In the southwest ‘hill country’ region of Texas lies the powerful and sacred dome of enchanted Rock. Visible for miles around, the superior dome rises part 450 feet vertically over base (1,850 feet over sea level). Revered by the levels Indians for centuries, the spirals a potent crysto-electrical vortex. The is called the ‘Ayers rock of America.’ Enchanted absent is indeed one that the most powerful points in the southwest, and also it stop a special relationship to Sedona, rock Mountain and indeed Ayers rock itself.

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The hill country an ar is in itself a really unique area in the ‘heart’ the south main Texas.

A relatively small triangulated region about 180 miles on every side, the hill country has a remarkably condensed power field, notably higher in frequency than the bordering area, which creates a feeling of well being. Energetically fed by a webbing of hydro-lines and also a significant telluric ley line, this energetic ar is about triangulated through Austin, Llano and also San Antonio. The encompasses

Kerrville, Luckenbach, Gruene, brand-new Braunfels, Wimberley, mountain Marcos and Fredericksburg. The energy field is directly related to the higher quality the life and sense of fine being the has attracted a variety of intellectuals, artists and free thinkers come this area. For example, the hill country hosts the 4 largest universities in Texas, the state capital and also a exceptional winegrowing region near Fredericksburg.

Nearby Austin is continually ranked as one of the top 5 quality-of-life urban in the country and also is home to a sizeable artistic community of musicians, writers and sculptors. The harmonic frequency the this power field is uniquely conducive to creativity, specifically music. Many recording artist made their home in Austin, from Stevie beam Vaughn to Willie Nelson.

The Edwards aquifer is consisted of within the triangulated region. As such, an elaborate underground network of rivers undulate their means beneath filtering limestone, spouting come the surface as crystalline waters and ‘charged’ heal springs. Granite and also quartz outcroppings note the roll landscape between Austin, san Antonio and Fredericksburg, and they act as conduits because that the ley line that surfaces in the hill nation from its source in the Yucatan. Several energetic centers exist within this fee triangle, the spiritual apex of i m sorry is enchanted Rock, less than an hour the end of Austin.

The plains Indians the southwest Texas held the lavender granite absent in awe. That name, interpreted from the Tonkawa dialect, is ‘Glowing, to sing Rock’. The dome does certainly make audible whale-sounding moans at night, a phenomenon described by the condensing that the rock layers i m sorry cool swiftly after the warming sunshine fades right into night.

In direct sunlight, the surface of Enchanted rock does show up to emanate visible power waves because of the warmth mirage effect. Even an ext fascinating is the green-bluish gloriole that seems to surround the dome in the brief twilight that sunset. This eerie glow, prolonging from one to 5 meters over the granite surface immediately after sunset is no folklore. The phenomenon is easily and also regularly observed. The luminous effect is brief, diminishing easily as the absent cools. Scientists define the glow as a solar warmth radiation native the contempt radioactive granite. In other words, the absent is a huge solar battery, transforming took in solar power into light together it is released.

Enchanted absent is actually the obtrusive portion of a massive, old lava (magma) flow. The greatest part of Enchanted rock is actually listed below the surface. And also when magma is hosted under, the solidifies more slowly into coarse-grained rocks v larger, visible crystals. These space intrusive, or plutonic, rocks of which granite is the most common example. Some of the ideal examples that crystals, such together quartz, topaz and also tourmaline are developed from chemistry that have been liquified in options within rock cavities. Here, they have actually both space and time come grow.

Enchanted absent is, in a sense, a massive grouping of crystals, and it most definitely contains hollow pockets of prolific quartz crystals. Archeological proof indicates person visitation in ~ the rock going ago at the very least 11,000 years.

Folklore the the local aboriginal American tribes reverently ascribes mystical and also spiritual strength to the rock, hence the surname magical or ‘Enchanted Rock’. Because of its unusual geological features and archeological significance, the U.S. Room of the internal designated fascinating Rock as a National natural Landmark in 1971.

Enchanted Rock, (just a 45 minute drive external of Austin, the state capital), was in private hands until 1978 as soon as it was purchased through the Nature Conservancy. The State the Texas got it in 1979 and after adding facilities opened up it as a state park in 1984. It was contained in the national Register of historical Places on respectable 29, 1984.

Trinity-Cone Formation

Enchanted Rock shows up as 3 domes. The three are not just associated but are part of the exact same rock. The geological surname for this is ‘batholith,’ or an underground igneous absent formation, revealed by erosion. The granitite domes are several of the earliest rock ~ above earth; this old landmark began taking shape much more than a billion year ago. Geologists recognize that indigenous the earth’s

molten core, underground rivers and plumes of magma (molten rock) swelled upward v an significant pressurized force that squeezed lakes that magma into the upper crust. This magma congealed into solid rock prior to penetrating the surface.

Amidst eons of time, huge telluric pressures played out, and also cataclysmic metamorphisms occurred. Colliding tectonic plates conscribed turmoils of great mountains. Seas came and also went. Volcanoes burst and spewed. Rampaging storms deluged the land. Roaring rivers formed and slowly subsided, producing the deep canyons and valleys of the Texas hill country.

This erosion uncovered the pink lavendar granite dome of fascinating Rock.

Sacred & holy Ground

The an initial known indigenous civilization to identify & revere the rock to be the Tonkawa Indians, that may have been descended from the Mayan and Anasazi. The Apache and Comanche displaced the Tonkawa at enchanted Rock around 300 years ago. Through the Comanche and also Apache wisdom and legends, we obtain a much more complete photo of aboriginal American ideas as they relate to the spiritual nature of fascinating Rock.

According to the Southwest Indians, the Creator, Wanken Tanka, sent the ‘Wanbli Luta’, or Red eagle Spirit, to market vision and also wisdom and to cure lock of the illnesses that kept them indigenous the true path. The allegorical narrative states that these benevolent and powerful spirits chose to live in spiritual mountains, whereby they live forever and also can it is in sought in ceremony for guidance, wisdom and also protection.

It is well-known that enchanted Rock was the sacred site because that both the ritual spirit run of the Apache and also for the spiritual vision pursuit & sweat lodge consciousness of the Tejas Comanche.

Early German inhabitants reported seeing rock circles and stone alters directionally aligned atop the domes at fascinating Rock. Spanish explorers and German inhabitants postulated the the native Americans fear Enchanted Rock, and that only tribal medicine men could enter the perimeter without being struck down by

the rock’s an effective spirit. The lore further asserts the the Apache to be forbidden indigenous launching spears or arrows in that direction for are afraid of retribution.

But that was no fear.

Truly, it to be a profound recognition and respect for the divine being of hallowed ground. The aboriginal Americans viewed Enchanted Rock as a life cathedral, and rightly so. Only their divine men live there together guardians, however sacred vision quests and also ceremonial spiritual rites clearly were performed there.

The Batholithic Park

The Enchanted rock batholith covers 100 square miles, or some1,650 acres. That is the 2nd largest organic dome development in the unified States, the biggest being Atlanta’s stone Mountain i m sorry is considerably taller.

Texans, accepting 2nd status come none, have uncovered a way to provide it peak billing. Castle retort through a humor as dry as an armadillo shell, that, “Enchanted absent is the largest dome in the United claims that doesn’t have dead confederate soldiers carved in its side!”

One Park Ranger exudes,” Enchanted absent is geologically exquisite nevertheless of its comparative mass … and besides, size doesn’t matter!”

Visionary Trails

Two major trails wind their method up come the summit of fascinating Rock. One base trail winds 4 miles approximately most of the entire base in ~ the park grounds. The various other trail go steeply come the summit. The two space quite different in feel, but both categorically are enchanting walks and merit the effort.

Author’s Notation : the is exciting to keep in mind that aboriginal American ceremonies in respect of the ‘ Living-Spirit that Place’ were said to circle the dome 7-times in a counter-clockwise direction during the mid summer solstice prior to conducting sun-dance ceremonies. The fact that the was seven times and in respond to clockwise direction has always intrigued me. The energies of the planet naturally spin counter-clock wise above the equator and also clockwise below it. Islamic Pilgrims who make the yearly Hodge come Mecca have for numerous centuries to walk 7-times around Mecca at the completion of the Hodge.

The summit follow is a 45-minute hike from trailhead come apex. It begins at the campground map pavilion. Mesquite trees and also cacti thrive in huddled bunches follow me the flower-sprinkled trailside approximately the basic of the smooth granite matrix. There, the trail leaves laterite and also climbs steeply lean igneous rock. Excessive caution should be exercised when traversing this arduous section of the increase trek. The precipitous slope of the absent dome has erosion sleek surfaces; smooth granite is slippery also when dry and also is incredibly treacherous as soon as wet.

The Granite Domes

The half-sphere geometry that the dome is conducive to the spiraling energy pattern. Granite domes do show up in other locations of the USA (and the world), and, there is no exception, they produce a potent energetic field. In many cases, they have actually been recognized and also worshiped by the ancients.

Enchanted Rock’s 3 domes have qualities unique unto themselves, however all 3 are components of the one turn around energy. The biggest dome, enchanted Rock, is considered feminine in energetic aspect. She is the mother, the nurturer. She feeds energy to the various other two domes, i m sorry balance and anchor her. The an unified energies blend and swirl in a clockwise pattern.

The two lateral domes – little Dome come the west and Freshman Dome come the east – are both male in frequency and also triangulate v the mom to kind a powerful electrical vortex.

The power of Enchanted rock resonates to the fifth center, the neck chakra – fitting because that the spiritual-called ‘Singing Rock.’ The batholith is component of the Llano Uplift; in ~ 1.1 billion year old, it is just one of the oldest granites in the world! A section of that is metamorphic and holds a condensed crystallized pattern.

The fact that the dome is composed of granite is quite significant. Granite both stores and also radiates energies. Granite is composed mainly of feldspars, mica and quartz and also is substantially traced with potent pegmatite. Pegmatites room veins of crystallized mineral that form during the cooling that the magma. They are usually lined through crystallized stones such as quartz, yet often contain other varieties including tourmaline, topaz, beryl, amethyst and also citrine. The pegmatites that the Llano Uplift have actually housed some of the most distinct crystals and also rare planet minerals known to man. Burnetts Hill, located adjacent within the granite of the Llano Uplift, has actually been uncovered to ‘glow’ green, because of rare radioactive minerals such together gadolite.

Enchanted absent contains clearly visible surface veins of crystallized quartz in several ranges that contain significant natural quartz crystal clusters. Big crystal points have been uncovered along the surface ar veins, but unfortunately many were damaged off by visitors.

Enchanted rock contains significant fluorite and also beryl formations within the pegmatites, and also traces of gold and silver are generally found in the granite. Certainly, the energetic properties of these an effective gems and also metals include tremendously to the aura that this site.

Spirit that Place

Enchanted rock is currently a famous spot because that those seeking commune with nature and for quiet time because that mediation. The park is so famous with rock-climbers, hikers and also campers, specifically on weekends, that it occasionally fills come capacity and has to it is in closed. The tops of the 3 domes are fairly spacious, perfect for finding quiet secluded spots because that prayer and meditation.

I have actually spent countless ‘contemplative’ moments on fascinating Rock and found the ‘Spirit of Place’ to be an extremely peaceful and also comforting. Countless have linked with the spirituality entourage the abides there.

Legends abound around the ‘Guardian the the Rock’, an indigenous divine man referred to as Windsong or Wind Spirit.

Sensitives deserve to recognize his presence on the apex that the mommy dome. He remains to balance influx of human energies and to offer protection to those together they go up and also down the steep dome. His presence is that of a robust, gentle but an essential energy that is deep compassionate.

Another an effective presence is discovered in the cave on the northwest confront of the dome. One older, more ancient guardian spirit stays in this energy. The cavern is the root center of the site and also houses a raw, primordial energy … a fire energy, kundalini. It is a powerful, intense enclosure.

The cave is stated to command inward to a crystal cave in the facility of the dome with substantial crystals of countless varieties. It has actually been the website of initiations and also ceremonial rites. A section of the spiraling vortex energy re-enters the dome with the cave and also is spiraled up and also outward in ~ the top of the mother dome.

Energy Dynamics

The principal portion of energy flows into Enchanted absent from underground, via the telluric power flow of the Mayan ley line. This power is spiraled upward right into all 3 domes. The main conduit and receiver is the perfect shaped mom dome of fascinating Rock. The telluric power is an unified with the solar power stored into the granite, and also it is magnified further through the quartz and also pegmatite crystals.

Once the energy is sprayed atop the domes, it enters the vortex cycle and gradually diffuses outward on all sides. The perimeters that the ‘Crysto- electrical’ vortex are then incorporated into the ‘hydroline’ ‘water’ energies indigenous the bordering streams, springs, aquifer and also lake.

The dome is bordered ~ above the south and also west through a small, clear stream that forks and also cascades in shallow silver- ribbons end the granite base rock. A small spring-fed lake lies at the west face. The currently is lovely, and also it forks into three smaller brooks depending on the quantity of rainfall.

There are number of magnificent faerie dens created along the brooks’ routes as they balloon their way between jagged boulders in ~ the base of the domes. In springtime, the grounds are awash with bright Texas wildflowers. Bluebonnets, red indian-paintbrush, orange pots and bouquets that yellow oreopsis blanket the campgrounds, trails and stream sides in colorful colors.

The website literally i do not care a canvas the southwest arts – bright flowers among red laterite, green cactus, elfin-gnarled mesquite trees and powder blue skies.

All 3 domes host magical energies and also pockets of condensed ionic fields. A range of focal distance points are developed by crevices, crystal veins and also overhangs that room an absolute pleasure to experience. Substantial rectangular monoliths, broken off by lateral cleavage and also erosion, was standing like gigantic guardians and Stonehenge replicas. All are very inviting and an extremely special.

A beautiful range of orange lichen covers portions of the rock. ‘Moon pools’ that trapped rainwater create beautiful floral gardens in part of the top. A tiny, rare brine shrimp, a relic from ancient times once this area was covered by ocean, involves life once these garden pools occur.

Depending ~ above your easily accessible time at enchanted Rock, there are plenty of power places to explore and also visit. The concentrated energies room tangible and also can be found throughout the park. However, the single most an effective energy is uncovered on the ‘summit’ that the Enchanted absent dome. The power here is a digital fountain that electricity. The flat summit is pitted, stark, pink granite, a

‘Marscape’ the dimension of two football fields. Somehow a lone tree manages to grow out of ceiling rock in the center. This is the apex. The tree is sacred, continual by the abundant energies pulsing from the dome. Any kind of spot within 30 meter of the tree is in the powerful fountainhead, a tingling, invigorating flow of gushing, blue-white power in the ley-fed the end flowing vortex.

Extreme meditative claims are easily reached, physics stamina and also vitality space heightened, the chakras room balanced and also hearts room healed.

Pilgrims guideline : simply laying level on the magenta granitic surface of fascinating Rock, will balance and also re-energize the physics body. Granite is in truth a battery, the stores energy and also will ‘give that back’ when one reclines on it, with the spine flat versus the rock surface.

While the entire area abounds in distinct energetic sites, which correlate to every the major chakra centers, nobody matches the pure power and also energetic healing of the summit apex. In fact, I found the summit come correlate simultaneously to the crown, 3rd eye and throat centers, depending upon the precise spot chosen and also the time the day. The innermost part is the crown, within 10 meters of the apex tree. Relocating outward end the next 15 meters, the third eye is stimulated.

From 25 meters out to essentially the curving political parties of the dome, the fifth chakra resonates.

I likewise discovered that sunshine activates specific portions the the dome when it shines straight on its curved, indented surface. Particular pockets ~ above the summit are creviced and scooped into perfect little reclining chairs, finish with granite backrests. The power within these indentations is focused and permits your body to be immersed into an energy bath.

Enchanted absent is now coming to be recognized together a major emerging power site in the ascension that the new Earth. Earth-Keepers such together Adam Yellowbird, have actually been drawn there in recent years to anchor in the energy of the ascension portal that now flows right into the vortex. Becausse of its crystalline pegmatites, and also metamorphic trends, that is axialtonally connected to the Crytsal Vortex the Arkansas, and is indeed linked to the granitic hill near small Rock, Mt Pinnacle.

Enchanted absent is associated to the power of Arkansas, the Yucatan & Ayers Rock through the axialtonal resonance the this portal. Enchanted rock is linked to Sedona with the triangulation of the Mayan ley line the emerges native the Yucatan Peninsula, undulating in and over the ground as much as Monterey, Mexico. There, the power splits, through the main body proceeding upward to Sedona, and the other portion coming up through San Antonio into the hill country.

The Mayan ley-line in the hill country has fissure lines indigenous the main body that feed Austin, Wimberley, brand-new Braunfels and Fredericksburg. The 2 lines converge again at Monument Valley.

The aquifer power of the hill country additionally has a complex synergy v the ley energy. The hydraulic energy from the aquifer has actually a strong, benevolent impact on the as whole energy ar of the region. The 2 energies, hydro and ley, form a six-pointed star, proof of sacred geometry in the living landscape. The primary points the the hydro power lines are the Aquarena Springs (charged living waters) in san Marcos, founders Park Springs in brand-new Braunfels, and also Barton Springs in Austin.

Enchanted rock is a forty 5 minute journey from external Austin. The is situated 18 mile north of the wine region and resort city of Fredericksburg, follow me Ranch roadway 965. The enntrance gate fee to the State Park is $5, and also over 50 campsites space available. The park is normally full on weekends, and also the summit have the right to be rather busy. I recommend moving earplugs, (for meditation privacy) and an extra jacket ( if walking in the late loss or winter) and extra water once going come the summit. The top is nearly always windy, and also the hike increase is fairly tiring.

In the summer, heat is a aspect too. The times ideal for meditation space sunset and or sunrise. The optimal is much less frequented at this times, and also solitude is not interrupted. Also, some spectacular colors and also energies emerge at both sunrise and sunset, colors and lights the resonate well v the enchantment to be discovered on this wonder rock.

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A distinct characteristic of the dome is the ‘glowing’ phenomena that the quartz, which deserve to be skilled after sunset top top a sunny day. I have had actually some deep and also wonderful experiences meditating atop Enchanted rock from sunset right into moonrise. The aboriginal Americans, metaphysicians, the Lightworkers and also the Earth-Keepers tho understand, totally think that the mountain spirits of ar are really much alive and also conscious…and the their extensive message can still it is in heard today.

The story of humans deserve to be lost, yet the spirit of the mountain lives forever. It’s voice is as ancient as stone. Enchanted Rock’s summit under a complete moon is merely magical, however be sure to descend slowly, and carry a flashlight. Windsong will aid you down…and invite girlfriend back. The enchanted Rock has a article for friend !