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Lego Star Wars: The finish Saga Bounty Hunter objectives GuideYou will require 20 gold bricks come unlock bounty hunter missions. Mission 1: Qui-Jon JinnWhen you begin the level go through the tunnel come the end where you have a an option to go left and there"s a door that has to be opened up with C-3P0 or go right and there"s one more hallway, open up the door v IG-88 and Qui-Jon Jinn will certainly be to the right. Mission 2: Queen AmidalaWhen you start the level there will certainly be a green thing spanning a hole, break it and also go down it, as soon as friend hit the floor go ideal there will certainly be some small steps, go up them till you reach two much more small steps, walk up them, climate you have to go right then revolve right and go increase those stair to obtain to the grappling point, switch to Boba Fett climate grapple up and also to the ideal you will see a balcony, float over to it and there"s Queen Amidala. Mission 3: jar Jar BinksWhen you begin the level go down the hill, the thing over you will break and down comes a ramp, go up it, then save going until you view a sand speeder through a chrome gun, litter a heat detonator at it then go through the two walls and also Jar Jar will certainly be to the left. Mission 4: Mace WinduWhen you very first start the level go ideal until you watch a tunnel that is clogged by a barrier, break v it and also go inside, you will certainly be surrounded by red pressure fields, come the best there will be a move that has to be opened up with one of two people IG-88 or 4-LOM, activate the switch climate go earlier then go to the left and also keep on going until the finish then rotate left and Mace Windu is right there. Mission 5: Kit FistoWhen you start the level move to Boba Fett then go to the left and also hover to a platform and Kit Fisto will be there. Mission 6: LuminaraWhen you begin the level walk to the right and also you will see a move that have the right to be opened up with any type of of the bounty hunters, activate the switch, the gate will open and there"s Luminara. Mission 7: Ki-Adi MundiWhen you start the level go down the hallway and to the left you will view a doorway guarded by a Droideka death him and throw a thermal detonator in ~ the red blinking box, a ramp will certainly fall, go up it and also then walk all the way to the left and there"s Ki-Adi Mundi. Mission 8: Rebel TrooperWhen you begin the level shoot the 2 white things and the bridge will fall, go throughout it and also go every the way around till you reach another bridge the goes come the right, go across it, then shoot the two white points to the left and also go across that bridge, till you watch a grapple point, move to Boba Fett and also grapple up then float over to the platform on the left, grapple up climate grapple again climate you need to hover end to an additional platform ~ above the left and then hover over to an additional platform with two grapple points, use the one top top the left and then there"s the Rebel Trooper. Mission 9: ShaakTiWhen you begin the level walk to the right previous the stairs and the doors and also you will watch two points you have the right to destroy, one of them will have a grapple suggest under it, grapple up and also go throughout the ledge climate jump onto an additional ledge and there"s ShaakTi. Mission 10: commander CodyWhen you begin the level go to the left there will certainly be a platform, go to it and also then run onto the ledge and go down, girlfriend will watch a wall, throw a heat detonator in ~ it and then run to another ledge and then jump approximately Commander Cody. Mission 11:R2-D2When you begin the level you can grapple up or use IG-88 to activate one elevator, as soon as you do that you have to grapple again, then build the two switches the activate the leg then go v the door and also all the way through the hallway and through the door, then turn right and also go v the bounty hunter door and all the means down the hall you will check out two tiny ramps, step on them and they will certainly spit out pieces to do a door, construct the door the will turn sideways and there’s R2-D2. Mission 12: Obi-Wan KenobiWhen you start the level you will view a switch that has to be built and opened through C-3P0, don’t bother since Obi-Wan is no in there, keep on going with the hallway and storm troopers will certainly come at you, right through the hallway you will watch a switch the activates a elevator, activate it through IG-88 or 4-LOM and also go in it, you will certainly be in the room where you need to press under the pan to pull up levers, perform that and also open the door and go directly through this room to the door that requirements to be opened with C-3P0, open up it and then ~ above the best you will certainly see 3 orange things, damage them and also Obi-Wan Kenobi is in the tiny hole. Mission13: ChewbaccaWhen you start the level walk come the right and grapple up climate go through the doorway then jump down and also go right, follow the checkered floor to the huge doorway, go down the stairs and also to her left there will certainly be part doors damage the first one one the left and also there’s Chewbacca. Mission 14: Princess LeiaWhen you start the level go throughout the bridge and build the rotate switch and turn it till it stops, then grapple up twice then jump over the void to your ideal then jump under on the platform and also go with the door climate go v the 2nd door then go with the hallway and use the 2nd elevator then build the switches and also pull the levers and go through the door come the 3rd pair of levers top top the left, traction them and also there’s Princess Leia. Mission 15: Admiral AckbarWhen you begin the level use IG-88 or 4-LOM and also open the door on her left, you will be in a twin score zone, use a heat detonator to damage the obstacle blocking the left doorway and also shoot the box on the left and also the door will open then go through it and build the device and the glass will certainly open and also there’s Admiral Ackbar. Mission 16: YodaWhen you start the level go to the left and you will see 2 piles the bricks that have to be built, as soon as you build them the bridge will certainly come increase then keep on walk to your left and you need to see 2 purple boxes, destroy them and then develop the revolve switch then revolve it and also the communication in former of girlfriend will start to raise as soon as it stop switch come Boba Fett and also hover end to it, her head will get stuck because that a couple of seconds bet you should obtain on to the platform and also it will certainly raise you as much as Yoda. Mission 17: C-3P0When you start the level go straight through the hall towards the structure pieces and also go previous them then walk up the stairs and around the hall and also open the bounty hunter door then go directly through and open the C-3P0 door and also go left and also go through the hall and use the left bounty hunter elevator and it bring away you to C-3P0. Mission 18: Lando CalrissianWhen you begin the level walk straight and fight off the troopers and then build the platform and also grapple over then usage the other grapple on your best to get to the high ledge and run through the treadmill and also jump over the lasers and also press the switch to prevent the treadmill and also lasers so her partners can obtain through climate go around the ledge and also over the gray thing and also the green platforms and then jump over those boxes and also open the door and also go right through the hall and turn right and use IG-88 to gain through the smoke and go through the doorway and also then turn left and also Lando Calrissian is ideal in prior of you. Mission 19: Luke SkywalkerWhen you start the level walk to your left and also you will check out a shining object, damage it through a heat detonator and build the turn switch, store on turning it until it stops and also then piece to build a grapple allude will fall develop them and also grapple up and it takes you right up to Luke Skywalker. Mission 20: Han SoloWhen you begin the level walk to the door, pieces will certainly fall, construct them and they develop a mine, stand earlier and allow in blow the door open up then troopers will come, once you struggle them turn off head up the tunnel, once you go up there develop the pieces and also then shoot it 4 times or till it explodes, the ice will certainly melt revealing a door, go with it and also at the finish of the room press that heating box towards the door, it will thaw out, then go through it and also go up the tunnel and turn right, destroy all those boxes and also then go with the door and also build the yellow cart and ride it across the room until you see a ledge with Han Solo stand there and jump off.