Monk: What taken place in the last episode, “Mr. Monk and also the End, component II”

Published: December 6, 2009

So, after eight seasons, we now understand who killed Trudy, Monk’s beloved wife, and why. If friend missed second part of “Mr. Monk and also the End,” here’s what happened.

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This last episode that Monk picks up where the critical ended. Monk (Tony Shalhoub) and also Natalie (Traylor Howard) are watching the tape that Trudy (Melora Hardin) had actually recorded prior to her death. She’d covering it together a Christmas present and also Monk refused to open it till now, when he’s close come death. It turns out that Trudy had actually an affair v her college regulation professor part 27 year ago, prior to she and Monk met. She to be young, didn’t know that the professor was married, and became pregnant. She provided birth come a girl yet the baby died nine minute later.

It turns out that, before Trudy’s death, Monk was investigating the disappearance of her former midwife. In ~ the exact same time, Trudy’d gained a speak to to satisfy with she old professor, Ethan Rickover (Craig T. Nelson), now on his method to coming to be a court of appeals judge. She had actually a negative feeling about meeting him and also made the tape simply in case.

It looks like the judge eliminated both Trudy and also the midwife to protect against them from destroying his political opportunities. Despite Monk is weak and also in pain native the poison, he and also Natalie walk to challenge the judge at the hearings for his upcoming appointment to the State supreme Court.

Rickover essentially blows castle off and Monk, consumed v rage, attacks him. Monk is pulled away and later brought to the hospital. Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and also Lt. Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) visit him there and also strangely enough, Monk’s condition is a bit better. They phone call Monk the they’ve done part digging and found that the birthing center owner (Ed Begley Jr.) was most likely blackmailing the judge and also he had him eliminated by the same guy who poisoned Monk.

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It’s not enough for Monk. He wants the judge dead and also asks his old friend to promise that he’ll kill him. Stottlemeyer does yet Monk doesn’t believe him. Left alone come rest, Monk is encouraged that there’s something much more to the case and is hit by the fact that, despite the judge’s brand-new job will certainly be in Sacramento, that refuses to move out the his little house.

At Monk’s home, Natalie and Steven (Casper valve Dien) room packing few of Monk’s things and she becomes sick too. Natalie realizes that it’s the antiseptic wipes that space tainted and making Monk sick. V that information, the medical professionals will have the ability to make a cure because that the poison and also save Monk. They call the hospital however he’s not there. He’s drugged the guard and stolen his gun.

When the judge returns home, the a merganser evening and also Monk is waiting for him through a shovel and also a gun. He’s deduced the there’s something hidden in the back yard the the referee can’t danger being found. Monk pressures Rickover to destruction under the sundial. ~ all, why would certainly a sundial be placed under a shady tree?

Stottlemeyer and also Disher drive conveniently to the judge’s house and also the Captain notices a many of an individual stuff in the backseat the Disher’s car. Disher come clean that he’s been selling some of his things, and also may have actually sold the police siren too. To gain a stopped truck out of their way, Stottlemeyer fires his gun in the air and says, “I assumption: v we gained a siren.”

When castle arrive, two police officers have weapons pointed in ~ Monk as he proceeds to force the judge to dig. Disher and Stottlemeyer tell your staggering friend the they have actually an antidote because that the poison however Monk won’t let go of his gun and also insists the the judge store digging — till he access time something hard, the skull the the long-missing midwife.

Judge Rickover admits the the midwife had seen his photo in the document years earlier and, having found religion, said him the she to be going to disclose the story. He eliminated the midwife and then Trudy to keep them quiet. Monk virtually shoots him however then place the gun down in disgust. The referee grabs the gun, puts it to his head, yells “You take treatment of her!,” and then kills himself.

Monk is saved and we view him following at the office that Dr. Bell (Hector Elizondo). Monk’s much more relaxed than usual but is surprised around how north he feels. He says that something is nagging at him, particularly the judge’s critical words. His therapist urges him to let that go.

Later, while looking in ~ an old article around the midwife, Monk reads around her finding an exit newborn baby girl in 1983. The puts it every together and deduces the Rickover wasn’t hiding the affair but the baby. Unknown come Trudy, she daughter had lived.

Stottlemeyer tracks the daughter down and also finds out that she’s 26-years-old and also named Molly Evans (Alona Tal). She lives nearby, works as a movie doubter for the eastern Bay Chronicle, and also is looking forward to conference Monk. In ~ first, Monk believes the he can’t check out her yet his friends to convince him. Natalie says that Molly is a gift from Trudy, someone to love — the thing that’s been missing from his life.

Monk nervously waits external Molly’s job-related building. They meet and also he doesn’t know what come do however ultimately they take on and that sobs.

Later, he mirrors his friend the thousands of photos that he take it of their time with each other over the past three days. While Monk is offering Disher Molly’s blog address, Stottlemeyer accidently look at a keep in mind addresses to him native Disher. His lieutenant is moving away to end up being the brand-new Police chief of Summit, new Jersey. They’re every sad to see him go however are an extremely happy because that him to. And also yes, he’s going come be v Sherona, Monk’s former assistant.

While go on the beach through Monk, Molly tells him the she’s going come Toronto for two weeks because that a film festival. Monk claims that he’ll go with her. He’s not going to job-related anymore so that he deserve to be v her. He doesn’t need to work — as lengthy as the doesn’t eat, pay rent, or pay Natalie. Molly assures him the she’s going to stay in his life and insists the he store working, for every one of the various other “Trudys” in need of his help. The two proceed walking top top the beach, with Monk sharing an individual things about Molly’s bear mother.

We next see Monk wake up in the middle of his bed, no longer sleeping exclusively on “his” side. Later in the morning Natalie is trimming recipes native a magazine and Monk is placing away dishtowels. He’s attract a brown collarless shirt, looking far much more relaxed 보다 usual. She invites him to dinner and he says that he can’t because he’s going to the movies with Molly.

Natalie can’t think that her employer is going to the movies and also starts come tear up. Their conversation is interrupted through a speak to from the Captain around a case. Prior to they leave, the puts top top a casual sportscoat and checks the cooktop to make certain it’s to be turned off. The recalls that he once had actually to come all the method home from downtown come make sure it was turned off.

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As the duo leaves, the scene fades into a montage of scenes from past episodes, come the tune of “When I’m Gone.” Afterwards, we watch Disher beginning his brand-new job in new Jersey v a picture of Sherona on his desk. Stottlemeyer hurries to get out that his house, kissing his wife Trudy or “TK”, and glancing happily at the “Leland and also Trudy” love pillow on the couch.

We then view Natalie and Monk come at the crime scene and be escorted in by the captain. Fade come black, end of series.

What perform you think? are you satisfied with this last episode of this touching and funny show? do you feeling anything was missing?