Where can I discover red tunic?

The Red Tunic that A link to the Past, also known together the Red Mail, rises Link’s defensive power. It is discovered in Ganon’s Tower, and also is the finest tunic in the game, being double as good as the Blue Mail.

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Is red mail or blue mail better?

The Red letter will increase the damage you deal, conversely, the Blue Mail will certainly halve the damages you receive. Whichever letter you choose, you can return come the Fairy Queen later to pick the other option or even go back to your green Tunic.

Where do you gain red tunic in Ocarina of time?

Red Tunic games A connect to the previous Link’s Awakening Ocar location A attach to the past Ganon’s Tower Link’s expense 300 Rupees ( Ocarina of Time Goron Shop uses A connect to the Past raised Defense Lin connected Blue Tunic Red mail Goron Tunic

Where execute you get the Goron tunic in Zelda?

Link obtains the Goron Tunic indigenous the Goron leader Darunia ‘s Son. That can additionally purchase one native the shop in Goron City because that 300 Rupees. This special write-up of clothing is warm resistant and allows Link to make it through in fatality Mountain Crater, and enter the Fire temple .

Where deserve to I to buy the red tunic in The Legend of Zelda?

And if a monster named “Like Like” eats it, you deserve to buy the from the Goron shop because that 200 rupees. The shop is situated next come the large pot ~ above the bottom floor. Bomb the wall and it will be in the shop.

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Oh, and after that go to Daruna’s room and pull the statue because that a suprise.