What is a ballpark worth of a Mossberg model 185K-A 20 gage through a C LECT choke version 20? it is probably around 60 year old. I could not uncover a serial number ~ above it. Where must I look to find the serial number? that belonged to my parents and also I have had it for around 30 years yet never fired it. Thanks, Richard

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If you perform a google find on a mossberg 185k-a, you"ll view that design was just made in the year 1950. No serial numbers. In 1951, mossberg updated the firing pin and changed the version number come 185k-b. Hope this helps. I have one of these guns. Was my fathers if he to be alive. A 20 gauge cannon! : )


I have actually a 185K. It is no an A or B. What I check out is history and worth of the 185K-A and 185K-B. Exactly how do I find the background for the 185K? Thanks.


Scott - usually all version 185"s nevertheless of class / sub model, will certainly be valued about the same.

There is tiny "collector" attention in these guns. And they are mostly valued together working weapons or "shooters".



Scott: check out this link and click ~ above models and also specs and also the scroll down to design 185K: http://home.epix.net/~damguy/index-shotgun.html

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