Hey all. Very first of all, I"d as with to say that for a college english assignment my course has been given the tastk of consisting of chapter 13 indigenous the novel mr of the Flies. I would love for you all to please critique mine and also tell me exactly how it is. I worked hard on this and also I think it"s pretty good. Thanks and also I hope you all reap it. PS: Sorry because that any major spelling errors. Thing 13 - The Journey home All the boys were ultimately moved native the island come the cruiser after number of trips back and forth utilizing the cutter. Because that the most component the boys, exhausted and scared, continued to be quiet. Also Jack, for every his bravado at castle Rock, didn"t mumble a thing, and Roger sat v a empty look on his face. Once the boys obtained on board the Cruiser the Captain had actually them every washed and also groomed and also then fed them in the mess hall. Again, every the boys remained silent, but ate quickly, gorging themselves v fresh milk and bread. Jack and also Ralph sat as much away from each other as possible, in the far corners that the room. After lunch Jack and Ralph were taken to the Captain"s office. "So boys, what happened ago there," the Captain asked. "We were playing sir," responded Jack. He retained his head down as that spoke and also was proper audible. "Yes, that"s what it was, a game," claimed Ralph. Also as he spoke he couldn"t think the words the were comes out. "Well," said the Captain, "I want you to get some rest boys and also we"ll speak again later. I have actually a lot to tell you around home and most of it is not good news. However keep her chins up. We"re British and the British never quit". "Neither Jack nor Ralph made sense of this, but they were too tired to respond. Both boys were escorted back to their room and put into their particular beds. The Captain close the door and also the lights went out. Jack spoke first. "Ralph," Jack began slowly and also solemnly in a whisper, "I"m..." he paused because that a minute of silence and continued, "Sorry because that what we... I did. I should have actually listened come you and P-Piggy." You were both right and tried to tell me, yet I wouldn"t listen". Jack sniffed in the darkness the the room and also Ralph sought a method to respond come the apology. At some point Ralph had though of a response. "I accpet your apology Jack, but don"t take all of the blame. It to be my error too. It was my error things obtained out that proportion and I should have actually taken better charge the things, and not have been for this reason harsh ~ above you favor I was. I should have actually been much less demanding and much more reasonable." "Thank friend Ralph. That way a lot come me. What carry out you expect the Captain meant once he said many of the is not an excellent news?" Jack inquiry Ralph. Ralph began, "I"m not too sure, however I think residence won"t be quite choose the home we once knew." Jack pondered in silence to what Ralph had actually stated and didn"t want to think of the chaos that might have occurred while they to be away. Jack conveniently said, "Good Ralph" to Ralph. "Goodnight Jack," claimed Ralph v a yawn, and also they to be both asleep. Ralph wake up up in presumably the morning frightened, shiver uncontrollably, adn drenched in his very own sweat after ~ he proficient a horrid nightmare. The nightmare contained the collection of events that had developed on the island up until their rescue. This time however, instead of the Captain"s head, over there rested the head that the sow the jack and his tribe decapitated together an providing to the beast. Every the marine crew too had actually the sow head in location of your own and also with the exact same evil grin the decayed into Ralph"s brain. Ralph looked end at Jack"s bed and saw that it was empty. Ralph leaned up off of his bed. "Hullo," Ralph scaredly cried out. Ralph heard footsteps approaching, reasoning it was Jack yet instead, the Captain came into the room. Ralph was currently reassured and also began to calm down slightly. The Captain noticed Ralph was drenched through sweat and politely asked, "Bad dream" Ralph shook his head and also asked, "Where is Jack" The Captain looked in ~ the empty bed and also replied, "Oh yes, everyone is having breakfast now; would you choose to sign up with us and eat? You"re most likely hungry again". Ralph that wanted to leave the empty, empty room replied, "Yes sir, but could ns ask friend a question." The Captain, who didn"t show up to it is in in any hurry, replied, "ANything you"d favor son. I"ll shot my ideal to answer." "Will home ever be the exact same again? What I typical is sir, is it the exact same as before we left adn became stranded," inquiry Ralph? The Captain looked deeply right into Ralph"s eyes and sorrowfully answered, "Son, I"m going to have to not price that ideal now, but I will tell you the you"re safe as of best now. We"ll talk around this later okay"? Ralph didn"t quite know whta the Captian was trying to tell him, yet Ralph shook his head and also he and also the Captain ongoing out of the room and down the corridors come the mess hall to have breakfast. Ralph entered the chaos hall and saw that many of the various other boys were conversing v one another and also eating their reasonably plain breakfast. There was many of the crew the the cruiser yet they to be finished eating, it appeared, and were supervising the boys. As soon as Ralph entered, he was handed a medium sized, falt tray, by a crew member that consisted of tiny packages the non-labeled materials and the just thing the was distinctive on it to be the milk in a pint shame carton. The mess hall was as level and basic as his quarters were adn Ralph believed he would have actually to acquire used come the scenery for the moment being. The mess hall consisted of many tables, all really long and also rectangular shaped. No wanting to sit wiht the others, Ralph spotted an north table and proceeded towards it. As Ralph was gradually walking in the direction of the table, he heard a pass out voice call his name and also he stopped before sitting down. It was Samneric. They conveniently rushed over to Ralph and joined him in ~ ahte table. Samneric appeared to be civilized when again and were excited to check out Ralph. Your hair was combed down like before they to be on the island and they to be dressed in the same clothing as ralph, i m sorry was supplied by the crew members of the ship once they boarded. Samneric both stated simultaneously, "Hullo Ralph," excited and also obviously glad. "Hullo Sam. Hullo Eric," Ralph replied blissfully. As Ralph, Sam, and Eric satellite down with each other at the table and also began gorgin themselves when again, Ralph prospered nervous as he had actually noticed that some of the guys were eyeing the adn the room ended up being much quieter he had actually noticed when he entered. However, Ralph do the efforts to ignore their presence and also continued eating and also conversing v Samneric. Once finished, he provided his tray come the crew member and sat back down come his and also continued his conversation v Samneric. After, the guys were each dismissed through tables and also proceeded with teh corridors again; they were cost-free to roam around the cruiser in addition to a crew members" permission and continued supervision. The crew member solemnly walked over to Ralph"s talbe and said that Sam and also Eric may leave, however Ralph have to speak once again come the Captain. Ralph was escorted through a crew member v a different set of corridors and tiny hallways, every the same blank paint color and texture, make the journey back to his quarters almost impossible without a guide. Eventually, Ralph uncovered himself in a lengthy and really tight corridor with a solitary door at the end. The crew member called Ralph that that to be the Captain"s quarters and also to knock before he enters, and also that he would wait exterior for Ralph. Ralph quiet said, "Thank you," come the crew member, his voice right audible. The crew member offered Ralph a slight nod of approval and Ralph began his means down the thin corridor. He quit at the closed door and also paused because that a moment, took a deep breathe, let it escape his body, and nervously lifted his arm and also proceeded come knock top top the silver metal door. There was a long pause the silence and stillness however Ralph heard a few clanign adn clinging noisees and soon the door opened up wiht a loud squeak. There inside was the Captain, that motioned through his arm that Ralph enter and sit under in the wood chair in his quarters. The room appeared really unique native the rest of the rooms in the cruiser, mostly, its size which was much larger than the various other rooms they had received. Its walls additionally had flamboyant and an extremely crafty markings on it and also signified nearly luxury and comfort. Although there were no windows, the room had actually lights and also it was basic to see, almost too bright. There was a big wooden desk with a chair in former of it and behind that in the middle of the room and behind the workdesk was a huge map hung on the wall. The map had numerous markings on it in miscellaneous colors, but Ralph noticed that red to be the most usual of the colors and it was regularly used in teh shape of an "X" or a circle on various parts that the mpa, many noticeably where bigger cities to be located. Ralph came to be a little hesitatn and also his actions were slowed a little. The Captain gestured come Ralph again the he sit down in the seat in prior of the desk adn Ralph did slowly and quietly. The Captian began muttering come himself and also began to progressively close the door v a clangorous and jolting noise. The Captain began to quietly walk over to the desk however he did not sit down; rather he stayed standing straight and erect. He apperaed very nervous and Ralph might sense there to be a problem and that the Captain to be compensating and pondering deeply. "Ralph," the Captain lastly spoke, "I desire you to tell me the truth around what had occurred on teh island. You re welcome ralph, I know you are living in fear and I desire to help you. That"s why I"m below - come help". Ralph looked for a an answer but every he can produce was, "Piggy". Puzzled, the Captain replied, "Who is Piggy? Ralph, be moral with me. That is he; is he on this cruiser"? Ralph quivered a small and controlled to exclaim, "Piggy was an additional boy top top the island... He was killed by Roger"! The Captain taken immediately regarding why Ralph to be hesitant and also he asked, "You said there were two killed on the island, that was the other boy? please Ralph, I recognize what you"ve unable to do through and also it"s tough, but try to tell me". Ralph started to tremble an ext and much more and suddently shouted, "Simon," and also he started to sob a little. Reaching into his workdesk drawer, the Captain removed a handkerchief and also handed it to Ralph. Ralph still ongoing to sob however after a couple of minutes to be comfortable again and also waited patiently because that the Captain"s questions and comments. The Captain climate proceeded come ask Ralph exactly how they happened on the island, just how they were dealing with eh circumstances, and what happened in resolution. Ralph continued to whimper but managed to lastly once again ask the Captain his initial question of what had end up being of the people while castle were actors away on the island. The Captain was motionless now and stood v a watch of despair on his face. He climate proceeded with a much deeper ton of voice, "Ralph," he paused and continued, "many points have occurred since girlfriend were actors away, so many that ns don"t even have time come tell you every little thing that happened". Ralph was intrigued yet knew that there was negative news to it is in heard by the Captain. "Let me begin at the beginning so you can totally understand why we had you sent off in a plance," The Captain began slowly and looked into Ralph"s eyes because that understanding. He paused for a minute of quiet adn continued, "There has and also still is a destructive misunderstanding tha thas occurred. The Allied and also Axis Powers are at war once again, adn us are currently in world War III. Together you might not have known, Nazism has affected Germany once again and this time they began producing atom weapons. Us of the allied Powers, grew fearful of this and our goernments organized a an enig meeting and also came ot the conclusion that he start of another world battle was unpreventable so our governments agreed come evacuate all significant cities the its children and also protect you every from the harmful radiation the occurs ~ nuclear weapons detonate". Ralph, unaware that htis was developing before they had left on teh plane, was astonished but still continued to be controlled, listening come every word the Captain said. "I to be assuming the war started moments ~ your aircraft crashed top top the island due to the fact that your aircraft was most most likely shot down, leading to you to crash top top the island and be marooned there. The Axis Powers started launching atom missiles throughout the civilization in wishes to destroy all governments, create mass hysteria and also chaos to recreate your "superhuman" race when again after ~ their collapsed economy as a an outcome of human being War II. The nuclear battle was much more than ten time the unified States" detonation on Hiroshima and also Nagasaka and all significant cities have been reported together destroyed and also contaminated wiht harmful radiation roughly the world. Over there is now no defined government in any type of known country due to the fact that their fundings have been destroyed instantaneously by the explosions and the people is in chaos and confusion regarding what come do". Ralph became filled through dread adn satellite silently in the room staring at the Captain. Ralph asked, "What has end up being of home then, sir" Nothing yet silence filled the room now and in this silence, Ralph witnessed the Captain very first rub his nose and also attempt to discreetly wipe a tear away from his eye. Ralph currently became totally aware that there to be no home for them and also that there may never it is in a home again. In this silence, there became a kind of bonding between Ralph and also the Captain adn a kind of understanding in between the two. Ralph, still wondering what would come to be of the world, tried to attract away from the snapshot of the now damaged world and wanted to know where they to be heading top top the cruiser. "Where room you taking us," Ralph asked? "Well," the Captain began again, "we room going come dock in southerly England in a few days adn us will easily escort you guys to board another aircraft in an there was no sign airfield, and you will certainly then continue to head over seas come the Uniteed States, and stay in a refugee sanctuary there for the time begin until the radiation overcome over and also it"s safe again come live in England"s cities. It will certainly be really dangerous but air raids have to not be too much of a factor but just in case, save watch. Also, the move will have to be odne easily becasue testings present that radiation spreads conveniently adn is an extremely harmful if exposed for lengthy periods that time." Ralph understood, stand up, and also headed for the door. The Captain waved at Ralph adn smiled warmly at him. "Take treatment Ralph," the Captain exclaimed, "And don"t concern too much; points will become better soon ns hope". Ralph smiled in ~ the Captain adn saidd, "Goodbye, sir. I hope we deserve to talk again sometime". The Captain said, "Okay, Ralph. Simply send because that me as soon as you question something or space in need of mine assistance; I"ll it is in there for you to help you". Ralph nodded in covenant with the Captain and left the Captain"s quarters. He then met with the crew member outisde the doorway and also was escorted by him to his quarters again whereby Ralph then rested again for the remainder that the day. He never ever spoke come anyone around what had arisen between him adn the Captain about what he had said, lot to the various other boys" disappointment, but he did speak that the refugee sanctuary in the United says that they will certainly be taveling come by plane. The various other boys became an extremely ecstatic and also overjoyed that they will certainly be finally showing up on dry land in a few days and would hope be when again for sure from harm. End the food of the next couple of days on teh cruiser, Ralph made periodic stops and also continued from wherein their conversation had finished that he had with the Captain. Ralph had learned that most of the civilians that live within the cities had been killed since fo the harmful radiation exposure and also mainly because of the original bombings. There are no certificates certifying brith dates, records, or any type of sort the history. All libraries and also buildings were destroyed and also are currently decaying in the ruble the they now are. Power is unusable now and also hte Captain warned the their arrival will certainly be an extremely gloomly and depressing see so Ralph wouldn"t be as well overwhelmed. All was for sure on the cruiser and also there had been no trouble with any kind of misbehaved boys; also Roger was managed now. All was quiet and contained in a well identified society. Throughout the next few days the procedure gift done was pretty evident: wake up, eat breakfast in teh chaos hall, have time to execute as they great aboard the cruiser, eat lunch; then, eat dinner later, and also finally, go to sleep. The procedure to be simple, yet efficeitn ot the boys and also most appreciated the sense of well-being and also rules established. There was a sense of time and also being now. Job later, a voice was heard end the intercom of the Cruiser. "Land ho," shouted the Captain. Cheers to be made throughotu the cruiser and also the children rushed onto the deck the the cruiser. "Steady now, boys. Continue to be calm and also don"t become too rambunctious," proclaimed the Captain end the intercom. Even teh crew members onboard took off their hats and also cheered gleefully as the Cruiser started to reducerhigh adn lose speed. The littluns began to cry iwth joy however Ralph maintained solemnest and also tried to peer inot the thick black color smoke and debris in the wait by squinting his eye tightly. The Cruiser gradually to a halt and the crew members quickly and also effectively jumped out onto the dock and tied the ropes onot the dock therefore the cruiser would certainly not change course and remain in the exactly position. The boys cheered together the boards were steadied and put off of the cruiser for this reason they could all depart from the it. Ralph watched the crew that the ship and noticed they began to sob and also were standing in despair and disapproaval that the sight that held before them. The boys quickly departed from the cruiser and also the dock was much much less sturdy than it had appeared to have actually been. Through every step taken, the dock shook, squeaked, and also swayed from next to side. The Captain emerged among teh crestfallen crew adn shouted, "Follow me boys" and also the boys obeyed and also proceeded. many of the crew and also boys coughed adn wheezed from teh debris and radiation they were inhaling right into their lungs and also some necessary to be aided by various other crew members and also boys volunteering. Ralph remained by the Captain"s side together they walked in the midst of the radiation adn crushed rubble the what had appeared to have actually been the remains of a town which was currently desereted, presumably, evacuated beforehand. The roadway was broke down in and the structures that stayed stadning were absent their windows and remianed stained black and grey. The was noticeable that this was the after-effects of a nuclear explosion but it was not affected quite so much either; the must have been an ext distant to the early stage detonation. "Keep increase pace with me," exclaimed the Captian loudly. THe children were awestruck adn in dismay. They remianed quiet and ovserved their surroundings when they continued walking in the rough terrain. Eventually, there ended up being a clearing from the town, adn there rested an out of place airplane around 400 meter ahead of whereby they to be walking. "There that is," the Captain said., "That"s the plane you will be flown in". Ralph asked, "Are you going with us sir?" "No," responded the Captain, "I will need to head back, but there space pilots and also a medical team currently waiting because that you in the plane". Ralph didn"t reply and also understood. They were appraoching the plane and were now around 350 meters until they would arrive and also board it. The clouds overhead ended up being darker and also darker adn soon, a couple of moments later, a loud thunder to be heard. It started to rain and soon the boys and also remaining crew were soaked from the consistent rainfall. Suddenly, in the distance, there was a according to crack and a boom and also the distant sound of buzzing and humming comes from the sky. As the weird buzzing and also humming sound came to be louder, it was evident something to be approaching them. The Captain was five too familiar with the sound and also he looked dicouraged and also full that awe and disbelief at teh sight that was prior to him. "Christ no," muttered the Captain heart-wrenched. The boys were currently alllooking up into the dark and gloomy sky. The buzzing became much more nad more rapid and much louder together each 2nd passed. The sound of opponent airplanes to fill the sky and were heading to the ruined town whereby the Captain, Ralph, and also other youngsters were located. The littluns screamed out and the other crew members started to end up being restless and fear was in their eyes. The Captained shouted, "Run" and the boys and also remaining crew started to sprint for their lives. They were now around 300 meters far from the plane; although, the seemed much further and also some the the littluns to be falling behind and also lagging Ralph noticed. Ralph continued to be instep with the Captian and Jack was currently right behind tagging along. Ralph looked up right into the sky and he might now check out the planes much more plainly and the was obvious they were much closer 보다 he had thought. Screams were heard every from the littluns and also there ended up being total loss of control. Crew memers stopped and helped the littluns and also boys back on your feet and also most lugged them while proceeding the no hope sprint in the direction of the plane. The sound of an equipment guns came into factor to consider nwo and more screams to be heard native those who were hit from behind by the bullets. The sounds of moaning and also desperation thrived louder and louder together the planes to be approaching the Captain, Ralph, Jack, adn the remainder of the remaining crew, boys, and littluns. They were now much less than 100 meters away from the airplane and the pilots currently had the engine started strongly and was preparing because that take off. Ralph peered over his shoulder and saw that numerous of the boys and crew regulation motionless ~ above teh ground and if lock weren"t, they to be screaming in agony and also pain indigenous teh stray bullets that had pierced their flesh. Another scream was heard next to Ralph as the bullets were once again fired adn Ralph quickly looked over and also saw Jack ahd been struck by a bullet as well. Ralph conveniently stopped and helped Jack top top his feet and they continued to run. Jack was bleeding profusely adn he to be shot in his top arm and his arm was almost useless and also only hung by Jack"s side and also swayed together they ran. They continued to run and also were now nearly boarding the plane. There to be crew members standing next to the airplane firing in ~ the planes in an attempt to safeguard the remaining crew adn boys and also were quickly struck under one through one. Ralph shoved Jack increase onto the stairs on teh aircraft as it started to gradually move. Jack regulated to climb aboard with several of the otehr boys and also littluns and also the Captain and Ralph started to board after. Much more shots to be fired and Ralph screamed in agony and also pain together the stray bullets pierced his torso. Ralph began to cry and also started come breathe heavily as he began to slump to the ground through a thud the was right heard of the screams and also loud propellers of the planes. Ralph feel a hand on his body and also he was slowly however strongly pulled onto the moving aircraft as he did naught to help himself ~ above board. The airplane soon acquired speed quickly and took turn off of the unmarked, dirt runway, and also the adversary planes quickly departed and also headed bakc in the direction whence lock came. Ralph opened his eyes and also saw the Captain end him together he was being organized in his arms. "It"s okay, you"re walk to make it," claimed the Captain with much worry and nervousness in his voice. Ralph, tho in much pain, looked right into the Captain"s eyes and also proceeded to slowly shut his eyes in a hard squint together he moaned from the pain and also torture the the bullets imbedded into his abdomen. Ralph looked in ~ the Captain again and also slowly rotate his head and peered outside the little plaen windown and also saw just one image: the mr of the flies staring ago at him v the home window and debris with the same evil grin. Ralph place there because that a couple of moments in the Captain"s arms; then, progressively his head bobbed up and down there is no control, he soon collapsed and also lay motionless in the Captain"s arms.

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His breath faded more and much more with every deep breath take it eventually came to be a wheeze. Soon, Ralph place dead in teh Captain"s arms, together with most that the other injured and dying crew membesr and boys inside the aircraft as it ongoing its" journey abroad to the refugees shelter.