"Like the Sun" is a quick story around a teacher named Sekhar that decides to tell the truth, regardless of consequences, because that one full day each year. That insults his wife, a dead man, and his headmaster during the course of the day. In the end, the feels glad to have been able to provide the finish truth, also though it has affected his very own life and the lives of others.

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Sekhar is a teacher that decides to invest at least one work a year informing the finish truth, nevertheless of consequences. That feels that if he cannot muster increase the courage come live someday per year without lying, also if those lies spare others" feelings, then "life is not...

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Sekhar is a teacher who decides to invest at the very least one work a year informing the complete truth, nevertheless of consequences. He feels the if he can not muster up the courage come live at some point per year there is no lying, also if those lies preventive others" feelings, then "life is not worth living." Thus, he excitedly embarks top top his good experiment.

His first test comes at breakfast. As soon as his mam serves the what she believes is she "culinary masterpiece," Sekhar tells her the the food is so destructive that he can not eat it. His mam winces, yet Sekhar reminds her that "truth is prefer the sun," painful to look in ~ directly however necessary because that life.

At work, a colleague speak him the a guy they know has actually died. Once he asks because that Sekhar"s reaction, Sekhar replies the the male was "a mean and also selfish brute," which is a shocking comment towards the recently deceased.

After institution ends, Sekhar is asked to report to the office that his headmaster. The man has actually been acquisition music lessons and wants Sekhar to carry out him v some moral feedback, which is particularly valuable since Sekhar is known as a good music critic. In exchange because that his time, the headmaster uses Sekhar extr time to grade the recent records he has accumulated from his students.

As the headmaster begins singing, Sekhar is appalled by the man"s lack of talent. That compares the headmaster"s voice to "frogs" and also "a buffalo." as soon as the music ends, Sekhar make the efforts to delay his feedback because that a day; ~ all, the only needs to tell the complete truth for this one day and the following day, he could lie to his boss about the performance.

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The headmaster insists on instant feedback, for this reason Sekhar tells him the his talents room so bad that over there is "absolutely" no suggest in proceeding with the class he has been taking. The headmaster many thanks him for the feedback however then insists that he score every one hundred student records in a single day. Sekhar feels the such punishment is a "small price come pay" for the "luxury" of speak the truth.