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Ankle Bracelet Meaning: how to Wear one Ankle Bracelet

What is the meaning behind exactly how you"re wearing her ankle bracelet? uncover out below what the true fish eye bracelet meaning is and also how come wear one ankle bracelet.Keyword(s): ankle bracelet meaning


Anklets (aka ankle bracelets) room a fun and flirty accessory for spicing increase casual attire or including a finishing touch to much more formal outfits. Whether you"re one ankle chain veteran or you desire to experiment with new fashion trends, you"re in the appropriate place.

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Not only are we going come delve right into the story behind fish eye bracelet meaning, however we"re also revealing our height tips on just how to watch your finest while rocking a brand-new anklet.

Let"s dive in!


Ankle Bracelet an interpretation Revealed

Anklets in the Eastern culture date earlier to ancient times. In fact, they were found in Sumerian burial places that were end 4,500 years old!

These were few of the first people come roam the earth, and also they decided to adorn us in anklets; how neat is that?!

These artefacts were do from assorted stones and metals the were both precious and common in nature.

However, in ancient India, married ladies would wear ankle arm bands adorned with charms. This way, men can hear lock coming and also stop talking around disrespectful things in front of them.

If us jump additional forward over time to the old Egyptians, anklets to be worn by females to indicate their social status.

Ladies decked out in yellow or silver anklets through precious rock finishings were typically the wives of wealthy men. Slaves, top top the other hand, worn anklets made of leather.

This brings us to the existing day. There are numerous rumors concerning the hidden meanings behind anklets.

One of lock is that women that wear ankle bracelets on their left foot are showing they"re in an open relationship (allegedly). However, this is hardly ever the case!


When must I Wear an Anklet?

Unless you work from home or what embracing a casual dress code, casual anklets don"t belonging in the office.

Dainty anklets in gold or silver room the exemption for work or formal occasions. They space perfectly suited because that an office setting or even the opera. 

You should additionally avoid wearing an anklet v chimes if you"re visiting somewhere quiet choose a library, a church, or a cemetery. The last point you desire is come annoy civilization with her taste in jewelry.


Here room a couple of places you have the right to confidently rock your anklet with pride:

The beachThe hotel poolMeeting up through friendsWhile top top vacationAt a festivalAt a party meeting brand-new people


Top Tip: if you"re wearing an anklet, treat you yourself to a pedicure and wear quite sandals to round off the watch (sliders, flip-flops, backless loafers, all work too!)

Never wear an ankle bracelet with pantyhose since it could cause damage it, which is never ever a good thing.

Also, make sure your anklet is loose enough come wear that comfortably. Friend don"t want it cutting right into your skin. Shot an flexible length anklet because that the perfect fit. 

Outfit Suggestions


If you"re unsure what outfit to wear her anklet with, start an easy - shot pairing a silver ankle bracelet through denim shorts, jeans, or skirt and also a white blouse or tee.

You may additionally wear an anklet to match a:

MiniskirtLittle black color DressBodycon DressLeggings

Opt because that a thin anklet. This is constantly a simple yet effective way of highlighting her fabulous choice of footwear.

If in doubt, prevent garish trends on your clothes. In enhancement to one anklet, this could look as well busy.

Which Anklet looks Best?

Anklets come in every styles and also colors. Here are some popular options:

Golden Anklets


These exude class and sophistication, especially if they showcase priceless gemstones. Typically, gold anklets come together a fragile singular chain or 2 dainty ones stacked on one another.

These models are best worn come a one-of-a-kind occasion, paired through a beautiful pair of black color pumps. Or, you could try matching a golden anklet with an elegant pair of heels. Both of these looks occupational really well.

Sterling silver- Anklets


Sterling silver- anklets are more casual than gold anklets; they"re perfect for injecting a touch that boho-chic to any evening outfit. Once teamed in addition to a glamorous pair that summer sandals, you have a classic look!

Top Tip: If her sterling silver anklet is broken (as opposed to chunky), avoid huge necklaces and also bracelets. Instead, opt because that jewelry that picks up the steel hues, such as a silver-toned toe ring or a basic silver chain necklace.

Barefoot Anklets

For those the you who aren"t in the know, barefoot anklets start at the ankle, stretch under the peak of your foot, and end v a toe ring.

This mimics the watch of a sandal there is no a sole -- for this reason the surname "barefoot anklet." They"re the perfect addition to your festival or beach outfit.

Beaded Anklets


Beaded anklets space the ideal addition to anyone looking come spice up a club dress, include some flirty funny to a romper, of come round off a bohemian themed outfit. You could also layer numerous beaded terminal anklets for a really distinct look! Again, this layout of fishing eye bracelet is exceptionally versatile together it"s perfect for heading under to the beach, hitting the bar, or going come a ball. Rock your favorite footwear and you"re an excellent to go!

If in doubt, choose a plain colored anklet. This is a fabulous staple to have since you can pair it through virtually any outfit.

Anklet funny Fact

Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning diamond anklet come the gold Globe after-party. The complimented her white cutout dress featuring a daring side slit and pointed-toe pumps.

In fact, it seems that she has an obsession v anklets! If anklets are good enough because that J-Lo, they"re great enough because that us!



Q: What does Wearing one Anklet Mean?

A: attract ankle bracelets, fish eye chains, or anklets method different things in different cultures. Because that example, in some locations of the world, wearing ankle arm bands can show social status, when in others it can signify that a woman is married. In components of western culture, some think that a woman who wears an anklet on her left ankle is in an open relationship.

Q: What does it average When a woman Wears one Anklet on she Left Ankle?

A: Most world wear one anklet on the left fishing eye without thinking anything the it. However, there is s subculture that anklet wearing world who check out this fairly differently. Attract an anklet v heart charm on your left ankle can be a signal that you"re interested in "hooking up" without a severe commitment. Anklets are likewise commonly worn this method by a woman who is interested in an open relationship, a hotwife relationship, or a partnership with other women.

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Q: What go it average to Wear an Anklet on Your appropriate Ankle?

A: because that most, it method they favor it to your left foot, and also nothing more than that. Some say that when someone attract an anklet on your right foot it means they are solitary and have no lover. In part subcultures, however, if a human being is married or in a committed relationship and also wears anklets on their right foot, it means that they space looking to have actually an affair or fling.

Q: space Anklets Worn for Social Status?

A: In old Egypt women wore anklets together a symbol that they were married - comparable to wedding rings in contemporary times. The practice was specifically prevalent among the wives of rich Egyptian women. In modern times, women of every social standing enjoy wearing ankle arm bands as fun, flirty, ornamentation.

Q: What walk an Anklet on a Married mrs Mean?

A: For most married women, it means they choose wearing one anklet and nothing more. Some believe, however, it is a symbol that she is a "hotwife" and also open to relationships and sexual meet with men other than her husband. Anklets are frequently worn by women who space in an open up relationship or "swingers" as well. Those put on anklets because that this objective will typically have a charm or an ornament worn on the fish eye chain as well.

Q: can men undertake anklets?

A: Men have been wearing anklets because that millennia, but the practice is not usual in contemporary cultures. A guy may undertake anklets together a fashion statement however it is rarely to view anklets worn through men.

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