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During the semester-long food on The Hobbit thatI taught earlier this year for middle-schoolers we looked at countless of the real historical sources that inspired Tolkien"s very own mythology. Every couple of weeks below on Musings of a Tolkienist I"ve been summarizing our explorations on particular topics and also posting what us learned. Previously this spring we took a look in ~ the postcard that inspired the personality of Gandalf and also last month I shared what us learned about trolls. This month"s topic functions the dwarves...Characters and also stories in Tolkien"s mind almost always started first with a name. (If he made up the word self it really often started with a sound.) In many cases Tolkien obtained names from the ancient European mythologies the he loved and also studied. Not only did it conserve him time and also energy by utilizing existing words, yet it automatically gave his very own stories context and also a historical grounding that linked them come our very own legendary past. The name of the members of Thorin"s company in The Hobbit are a perfect instance of this. Almost all of the 13 dwarf names (Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Nori, Dori, Ori, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur) show up in one Old Norse city dating back to about 1000 A.D. Called the Elder Edda (also recognized as the Poetic Edda). In ~ the Völuspá (the first poem the the Elder Edda) is a passage well-known as the Dvergatalor, the "Catalog the Dwarves."The Völuspá chin is a creation myth and the six stanzas recognized as the Dvergatalsimply magazine the name of the an initial dwarves. But, in Tolkien"s story few of these early on dwarves became seeds for really different characters his charming children"s story. Listed below you"ll uncover the "Catalog that Dwarves" in the original Old Norse through a translation side by side. In the English variation members of Thorin"s firm are marked in blue if names provided for various other dwarf characters in Middle-earth are marked in red. Below the texts I"ve also noted a few notes around each the the significant names explaining their last position in Tolkien"s mythology.
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10. Þar var Móðsognir mæztr of orðinn dverga allra, en Durinn annarr; þeir mannlíkun mörg that gerðu dvergar í jörðu, sem Durinn sagði. 11. Nýi, Niði, Norðri, Suðri, Austri, Vestri, Alþjófr, Dvalinn, Nár yes sir Náinn Nípingr, Dáinn Bívurr, Bávurr, Bömburr, Nóri, Ánn yes sir Ánarr, Óinn, Mjöðvitnir. 12. Veggr ok Gandalfr, Vindalfr, Þorinn, Þrár yes sir Þráinn, Þekkr, Litr ok Vitr, Nýr yes sir Nýráðr, nú hefi ek dverga, Reginn ok Ráðsviðr, rétt that talða. 13. Fíli, Kíli, Fundinn, Náli, Hefti, Víli, Hannar, Svíurr, Billingr, Brúni, Bíldr yes sir Buri, Frár, Hornbori, Frægr yes Lóni, Aurvangr, Jari, Eikinskjaldi. 14. Mál er dverga í Dvalins liði ljóna kindum til Lofars telja, þeir er sóttu frá salar steini Aurvanga sjöt til Jöruvalla. 15. Þar var Draupnir ok Dolgþrasir, Hár, Haugspori, Hlévangr, Glóinn, Dóri, Óri Dúfr, Andvari Skirfir, Virfir, Skáfiðr, Ái. 16. Alfr yes Yngvi, Eikinskjaldi, Fjalarr yes sir Frosti, Finnr yes Ginnarr; þat mun æ uppi meðan öld lifir, langniðja tal Lofars hafat.

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10. There to be Motsognir | the mightiest made Of all the dwarfs, | andDurinnext; plenty of a likeness | of men they made, The dwarfs in the earth, | as Durin said. 11. Nyi and Nithi, | Northri and also Suthri, Austri and also Vestri, | Althjof,Dvalin, NarandNain, | Niping,Dain, Bifur,Bofur, |Bombur,Nori, An and also Onar, | Ai, Mjothvitnir. 12. Vigg andGandalf| Vindalf,Thrain, Thekk andThorin, |Thror, Vit and also Lit, Nyr and Nyrath,-- | now have actually I told-- Regin and also Rathsvith-- | the list aright. 13.Fili,Kili, |Fundin,Nali, Hepti, Vili, |Hannar, Sviur, (Billing, Bruni, | Bildr and Buri,) Frar, Hornbori, | Fræg andLoni, Aurvang, Jari, | Eikinskjaldi. 14. The gyeongju of the dwarfs | inDvalin"s throng down toLofar| the list need to I tell; The rocks they left, | and through wet lands they sought a home | in the fields of sand. 15. There to be Draupnir | and also Dolgthrasir, Hor, Haugspori, | Hlevang,Gloin, Dori,Ori, | Duf, Andvari, Skirfir, Virfir, | Skafith, Ai. 16. Alf andYngvi, | Eikinskjaldi, Fjalar and Frosti, | Finn and Ginnar; so for every time | chandelier the tale be known, The perform of every | the forbears ofLofar.
Note: click each character"s name listed below to pull up their page on tolkiengateway.net.Durin
- Durin the Deathless, one of the original 7 dwarves produced by Aule, is frequently named as the "Father that the Dwarves" and also is a direct ancestor of Thorin Oakenshield.Dvalin - later changed to Dwalin by Tolkien, is brothers of Balin and relative of Thorin. Nar - Not lot is known around Nar, however he does have actually an exciting place in dwarven history as he to be the last dwarf to view to see Thror (grandfather of Thorin) alive. He traveled with the crazed king indigenous Dunland to the eastern gateways of Moria whereby Thror was captured and also beheaded through Azog.Nain - This surname was provided to three various dwarves indigenous the third Age. Nain ns (1832-1981) to be the last king the Khazad-dum (Moria) and was killed by the Balrog. Nain II (2338-2585) ruled Durin"s individual from the Grey Mountains and Nain (2665-2799), son of Gror and father that Dain Ironfoot, fought and also died at the battle of Azanulbizar external the east Gate that Moria.Dain - This name too belongs to multiple personalities in the legendarium. Dain i (T.A. 2440-2589) was King of Durin"s individual until his death at the hand of a cold-drake. Dain II Ironfoot (T.A. 2767-3019), cousin of Thorin Oakenshield is the one many Hobbit fans are acquainted with as he to be a leader in the fight of five Armies and King Under the Mountain.Bofur, Bombur and Bifur - (two brothers and also their cousin) room the only members that Thorin"s agency that aren"t concerned the imperial line of Durin (i.e. Thorin"s family).Nori - brothers of Ori and also Dori, is a member that the Company.Gandalf - The consist of of this name may puzzle most Middle-earth fans. In pop society the surname is practically synonymous with the wise old magician cloaked in grey. However, in the earliest variation of The Hobbit the character us now understand as Thorin was actually named Gandalf. The magician in these early on manuscripts was instead named Bladorthin.
- Thrain i (T.A. 1934-2190) to be the an initial King under the mountain while his descendant, Thrain II (2644-2850), was the dad of Thorin Oakenshield and also died in the dungeons of Dol Guldur.
Thorin - plenty of well-versed Middle-earth fans know that Thorin Oakenshield (T.A. 2746-2941) of The Hobbit is yes, really the 2nd dwarf king of that name. His ancestor, Thorin ns (T.A. 2035-2289), left Erebor too, however on his own selection (he left in donate of the Grey Mountains). However, there was a third Thorin, Thorin III Stonehelm (T.A. 2866), that ruled as King Under the Mountain throughout the fourth Age.
Thror - grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield and also King Under the Mountain. Perhaps an instance of among the an ext tragic tales in Middle-earth, Thror (T.A. 2542-2790) shed his father and brother to a cold-drake in the Grey Mountains before leading his people earlier to Erebor (the hill his forefather Thorin i left). After ~ Smaug came decades later Thror uneasily worked out down in Eriador before trying to go back to Khazad-dum as a crazed and weary old mandwarf. His was later beheaded through Azog the Defiler by the eastern Gate of Moria, a horrific occasion that started the bloody battle of the Dwarves and also Orcs.
Fili and Kili - Nephews of Thorin Oakenshield and members of the agency - lock later died during the fight of 5 Armies
Fundin - father of Balin and also Dwalin, died at the fight of Azanulbizar.Nali - was a dwarf the Erebor and also was part of Balin"s firm that collection out come reclaim Moria. When the exploration went awry and also the dwarves to be hemmed the the 2nd Hall, he and his companions Far and Loni (see below) bravely stood your ground.Hannar - was one of 4 dwarves that remained in Bag finish before and also after Bilbo"s famed birthday party, despite you wouldn"t know it by analysis The mr of the Rings. In previously versions his character was much much more developed and also even had some dialog, however by the publishers gained it he had actually been lessened to among the four dwarves that continued to be with Bilbo.Frar and Loni - to be dwarves of Erebor that travelled through Balin as soon as he saw reclaim Moria. They to be companions the Nali (see above) and both died alongside the in Moria when bravely defending your retreating comrades indigenous swarming orcs.Lofar - prefer Hanner, Lofar was one of the 4 dwarves who continued to be at negative End, yet was later on left unnamed in the released version.

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Gloin - was among the 13 members the the company and dad of Gimli.Dori and Ori - brothers of Nori, to be members that the Company.The just members that the firm whose surname aren"t on this list are Balin and Oin. However, the surname Ai in the Dvergatal over appears together Oin in some other versions of the poem.
The members that the firm of Thorin Oakenshield as watched in An unexpected Journey