I constantly use Looking front to talk to you. Yet I kind of have actually the feeling it is no correct.

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Which that the following is the correct means to use?

Looking front to speak to girlfriend


Looking forward to talking to you.



did you intend for one of your two options to have "talk" without "ing"? as it is, your options are identical.
...looking front to talking

Is correct. Countless students were told by your teacher come not put -ing ~ to. But, to in ..look forward to.. is no an prototype marker. "Look forward to" is a preposition phrase and "to" is a preposition here. A preposition requirements a straight object. A straight object deserve to be a noun or a noun kind of verb (gerund).



The framework is either "I look forward to X" or "I to be looking front to X". Both room idiomatic. Right here "X" represents part noun, therefore you deserve to insert any kind of person, place, or thing. "Talking" is a gerund, which is the -ing kind of a verb supplied as a noun to represent the action the doing the thing. Various other examples:

I look front to .

I look forward to .

I look forward to .

I look forward to .

I look front to .

By the way, despite the truth that ns use various actions, every one of these sentence mean an ext or less the exact same thing. Or I can avoid the gerund entirely and just insert the noun:

I look front to .

Similarly any type of other noun (or noun phrase) works:

I"m looking forward to the playoff game.

I look front to my next paycheck.

I look forward to as soon as this choice is ultimately over.

I"m looking forward to Spring.

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answer Oct 17 "16 at 18:36

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look forward to needs -ing form. In such expression to is a preposition (not an prototype form), because of this it must refer to a noun.

Often, a verb in -ing kind is provided as noun. This is a phrase and also you can inspect its correctness in any kind of English dictionary or grammar book.

In conclusion: looking forward to talking come you is the correct form.

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