Similar to a procrastinator who delays beginning things, however this person has no trouble starting new projects.

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quitter (noun):

a human who provides up conveniently or walk not have the ship or determination to complete a task

"This is not a video game for wimps, quitters or the easily bruised: there will certainly be no quick fixes."

Source: ODO

The Japanese idiom, mikka bouzo, equates literally as: "three-day monk". The is supplied in referral to a human being who conveniently gives up after starting something new.


I"d usage ineffectual/feckless person:

doing not have forcefulness or effectiveness; inadequate or incompetent: one ineffectual ruler; ineffectual in managing a problem.

The complimentary Dictionary

Deserter comes close. In the army, a deserter is someone who joins the force and abandons (his duty or post) midway, through the on purpose of not returning.

deserter: to leave (a person, place, project etc.) there is no intending come return, specifically in violation the a duty, promise, or the like.


Procrasterbator: someone who puts turn off the begin or end up of jobs by substituting a an ext attractive or satisfying activity in its place.I.e. - whacking off rather of working out.

The important principle here is back a clear score is "in hand" when attained that isn"t eliminated, together the most likely chance of a repeat power in the future.

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Tweaker. A person who runs out of hours in the day to attain something they set out to execute the work before.

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