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This page contains Mega guy ZX development cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 11 cheat in our list, which consists of 9 unlockables, 2 secrets. Us hope info that you"ll find at this page aid you in play Mega guy ZX development on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t uncover needed cheats placed request or ask question around this in ~ special section of the game. Likewise you have the right to subscribe ~ above all new cheats the we"ll discover for you in the future!

Codes & SecretsCompletion bonuses Successfully finish the video game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard challenge setting.Successfully complete and also save the game with both Vent and also Aile under at the very least the normal an obstacle setting. Begin a brand-new game with the cleared game paper and you can keep model X after acquiring Model ZX. Mega guy Zero 3 BossesHave the game Boy advance game Mega man Zero 3 in the cartridge slot. Bosses indigenous that game will now show up during Mega guy ZX. Mega male Zero 4 BossesHave the video game Boy advancement game Mega male Zero 4 in the cartridge slot. Bosses native that video game will now show up during Mega male ZX. Ceo toysDefeat a ceo without hitting your Biometal areas to gain a level 4 victory. This will certainly unlock a toy version of that boss in the back of Prarie"s room. Fistleo: loss Fistleo while staying clear of his head. Flammole: loss Flammole while preventing his arms. Hivolt: defeat Hivolt while avoiding his wings. Hurricaune: defeat Hurricaunce while avoiding her neck. Leganchor: defeat Leganchor while preventing his head. Lurerre: defeat Luererre while preventing her head. Protectos: defeat Protectos while preventing his chest. Purprill: defeat Purprill while preventing his arms.. Version OXTo unlock this distinct model, some events must be done. After ~ the perfect of the mission the Area-M make sure to not leave the area after sending your mission report. Saving is vital afterwards, therefore you will not die from Omega Zero, the final Boss indigenous Mega man Zero 3. Walk to the various other side of Transerver where it reads Area-N. Go to the second floor of the stage. Save going till you watch re-appearing steel floor steps. Proceed more until you see a floor of spikes. An ext of those steel floor measures are there. It will certainly be faster to reach those actions with model HX. After the there is a door. As soon as there you will fight Omega Zero. Friend should have Model ZX and also at least two or 3 subtanks to defeat Omega Zero. After the is defeated, go earlier to where you began to get to Area-N. This time go to the last floor until you see 2 doors the require the Mega male Zero 3 or 4 game Boy development cartridges. Past those two doors is a room where a floating mysterious rock is hovering. Get it, then leave the area. The model have the right to only be supplied after perfect the game and also playing her cleared saved game file. As soon as doing this, playing your cleared file talk to Flueve. Offer him the mysterious rock and he will certainly confirm that a BioMetal. You...