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Wondering about why her guinea pig won’t eat and what you have to do around it?

Guinea pigs eat all the time to keep their digestive mechanism moving on normal occasions.

But if a guinea pig won’t eat, it can be a an excellent concern for the owners, since seeing this gluttonous pet stop eating suddenly can shock anyone.

This eat problem could be led to by many different reasons.

When guinea pig owner come throughout this kind of problem most of the time they scare and shot stupid things.

Don’t panic and also just shot to follow the easy actions below and also hopefully, her guinea pig will be back to its continuous diet.


What space the factors My Guinea Pig Won’t EatHow have the right to I recognize That If my Guinea Pig is Upset?Why is the Guinea Pig Upset?What should I do to gain My Guinea Pig healthy Again?

Why mine Guinea Pig i will not ~ Eat?

There deserve to be countless different factors for a guinea pig to rest its diet.

The factor for it can be either a far-ranging health problem like GI stasis, respiratory infection, or excessive stress.

Other reasons may incorporate temperature fluctuations and changes in eat habits.

First, you should learn about the healthy diet of a guinea pig.

A normal healthy guinea pig can eat hay there is no stopping during the day.

Also a cup that vegetables, a couple of pellets, and occasional treats.

If a guinea pig stopped eating that hay, vegetables, pellets and also treats, that can influence its digestive mechanism quickly.

If a guinea pig won’t eat because that 12-24 hrs it can end up being dangerously unhealthy because that the pet.

If friend are dealing with a no eating difficulty for much more than 12 hrs you have to get aid from a veterinarian.

What are the factors My Guinea Pig Won’t Eat

As discussed before, the reasons could be significant health problems like GI stasis, respiratory infection, or extreme stress.

Other causes may incorporate temperature fluctuations and changes in eat habits.

If your guinea pig is not eating its continuous diet, then it definitely way something is wrong.

It have the right to be caused by a mental trauma or a physical trauma.

When this happens we must look the end for the cause to find a viable solution as quickly as possible.

There room a most reasons that deserve to make guinea pigs prevent eating.

Some the these troubles can be dealt with by your owners, however other troubles may need clinical treatment.

The factors for lose of appetite in guinea pigs are listed and defined below.

Very lengthy Teeth

Dental problems are among the most common problems amongst guinea pigs the block their capacity to eat and also drink.

Guinea pig molars often grow inward and can damages their gums and also jaws when overgrown, hence making it challenging for them to eat any type of food.

As with other rodents, guinea pigs’ teeth do not prevent growing, for this reason they must be filed constantly.

If the hasn’t been shortened freshly for any type of reason, it might be overgrown.

Tartar Accumulation

If too lot tartar builds up, this may cause discomfort for the guinea pig.

In fact, if also much buildup happens, it deserve to lead to infections and much more serious dental problems.

If this happens, you need to take it to her veterinarian for dental cleaning.

At least, tartar have the right to be avoided, and specific foods can aid to reduce it.

The crucial thing is no to cause problems that prevent you indigenous eating.

Gastrointestinal problems

Gastrointestinal issues can inevitably impact your guinea pigs’ food consumption.

It may reason loss of appetite by slowing down bowel motion in guinea pigs.

Gases, blockages from foreign objects, or constipation can reason the guinea pig to feel unwell and lose appetite.

In serious cases, if the pains is too strong, they sometimes also stop moving.

If you doubt your guinea pig can be enduring from such a blockage, you have to take him to the vet as shortly as possible.

There lock will perform the vital tests and solve them.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is really important come guinea pigs due to the fact that they cannot produce it naturally.

That’s why us should include vitamin C in their diet.

Vitamin C deficiency is quite typical in this animals.

If your guinea pig is impacted by deficiency the Vitamin C, in enhancement to lack of hunger, other symptoms will also occur, such as immobility, bleeding gums, swelling, weakness, anorexia.

A really advanced finch problem can death your guinea pig.

Therefore, in ~ the least symptoms, the veterinarian need to be visited.

Remember that you should regularly give your guinea pig vitamin C in fruits and vegetables to stop this indigenous happening.

Improper Diet

One the the most usual reasons why a guinea pig does no eat is that the meal on sell is inappropriate.

Remember the to supplement your vitamin and also fiber intake, you require to provide not only feed, hay, and seeds, but likewise fresh vegetables.

Also, make certain to constantly give sufficient water.

If the guinea pig go not gain the nutrient it needs, it slowly weakens and also reaches a allude where it stop eating.

Consult her veterinarian to find the right diet for your guinea pig.

Respiratory Infection

They may stop eating together a an outcome of respiratory tract infections.

Respiratory epidemic is one more important variable that can prevent her guinea pigs native feeding.

They may have actually trouble breathing, and also in some cases, guinea pigs may have actually blocked nasal passages, leaving them no an option but come breathe v their mouth.

Usually, many respiratory epidemic are brought about by pneumonia or cold complications, but an ext serious epidemic can additionally cause it.

Difficulty breathing reasons them come become really tired and really tired, so they stop eating.

In these cases, it’s encourage to feeding the guinea pig porridge, it’s simple to swallow and also it urges hydration.

If your guinea pig is unable to breathe, take it it come the vet as soon as possible.

Avoid exposing her guinea pig to cold bilder or leaving that wet for prolonged periods that time together this increases the opportunity of occurring a respiratory tract infection.

Emotional Imbalances

While sometimes it’s difficult to believe, many pets can experience stress, anxiety, sadness under certain circumstances, as with us.

If your guinea pig is no eating, among the points you need to pay attention to is that is environment and general condition.

Are girlfriend going v a difficult period or in an unfavorable situation?

For example, too much noise, absence of hygiene, or the death of a partner can cause a guinea pig to have many kinds of an adverse emotions.

Losing appetite in adverse instances is also quite normal for guinea pigs.


Stress is an additional important element affecting the diet of your guinea pigs.

If your guinea pig is under stress, it will hide much more and that appetite will decrease.

Some of the common causes of stress room loud noises in the environment and also different varieties of pets around the home that can be taken into consideration predators.

Change in food

If you’ve changed the brand or form of hay, pellets, or various other foods, this could also be one of the main components affecting her guinea pig’s diet.

While among my guinea pigs doesn’t like Kaytee straw, the rather love it.

It’s all about personal preferences.

Temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations can impact the eat of her guinea pigs.

A guinea pig can acquire anxious and also aggressive if the temperature goes above 25°C.

Make sure the temperature is well-maintained in the room of her guinea pigs.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures deserve to be really painful because that guinea pigs.

Your guinea pigs may experience pain because that a couple of days after major surgery.

Even a boy surgery deserve to put castle under psychological stress that affects your eating habits.

Be certain to above a veterinary if this happens.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration deserve to make guinea pigs prevent eating.

It’s watched that the bottle nozzle doesn’t distribute water accurately, leading to a lack of hydration in guinea pigs.

Sometimes mixing various kinds of drugs or vitamins can also change the taste of water in guinea pigs that they can not drink.

This can additional lead come dehydration and also loss of appetite in guinea pigs.

How deserve to I recognize That If mine Guinea Pig is Upset?

It’s regular for us to think the the guinea pig may be upset or depressed before specific symptoms appear, however it’s crucial to highlight numerous of them due to the fact that they have the right to be perplexed with symptoms of the disease.

Therefore, it would certainly be much better to visit a standard veterinarian and also professionally study guinea pig behavior.

If you space an experienced guinea pig owner, you will certainly know just how to easily recognize indications of happiness, such as excitement breaks, a propensity to water, love noises, or the require to interact with various other members of your species.

Remember that these room gorgeous pets that must connect to enjoy their well-being.

On the various other hand, our guinea pig does no feel comfortable since of discontent or impending danger, deaf voices, whining, and screams about fear and also stress.

But how, how do we recognize that our guinea pig is sad?

Symptoms of a Sad or ailing Guinea Pig

Below you can see the characteristic symptoms of a sad or ailing guinea pig.

Silent squeaks and also cries abnormal soundsAnorexiaLack the interactionStressFearAggressionHidingBruisesWeaknessBoredomLack that cleaningHunchback poseWhy is the Guinea Pig Upset?

If you have actually noticed one or much more of the symptom of those detailed above, it’s important to pay fist to the general reasons external why the guinea pig is upset.

Stress and also anxiety

These species of difficulties are manifested by extremely variable stereotypes (repetitive and persistent behaviors).

For example, mandatory water intake, motions in the circle, or a consistent “game” through some crucial items such as a drinking fountain or nourisher.

May reason a dirty, little environment due to lack of attention.

Fear and aggression

Although not specifically frequent, such behavior towards us or other animals can be resulted in by the pet having part pathology the can reason pain.

At this stage, we can observe the the pet “freezes”, is inactive, and also hides or makes strange noises (such as squeaks and also cries).

This kind of actions is additionally common in brand-new animals that have felt threatened in their new environment, however can additionally occur when mismanaged by the caregiver, specifically if it requires punishment and yelling.

Loss of a guinea pig friend

Many human being wonder if the guinea pigs died of grief because the fatality of a family members guinea pig or friend frequently creates apathy, absence of interaction, and sadness.

Lack the stimulation

Guinea pigs room intelligent and active animals, for this reason a lack of socialization, a bad environment, or a low variety of aspects can cause apathy, boredom, and sadness.

We have the right to observe that the pet is not active most of the time.

Diseases and others

There are numerous pathologies and disorders in guinea pigs the can reason abnormal symptoms.

They room easily puzzled with periods of sadness and depression.

What have to I perform to obtain My Guinea Pig healthy Again?

On the off opportunity that you have actually quite recently purchased one more guinea pig residence or you have moved her guinea pigs beginning with one spot then onto the next that is totally new for them, in ~ that suggest chances room they are terrified and also feeling unreliable.

Dread and nervousness might be a crucial factor that impacts our guinea pig’s eating routine.

On the off possibility that you have actually a decent bond with your guinea pigs, effort to quiet them somewhere roughly petting them and hand-taking treatment of them their treat.

On the off chance that you have quite recently purchased one more guinea pig home, furnish them with some concealing space, and also sit alongside them and also converse v them for rather a while.

This must quiet castle down and also urge them to come out, investigate, and also have their food.

You candlestick to likewise enquire about the previous proprietor for their eating regimen and proceed through the equivalent for fairly a when so her guinea pigs could get familiar with the brand-new living climate every the more without any problem.

My guinea pig is not eating or pooping

If her guinea pig isn’t eating or pooping, at that point, it plainly shows there is a blockage the crap in your gut, or the gut advance has eased ago down.

There can be a lot of explanations because that the equivalent.

A continuous eating regimen change, inappropriate eating routine, or some other medical problems like GI Stasis might be the conceivable purpose for it.

You have to gauge her guinea pigs to inspect whether they space getting much more fit.

Taking them to a vet promptly is fundamental.

Your vet needs to perform some x-beam and radiotherapy to find the conceivable blockage and also treat the likewise.

The therapy incorporates Ranitidine, and also Metacam at continuous intervals Buprenex, and Reglan like clockwork critical Care-4 ml 4-5 times each day.

When craving and crap become customary they should be adhered to up through Cisapride and Meloxicam orally.

You should continue to take care of the basic consideration to save something going right into their gut.

Guinea pigs can’t endure long without food.

Along this lines, a prompt task is required.

Never attempt to treat such ailments at residence as it very well might be perilous for your guinea pigs.

Few Tips and Pointers

Guinea pigs room picky eaters, and also some guinea pigs could not favor a specific brand of hay or pellets and also even vegetables.

While part guinea pigs love Kaytee Timothy finish Food, others might not touch it.

You require to try all the them and also find the end what her guinea pigs like and also serve the food accordingly.

If girlfriend bought a new bag that pellets or hay and your guinea pig doesn’t prefer it, climate you should provide it far to who else and get the one that your guinea pig likes.

There is no means that you pressure your guinea pigs come eat.

Make certain you constantly have part extra food for your guinea pigs due to the fact that guinea pigs love eating.

For vegetables, girlfriend can shot a various vegetable, and also you can number out what kind of food her guinea pig enjoys and also what kind of food they don’t.

Make a diet plan for her guinea pigs accordingly.

In particular, if her guinea pig isn’t eating, drinking, or moving, see your vet immediately.

The guinea pig needs to eat an excellent quality hay to store their digestive systems active, so the absence of food intake is the alert signal, indicating that we must visit a professional as quickly as possible because the life the the guinea pig may be in ~ risk.

It’s constantly suggested the you need to take her guinea pig come a vet as shortly as possible when you watch an abnormal behavior.

You have the right to be experienced about all this however you deserve to misinterpret the behaviors of her guinea pig and also this might reason unfortunate events.

Always above a veterinarian as soon as your guinea pig show abnormal behavior.

Final Thoughts

Now you recognize what to carry out if her guinea pig won’t eat!

The short article has covered all the factors for guinea pigs not eating.

As a pet parent, you room well conscious of her pet’s character, and you space the best judge to analyze the symptoms and also find out the causes.

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In the worst-case scenario, as soon as you are unable to discover the root cause for details behavior of her fluff ball, it’s better to consult a vet, prior to it’s too late.