"Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you really much."

Is it simply me who feels, in hindsight, that this opened line native Philosopher's/Sorcerer's rock is completely off native the writing style used in the rest of the book(s)?

I don't know why, yet the "thank you really much" has always bugged me. Anyone else felt this?

I guess: v it's that the remainder of the story is told practically in a means that you'd mean Harry/the trio to tell that whereas the "thank you really much" is very dursley etc an extremely abrupt/rude at the very least that's exactly how I'd see it lol

I agree. Ns think it's because it's native the Dursley's perspective. And also later in the series in the death Eater oriented scenes, it's a different tone, too.

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It's a an excellent hook. And also it's yielded in the way that the Dursleys talk, automatically giving girlfriend a sense of your personality quicker than any other opening line could.

No, i love that intro.

But think around it, provides perfect feeling for it come stand out from the remainder of the collection because most of the collection is told from Harry's POV and also it's composed in a method where we are supposed to side v him, or in ~ least know him and also like him.

Instead, the first half of the chapter is written from the Dursleys' allude of view but the path in which they room described and the ways in which lock think space written through the function to make them come off together unrelatable and also unlikeable as feasible for a common family.

It sort of has actually the exact same self-conscious precociousness the "the pearls hung in the wait in lot the same means as bricks don't", doesn't it?

Introducing the story indigenous the perspective of the Dursley family enables for a progressive immersion right into the fictional people so the seems more plausible that it might coexist through the real world. This heat aids in that.

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