#4: use the buttons to develop a jumping path, high run to the top#5: to the best in the Geonesian fight room, on peak of count Dooku"s speeder#6: After facing Count Dooku (when you see his health and wellness meter) turn around, head left come his spacecraft and high run on it#7: proceed moving ideal and against the north wall, before a collapse pillar#8: Again head right, past another Force object.#9: yet again, head best to a copper feather boiler.#10: previous the boiler is a crawlspace that have to be made. Produce it and crawl with it

Episode 3

Blue Kits video (Credit packattack04082)

Chapter 1:

#1: immediately start off with one.#2: in ~ the finish of your descent through 3 battlecruisers, need to be at the sheet of the last one#3: After opening up one of the ships, it will be ~ above the left, next to the command deck#4: ~ going underneath the ship, it will be near the edge#5: if traveling v some open space, it will be before one of the Separatists" ships#6: after seeing among the Republic pearl fire its" superlaser, you will be grazing one more Republic ship. Again, it will be near the edge at the end.#7: After damaging one that the Separatists ships" Command deck, friend will check out it before diving throughout a Republic ship#8: After opening up a Republic cargo hold, you will travel v it, it will certainly be on the right#9: after fighting through a wave of droid ships, it will certainly be best there a couple of seconds ~ it#10: after ~ avoiding an additional superlaser, it will be above the laser blastChapter 2:

#1: rotate around and also head come the yellow fighter#2: at the very first grapple point, grapple to the ledge and also head left#3: use your R2-D2 unit and activate one elevator, get on it, and head to the earlier of a LEGO stud generator#4: In the 3rd door (C-3PO"s door)#5: Head all the way to the left ~ making that path.#6: currently head all the means to the right#7: during your fight with counting Dooku, head increase the stairs and to the right.#8: to the much left of Chancellor Palpatine"s chair is a run point#9: Just prior to the vapor vents top top the assembly line#10: go into the command deck and stay top top the much left, near the windowsChapter 3:

#1: in ~ the start, go west come a rise point. Throughout this is a silver wall, and behind it is the Mini-Kit#2: Go around the circle whereby you fight general Grevious#3: run to a little ledge come the phibìc (from wherein you initially start)#4: Jump earlier to the circle, climate to the left is a boost area. Acquire there climate head right#5: continuing to the ideal will it is in a tall cliff, high run to this area and pick up the Mini-Kit#6: ~ #5 store right and also fall down to the opened below#7: Again stay right and walk along the narrow cliff#8: From over there go follow me the bridge#9: Go within the dome and also head come the back#10: pressure move the 4 locks in the middle pedestalChapter 4:

#1: reduced the bridge, then at the very first right, take it and continue it come the end#2: Go earlier and head come the following raised bridge. In the hologram area will be the Mini-Kit#3: save the very first Wookie in the trees then continue to boost to the left#4: After saving the second Wookie go west and grapple come the the next ledge#5: Behind the wreckage in the water#6: go all the method to the left and also in between some rocks#7: ~ above the ledge come the north, farthest away indigenous the sunken fighter#8: to the best in between some trees, in the clearing#9: at the start of the boulder maze, there is 2 tall rocks. High run on one, then onto the other#10: in ~ the peak of the cliff, behind the pedestrian tank, to the leftChapter 5:

#1: to the appropriate of the first group that Disguised Clones#2: Head all the means east, it"s under the cliff#3: destroy the mine close come #2. Grapple to the ledge, walk follow me the left edge, then high jump to the ledge v the Dark pressure object#4: Head left to the large silver sphere and also force relocate it#5: make a stairway out of the critical pole the red bricks to obtain to the Stormtrooper accessibility point. Within this room in the back left corner, near the projection#6: near the broken sphere is a walkway heading south. Go down this, right into the Jedi board of directors Chamber and behind the 2nd chair#7: in ~ the second opening, revolve left and also grapple to the ledge#8: after clearing the door come the last component of the level, jump on the "arm" (off the the right) climate jump ~ above the walkway, and also head left#9: proceed along the walkway to two an ext mechanical arms, deactivate the shields in the last 3 sections, then in the last section, force movethe platforms and also high run to the switch, and also high run to the ledge above it #10: In the last room, head left near the team of StormtroopersChapter 6:

#1: Behind you in ~ the begin of the level#2: In the middle left the the room is an R2-D2 access point. Inside that room and also on the table.#3: in ~ the ago of the room you an initial entered#4: come the left is a destructible wall, behind this#5: The start of the next area#6: After pushing the an initial 2 buttons, a hatch/bridge will certainly open#7: jump to the fifth "finger" at the start of the following area#8: start jumping on the tiny islands come the left#9: keep jumping come the large island at the end#10: run in the lava at the big island, (which will certainly take you back to the start of the area) and jump left to a slender steel island

Episode 4

Blue Kits video (Credit packattack04082)

Chapter 1:

#1: The start of the level, come the left that the console#2: After opened the door v the 2 levers, head right, next to the Dark force blockade#3: to the left is a C-3PO accessibility point, with the Mini-Kit to the left of the door#4: destroy the silver object, and also go underneath the grating#5: above Darth Vader"s head#6: In the room after, damage the wall surface on the far left#7: Go inside the Stormtrooper access point, revolve left, and deactivate the shield#8: In the room wherein you an initial push stuff around, head south and follow the railway to the right#9: In the crane room, alongside the C-3PO accessibility point, is a surprise grapple point, grapple, and high jump to the ledge on the left#10: In the entranceway to the last roomChapter 2:

#1: Behind you and up a ramp#2: just inside the surprise Tuskan Raider camp and also to the right. To acquire here, walk over come the east of the starting area until you reach a gap. Go to the appropriate corner and also use Boba Fett come detonate the objects, then fly over#3: inside the left tent#4: past the 3 Tuskan Raider and also the mud, is a Grapple Build-It, make it and grapple#5: High jump on a container climate high jump in the opening near the former of the Sandcrawler #6: As quickly as you go into the Sandcrawler, build C-3PO"s accessibility point, walk inside and in the ago of the room#7: ~ the room you save R2-D2, there is a Dark pressure object on the wall, to the left that the grey buttons ~ above the floor.#8: after exiting the Sandcrawler, head towards the area v the pumps in the mud. Come the left is a Dark pressure object with a rock on top, ruin this,jump top top the rock to the new area, and high jump on the rocks in ~ the back of the area#9: In the second mud are, usage C-3PO come pump the mud the end of the ground and high run on the orange objects top top the left, climate high jump right into the X2 score zone, and boost throughout the ledge#10: On optimal of Obi-Wan"s homeChapter 3:

#1: Behind you and to the right is a Stormtrooper accessibility point, v the Kit come the left in the opening#2: In the little opening come the ideal of the large garbage deserve to hiding one of the carrots#3: Behind the Stormtrooper accessibility door. (the one wherein you can obtain to the shoot gallery)#4: Just prior to the entrance to the Cantina, ~ above the right#5: The last table in the back.#6: monitor the spy come the next area and jump to the ground#7: In the C-3PO access area, go straight then left#8: In the theater#9: come the left the the theater, in the fertilizer area#10: High jump on the Falcon, climate jump ~ above the 2nd floor ledge and go all the means to the rightChapter 4:

#1: in ~ the very first right, go in the room, alongside the crane#2: place where C-3PO and R2-D2 hide#3: (There room two routes I will refer to, the left is Story mode path, the ideal is Obi-Wan"s.) Head under Obi-Wan"s route to the power Supply Unit, and it will certainly be to the left that that.#4: proceed down Obi-Wan"s path to the following room. It will certainly be top top the right simply as friend enter#5: prior to continuing past the Stormtrooper accessibility point (after you ruin the Dark force wall) girlfriend will should backtrack under the Story mode path. Get in the room to the left (as shortly as you get in past the Dark pressure wall) and it will be in the back.#6: continue heading south to the elevators in the very same room as the power Supply Unit, just before the first elevator.#7: go up in one of two people elevator, in the middle of the room in ~ the top#8: Go earlier to the Stormtrooper accessibility point and also continue as you generally would. On optimal of the pressure movable object in the middle of the room#9: pressure move the 3 objects ~ above the ground, in the earlier of the room, to do a jumping suggest and high jump to the ledge#10: an initial door on the left in the hold cells.Chapter 5:

#1: Head south at the start of the level, this one is submerged#2: Go inside the first C-3PO access area (Left after you leave the garbage chute)#3: throw the switch for the grapple point twice#4: immediately on the left as soon as you go into the window washing area#5: automatically on the left in the room after the window washing area#6: after going increase the elevator and also going in the next area, remain along the right wall#7: After building the grapple point, grapple to the various other side and also enter the door, next to the helmet maker#8: within the Stormtrooper swarm room, ~ above the door on the right#9: exact same place, this time in the left door#10: wherein the Falcon is being kept, walk to the far right side, in the opening where you have to push other to gain the piece to do a grapple point.Chapter 6:

#1: in ~ the start, look at right#2: Deactivate the an initial shield and stay ideal till you with the very first turret#3: proceeding to continue to be to the right, previous the gap and follow the wall surface to the end#4: prior to moving come the next area, walk left prior to reaching the force field to the TIE fighter gate#5: remain along the best side (yet again) till friend reach one more TIE Fighter gate#6: Come ago around to one more TIE Fighter door (this one is close come a torpedo dispenser), in the earlier of this area.#7: Come the end of the gate and head south, stay along the best side#8: Head north to the following area (not the one previous the third TIE gate however the one previous the 2nd Force Field) and also stay to the left.#9: The start of the trench run, simply do a u-turn#10: The really end the the trench run

Episode 5

Blue Kits video (Credit packattack04082)

Chapter 1:#1: begin out to the left v a TIE ship, go v the TIE Gate and stay come the left#2: move to a delivery that deserve to tow a roll bomb and travel under the same course to the end, release the bomb to blow up the blockade, head in and also stay to the left#3: walk to the ideal side now (from the very start that the level) and also continue to the an extremely end ~ above the left.#4: In the following area, go with the TIE gate, instantly on the best after girlfriend enter.#5: Go through the tunnel w/ a rolling bomb, continue to be to the right#6: go to the an extremely end the the area and use the roll bomb on the long wall surface w/ the mini kit behind it#7: leave the TIE gate, stay to the right and behind some makeshift LEGO rocks#8: before the second long wall, turn right right into some hollowed area, in the back.#9: at the start of the last area, look right and behind some an ext LEGO rocks#10: take trip to the various other side that the battleground and this one is behind some much more LEGO rocksChapter 2:#1: Turn roughly at the start, and use one R2-D2 unit to accessibility the room#2: Turn right at the turret trooper, head right into the x2 room and also high run on the northern ledge#3: rally the railcart in the x2 room, twist the switch in the middle to make the car crash right into the heap of rocks, enter the room and also look right#4: In the following area, begin out come the right, and head into the ice cream fishing room, look come the right as soon as in the room#5: throughout the way from the ice fishing room is another#6: Go down the icy slope to open up the next area#7: enter C-3PO"s x2 area(to the left the the area whereby you have to push two blocks about to access the next area) and also head to the 2nd section#8: In the hall way, prior to the room through the Falcon, there is a ice slope to the left. Dark pressure move the steps and walk to the top#9: Go right from the critical one right into the slot an equipment room#10: Head back down into the Falcon room and also throw the two switches just right native the entranceChapter 3:

#1: Head to the 2nd ship (going left to right) previous the turrets#2: throughout the way from the an initial TIE gate#3: stay to the left and continue to a Mini-Kit holder#4: come the right of the very first asteroid barrier#5: after you blow up the barrier#6: come the left a little way after the begin of the brand-new area#7: to the appropriate close to the second barrier#8: right of the worm feet #9: Left because that a bit after the 3rd barrier#10: Directly throughout from the last oneChapter 4:#1: after ~ making the 2 ramps, come the appropriate up the course a small ways, will certainly be a dark force blockade. Behind this is a race track through the Mini-Kit in the middle#2: The smaller island in the middle of the swamp#3: before Yoda"s hut, over there is a Dark pressure object that has actually a Build-It for a raft, make the raft, and float come the various other side. On optimal of a absent on the best side#4: force move some of Yoda"s hut to do a jump allude to obtain onto a high rock#5: Behind the 3rd bat trap#6: In the cave, Dark pressure move part pieces come make half a bridge, go to the end of the bridge and also Dark force move the remainder to end up the bridge.#7: Just prior to you start jumping throughout the big hole come the various other side, jump to the optimal of the cliff on the left side and have R2-D2 open the gate.#8: during your fight with Vader, head left in ~ the basic of the tiny cliff#9: ~ exiting Vader"s cave, store heading east#10: past the bridge on the left next on height of some rocks whereby you require two Force personalities to relocate each various other to the peak of a tree.Chapter 5:#1: On optimal of the X-Wing#2: inside the room that R2-D2 accessed, head right and in the back#3: In the carbonite handling room, jump off the circle#4: at the begin of the following area#5: in ~ the finish of the area#6: Head south right after you enter the 2nd fight through Vader#7: enter the next room after ~ the fight, head east#8: usage R2-D2 and an increase to the other side, climate head left#9: after Vader escapes with the glass, save fighting the till you gain to a part where R2-D2 demands to relocate the elevator, right alongside the accessibility point#10: Right beside the Stormtrooper accessibility pointChapter 6:#1: Head right into the very first C-3PO access room come the left#2: In the little circular room to the left#3: After opened the very first Bounty Hunter door, revolve right#4: follow Boba Fett come his ship#5: come the appropriate of Boba"s ship#6: Grapple to the elevator and also high jump on the elevator#7: Boost throughout the big gap, climate grapple to another ledge#8: Grapple to the peak again (after the tiny Stormtrooper ambush) and boost to the front ideal opening#9: Head to the room to expand the bridge to the Falcon#10: Behind the Falcon

Episode 6

Blue Kits video clip (Credit packattack04082)

Chapter 1:

#1: in ~ the start, head left come a Dark force object ~ above the ground. Destroy it, grapple come the ledge, grapple to another ledge and jump down from that to a small plateau at the bottom#2: Head back to the start - this time relocate right, next to a silver object#3: In the room where Leia gets her Bounty Hunter helmet behind the gate#4: force move the back right object#5: Go through the crawlspace in ~ the earlier left jail cell climate go with the crawlspace in the earlier left crawlspace#6: an increase past the falling platforms#7: rest the 6 brown platforms and go underneath #8: underneath the area where you have to make a bridge#9: come the left after ~ the entrance to Jabba"s chamber#10: In the ago left cave with the RancorChapter 2:

#1: top top the ship with Boba Fett#2: pressure move a platform and also jump to the left. Move one that the huge shutters, enter it, and head come the best all the method to the end#3: Go ago to whereby you an initial Force move a platform. Currently you need to Dark pressure move the various other platform and continue the other means around#4: move to the 2nd grapple point, grapple to the ledge, litter the switch, continue going to the small gap, and boost across#5: Behind the pressure move object require to complete the elevator#6: in ~ the optimal of the elevator, relocate west, come a silver barrier. Ruin it, move inside and it will be in the center of the room#7: After producing the disco ball, grapple come the ledge and also it will certainly be beside a Build-It#8: In the following area, walk behind you#9: come the left that the behind shielded rotating target#10: High jump to the ledge and also move rightChapter 3:#1: in ~ the start of the level, move left#2: once the two speeders display up, head south#3: (make sure you"re going slow) continue to be left the the first rock #4: when you pertained to a break-up in the path continue to be right, and also take out the turret in front of the Mini-Kit#5: relocate over to the left and also it"s come the left of a regular tree#6: remain to the far left, past the cliff on your right and also a small bit past,look left#7: After damaging the team of 2 speeders, run in an pedestrian tank, relocate to the cliff with the Dark force bushes and jump the end onto the cliff #8: After damaging the team of 3 speeders, head west after jumping off you speeder#9: After damaging the team of 4 speeders, head south#10: After ruining the pressure field, develop th grapple suggest and grapple come the ledgeChapter 4:#1: in ~ the start, run on the chair#2: walk behind the tree hut, just prior to the bridge#3: southern of the C-3PO access point#4: phibìc of the relocating area#5: after going down the elevator, head SSW to some bushes and cannisters. Damage these, make the grapple suggest and grapple to the ledge#6: after lowering the wooden barricade#7: southeast of the catapult is a tree laying on the ground#8: instantly after ruining the an initial LEGO wall surface with the catapult, revolve left#9: come the right side that the bunker#10: inside the bunker, under the hall, left room, ago right cornerChapter 5:#1: at the start, walk right#2: under the Emperor"s Chair#3: ~ the Emperor high jumps to a ledge, some LEGO pieces will come out from the roof. Construct this, Dark force move the object on the wall, develop it again, climate Dark force move the pieces again. Drive the air as much as the ledge and high jump.#4: High jump into the one window#5: inside the Stormtrooper access room#6: inside the Bounty Hunter accessibility room (opposite side of the Stormtrooper access room)#7: at the optimal of the elevator#8: within the Emperor"s Chambers, to the left#9: Head north after the critical one#10: construct the battery, rotate it, placed it in place, climate ride the elevator all the means to the top and also jump to the greatest ledge top top the rightChapter 6:#1: in ~ the start head phibìc to the the next ship. #2: Same place on the ship to the north of the an initial one#3: stay to the left as you can and also keep the blasters going#4: In the same room through the an initial Force field off to the left#5: come the best in the tunnel leading to the key reactor#6: In the exact same room v the 2nd Force ar off come the left#7: In between the fourth and 5th electric turret (going right to left)#8: remain Right#9: stay Left#10: stay Left

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