Magnesium nitrate contains chemical bonds that are a) covalent, only b) ionic, only c) both covalent and ionic d) neither covalent no one ionic

C, MgNO3. A covalent link holds the whole molecule together and also a covalent bond organize NO3 together. Yet I would suggest to check for yourself

Answer : The correct choice is, (C) both covalent and also ionic

Explanation :

Ionic bond : the is defined as the bond the is developed by finish transfer of electrons from one atom to an additional atom.

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That means, the atom i beg your pardon looses the electron is known as electropositive atom and the atom i m sorry gains the electron is well-known as electronegative atom.

The ionic link is generally formed in between a metal and a non-metal.

Covalent bond : that is characterized as the link which is developed when sharing of electron takes place in between the atoms.

This is typically formed between two non-metals.

As we know that in magnesium nitrate, the magnesium is the metal having the atom number 12 and belongs to team 2. The price of magnesium is, (Mg). The steady oxidation state the magnesium is (+2).

The facet nitrate is the non-metal polyatomic ion. The steady oxidation state that nitrate ion

is, (-1).

When the magnesium combine with the nitrate ion, it forms magnesium nitrate.

Magnesium nitrate contains both covalent and also ionic bonds.

An ionic bond formed between the magnesium metal and also nitrate ion.

A covalent shortcut formed between the nitrogen and also oxygen non-metal.

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Hence, the correct alternative is, (C) both covalent and ionic

the ratio of the conjugate basic to the acid forced to obtain the desired ph.

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