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Literal Comprehension:This suggestive story “Marriage is a private Affair” is written by famed Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe. In this story, that has explained one marital relationship relation display marriage as a personal affair. The subject matter of this story is love and also marriage in between Nnaemeka and Nene whereby Nnaemeka is native Ibo tribe and Nene is from another tribe. He did engagement and started to live with at Lagos city. When they were engaged Nene was asking to send the message around their engagement come his dad Okeke yet Nnaemeka did not do that because he was acquainted with his father’s nature and his culture. Follow to his culture, the child of the Ibo tribe needs to marry the girl that their very own tribe i ordered it by father. If the plan is excellent by the father it will certainly be welcomed from all the members of that community. If the arrangement is excellent by sons themselves with the girl that a various tribe, it would certainly make father an extremely angry and creates stress in the family. So, the planned to tell his father as soon as he went residence on leave. But he did no tell to Nene the his dad had already chosen a girl Ugoye the his very own tribe.

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Nnaemeka went house on leave and also told his father the he might not get married Ugoye since he was engaged to marry v Nene that is a good Christian and teacher in Lagos City whom he loves. After ~ hearing this Okeke became an extremely angry since according to him and his rituals Christian woman should not speak/teach. Climate Okeke asked she name and also when the knew the she to be the girl of various other tribe but not that Ibo tribe, he came to be silent which silent was more dangerous 보다 his upset speech. Okeke tried to persuade his boy Nnaemeka no to marry with Nene. However when Okeke was certain that his child would no obey him, he did not speak v his boy after ordering to go away indigenous home and also gave up as a last. Once Nnaemeka visited Lagos, the neighbors pertained to Okeke to provide sympathy about his son’s behavior. Various old people and also gentlemen encouraged Okeke come go versus his behavior and also suggested to examine his son with witch physician by saying his mental is no right. But Okeke denied the idea.

After six months Nnaemeka confirmed his father’s letter to Nene. Nnaemeka had actually sent their wedding picture to his father. His father had actually returned come them by damaging the picture of Nene. Nene sobbed as soon as she uncovered her snapshot damaged. That consoled her by saying that his dad is a good-natured man and also that sooner or later all would be right. Nene and Nnaemeka to be living a more happiness and more comfortable life in Lagos. Everybody other than Nnaemeka’s dad Okeke in Ibo people knew about that because Okeke never ever liked come talk around his son and also never let rather talk around his son. Through a good effort, he had the ability to forget his kid because nearly 8 years went by no having any contact in between Okeke and also his son Nnaemeka. Nene had offered birth to two sons within that time. Nene composed a significant letter to Okeke informing that his two grandsons were enthusiastic/inspiring to check out their grandfather. She had actually requested the in a letter to enable them to check out him and additionally told that she would not come to a village where Nnaemeka would come through grandsons. When Okeke check out the letter of Nene, the idea of nephew melted him and he quickly realized his mistake not giving an invite to his son and daughter-in-law because that eight years into their home. He regretted his behavior. The skies was clouded and started to rain. He can not sleep the night. He saw the vision that two grandsons to be waiting outside in the rain asking to come in. Tears come in his eyes. Holy ghost Okeke want to invite Nene’s family. Therefore he had a vague fear that he might die prior to giving castle their appropriate right.

Interpretation:This story “Marriage is a private Affair” could be trying come tell us that married life i do not care happier and also joyful if the is excellent privately and also in accordance with an individual choice. In addition to it, the writer desires to say that if culture is superstitious and also narrow-minded, that brings united state tension and also problems. That is not vital to obtain married in ~ own culture like Ibo in this story to live a happy married life. As Okeke did not accept his son’s private marriage with Nene, he acquired 8 years tension, misunderstanding, conflicts and also sadness which are the an outcome of narrow mindedness and superstitious belief/traditional belief. Below the writer desires to indicate that we must be careful, qualified and independent then a an individual choice the marriage have the right to be the finest example of marriage to live happily.

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Critical Thinking:Thought the writer’s focus is to show private work of marital relationship as the best example of marriage to live through joy and happiness, he has actually not defined anything around the arrange marital relationship which has actually its very own value too. So, some of the points i m sorry are explained in this story make me disagree. Right here the private marriage life the Nene and also Nnaemeka is displayed as one of the happier and joyful life. Why walk Nene create a letter to Okeke, father-in-law, saying the their 2 sons desire to accomplish him? Can’t we say the they were no happy? deserve to a exclusive marriage constantly create happiness? Presently, we deserve to see that the private affair of marriage is bringing lots of trouble in the people rather than an arranged marriage. Much more events of divorce are occurring in private marriage cases. In together a condition, how deserve to we for private marital relationship as the finest example? as soon as Okeke could not convince his boy Nnaemeka no to marry v Nene, he totally rejected his son. How deserve to a father refuse a son as result of his misunderstanding the marriage?

Assimilation:After analysis this story, I involved know the superstitious and back-warded cultures are not only in Nepal, these people are almost everywhere else. This story do me psychic the incident when I want to have actually an inter-caste marriage with my existing wife. She belongs to the Newar family and also me indigenous Brahman family. We were in a personal affair at the time yet our both family concerned know ours relation. Together they were superstitious, both family members denied our relationship saying the we have actually different society but us didn’t give up and also decided the convincing both families, us would gain marry and enjoy the happy life. Finally, we both came to be independent and decided to gain married i beg your pardon was likewise accepted by both families. Now, anyone is happy seeing united state that we are enjoying our private marital relationship life.