L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 17 | 4-answer surveysName something the drips.100WATER/FAUCET92A NOSE4A CANDLE2COFFEE2Name miscellaneous a person could be serving.100FOOD/DRINK84TIME7SUBPOENA/COURT DOC6BALL/TENNIS BALL3Name other grandpa can pinch.100PERSON/CHEEK/BUTT82PENNIES8SNUFF/TOBACCO8SALT2Fill in the blank: Jumping ________.100JACKS75BEAN13ROPE10FROG2Name something you do that rhymes through "grow up."100THROW UP74SHOW UP16BLOW UP8SLOW UP2Name miscellaneous that has actually roots.100PLANTS/TREES72PEOPLE/FAMILY17TEETH7HAIR4Name a way a comedian knows he"s bombing.100NO LAUGHS/CLAPS59BOOING/HECKLING34THROWING THINGS5PEOPLE LEAVING2Name a factor babies cry that would be monster if males cried because that the same reason.100HUNGRY/FOR NIPPLE46PEED/POOPED PANTS34TEETHING11TOY taken AWAY9Name other a mouse could dream about.99CHEESE87CATS/BEING ONE8PEANUT BUTTER2MICE/ITS SOULMOUSE2Name a fruit that"s the size of a Kardashian bottom.99WATERMELON/MELON85PUMPKIN9PINEAPPLE3JACKFRUIT2Name something that is thrown at weddings.99RICE73FLOWERS/BOUQUET16BIRDSEED7CONFETTI3Name something the you view on a person"s arm.99TATTOOS66HAIR18WATCH13MOLES2Name a project where you bring home cash every night native work.99WAITRESS/WAITER66STRIPPER17BARTENDER13FOOD DELIVERY3Name a fruit you find on peak of cheesecake.99STRAWBERRY60CHERRY31BLUEBERRY5APPLE3Tell me another way people speak "mother."99MOM/MOMMY55MAMA29MA13MUM2Give me a word that rhymes with "cuddle."99PUDDLE48MUDDLE30HUDDLE19FUDDLE2Nine months after what holiday room a the majority of babies born?99VALENTINE"S DAY39NEW YEAR"S28CHRISTMAS27EASTER5We asked 100 married men...While your mam is clean up after ~ a party, what are you doing?99SLEEPING/SNORING36HELPING CLEAN36WATCHING TV24SMOKING CIG3Name a nation where kissing is an art form.98FRANCE88ITALY6JAPAN2UNITED STATES2Name other that most women have to prove to their doubting mother-in-laws the they deserve to do right.98BE A great COOK82MAKE HAPPY/IN BED8KEEP house CLEAN5RAISE A CHILD3Name an write-up of its owner"s clothing that gives a dog with hrs of chewing pleasure.98SHOE/SLIPPER81SOCK12SWEATER3UNDIES/VINYL THONG2Name something that human being soak in their sink.98DISHES/POTS78CLOTHES14SPONGE/RAGS4DENTURES2Name a complaint world have about hospital gowns.98MY BISCUIT SHOWS74THIN/DRAFTY/COLD12BAD FIT8UGLY/NOT TRENDY4Tell me something men never get worn down of spring at.98CHICKS/BODIES/PORN73TV/MOVIE/SPORTS16CARS7MONEY2If a person"s head is under in church, what room they doing?98PRAYING72SLEEPING20THINKING/FOOTBALL4TEXTING/PHONE APP2Name something certain that we acquire from a cow.98MILK71BEEF/STEAK21LEATHER4CHEESE2Name a sort of jewel a rich guy"s dog can have top top its collar.98DIAMOND71RUBY20SAPPHIRE5EMERALD2Name an pet that eats mice.98CAT70SNAKE/BOA24OWL2HAWK2Name miscellaneous golfers can lose throughout a round of golf.98THEIR BALLS70THEIR TEMPER/MIND21A TEE5A STROKE/SHOT2Name a place it would be wrong come sneak in part beer.98CHURCH68WORK22SCHOOL6NURSERY/DAY CARE2Name something particular that it s okay brushed.98PERSON"S HAIR68TEETH16DOG11CAT3We request 100 single women...Name something you"d do if your day insisted top top belting out Justin Bieber songs.98LEAVE/GO HOME68LAUGH15PLUG my EARS12THROW UP/ON HIM3If mice designed a trap for people, what would certainly they put in it rather of cheese?98FOOD/PIZZA68MONEY/LOTTO TICKET15RAT POISON11CAR KEYS4Name a way a priest could know he"s offering a boring sermon.98PEOPLE SLEEPING67PEOPLE YAWNING23PEOPLE LEAVING6PEOPLE READING2Name a location where girlfriend see people with wet hair.98POOL67BEACH17HAIR SALON12GYM/LOCKER ROOM2Name other you perform to a moustache.98TRIM/SHAVE IT64COMB/BRUSH IT18WAX IT9TWIST/TWIRL IT7We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: The only means to stop your male from whining is to support what in his mouth?98FOOD/COFFEE63BEER/BOOZE19MY BOOBS13SOAP3Name something that gets bleached.98LAUNDRY/SHEETS62HAIR/ABOVE LIP29BATHROOM/TOILET4A BUTT/"BROWN EYE"3Name something a farmer could have several of.98ANIMALS/COWS61FARM TOOLS/TRACTORS32ACRES/FIELDS3SEEDS/CROPS2Name something that is lugged in a tanker truck.98GASOLINE58OIL19WATER12MILK9During your lifetime, surname someone who has told you to remove your pants.98MY DOCTOR53HORNY SPOUSE/MATE40MY MOTHER3MY TAILOR2Give me a person"s name the rhymes through "ham."98SAM53PAM35CAM8TAM2We inquiry 100 married women...Name something your husband would should look like a rock star.98HAIR/LONG HAIR50A GUITAR40TATTOOS6HOT FACE/SOME TEETH2We asked 100 married women...Name a details place you never ever want come find an additional woman"s panties.98MY BED/BEDROOM46CAR/GLOVE BOX27IN THE LAUNDRY18HUBBY"S POCKET7Give me a phrase that starts through "It"s raining."98IT"S POURING...41CATS & DOGS28MEN27OUTSIDE2Name miscellaneous that, as soon as you see it, girlfriend just need to kiss it.98PET/PUPPY40BABY/KID38STUD/BABE/BOOBS18BLARNEY STONE2Name a sports in i m sorry the distances are measure up by laps.98TRACK/RUNNING35CAR RACING/NASCAR31SWIMMING28HORSE RACING4Name other left end from a wedding the a cheap church might use because that a funeral.e97FLOWERS85FOOD/CAKE/WINGS7CANDLES3SCARF/VEIL2Name something the happy couples wear to bed.97NOTHING/A SMILE83PAJAMAS6LINGERIE/HIS & HERS5WEDDING RINGS3Fill in the blank: i eat as soon as I"m what?97HUNGRY81BORED8DEPRESSED/SAD5NERVOUS/STRESSED3Name something that hisses.97SNAKES77CATS14STEAM/TEAPOTS4BIRDS2Name miscellaneous that"s itsy bitsy.97SPIDER/BUG75POLKA-DOT BIKINI17WAISTLINE3PINHEAD2Name other a pirate might throw turn off his ship.97PERSON/DEAD ONE75ANCHOR10GARBAGE/RUM BOTTLE10BUCKET O" POO/PEE2Name a ar where you should constantly wear a clean pair that underwear.97DR./HOSPITAL73CHURCH9WORK8GYM/LOCKER ROOM7Name a item of information that a bachelor put in his small black book.97PHONE NUMBERS72NAMES16RATINGS/HOTNESS6MEASUREMENTS3Name something you might find under the bed in a sleazy hotel room.97CONDOM70PANTIES/CLOTHES17VIBRATOR/TOY6MICE/RATS/DROP"GS4If a liquid is colored red, phone call me the flavor it can be.97CHERRY70CINNAMON16STRAWBERRY8PEPPERMINT3Name a sort of kit people keep about their home.971ST-AID/EMERGENCY68SEWING KIT19TOOL KIT8GROOMING/PEDICURE2Name something human being tint.97WINDOWS/CAR WINDOWS66HEAD that HAIR25EYEGLASSES4EYEBROWS/LASHES2Tell me someone who might use the expression "Put her hands in the air."97COP62RAPPER/SINGER/DJ23ROBBER9GYM INSTRUCTOR3Give me a word that rhymes with "yellow."97MELLOW59FELLOW26BELLOW9HELLO3What can a cheating husband give his mistress that"s nicer than the one his mam has?97JEWELRY/RING58CAR18CLOTHES/LINGERIE18PURSE3Name something that takes blood indigenous people.97HEALTH WORKER/NEEDLE57A MOSQUITO25A VAMPIRE/DRACULA13A LEECH2We asked 100 women...Name something around the finest man that the bride might realize is far better than the groom"s.97HIS FACE/HAIR55HIS JOB/PAYCHECK27TIGHT, TASTY BOD13ODOR/DEODORANT2Name something men do when a pretty mrs walks by.97STARE/GAWK53WHISTLE/CATCALL39SMILE3FANTASIZE/WISH2Name something girlfriend wouldn"t do to your worst enemy, so girlfriend hope your dog will perform it.97WHIZ/POOP/ON THEM52BITE THEM36KILL THEM7DIG UP their YARD2Name miscellaneous in your residence that smells like you.97PILLOWS/BED/LINENS51CLOTHES/SINGLET41CANDLES3SOAP/BODY WASH2Name other a student could decide come swallow rather than hand it end to the teacher.97BUBBLICIOUS/FOOD51NOTE/LOVE NOTE31DRUGS/PILLS12CHEAT SHEET3Name other people shot to patch up.97RELA"SHIP/MARRIAGE51TIRE/INNER TUBE25JEANS/CLOTHES18A WALL3Name other a politician wishes a voter"s infant doesn"t carry out while he"s stop it.97BLOW CHUNKS47PEE/SQUEEZE A LOG24CRY/SCREAM24BURP2We request 100 single men...What do you see married males doing that provides you glad you aren"t married?97FIGHTING/ARGUING41GETTING NAGGED35LISTENING13BABYSITTING8Name other a pig might be questioning for when it says "oink oink."96FOOD84DRINK/WATER8A BATH2LOVE2Name an pet that lays really big eggs.96OSTRICH84GOOSE6EMU4CHICKEN2Name a food the rhymes through "Spam."96HAM83CLAM6JAM4LAMB3Name something hospital nurses might fight over doing to a warm male patient.96SPONGE BATH80TAKING TEMP/UP BUTT12BLOOD PRESSURE2STICK W/ NEEDLE2Name a type of organization with a drive-through service.96FAST-FOOD79BANK13CAR WASH2PHARMACY2Name something that civilization roast.96MEAT79PEOPLE/COMEDIANS9MARSHMALLOWS4VEGETABLES4Name something at a bachelor party a man might additionally have in ~ his divorce party.96CHICKS/STRIPPERS74BOOZE12HIS BUDS8CAKE2Name an animal head a cat could hang on the wall of his cat cave.96MOUSE/RAT73DOG16BIRD4LIZARD3Name something a boy might give a girl top top their very first date.96FLOWERS/A ROSE69A KISS20A HUG4CANDY/CHOCOLATES3Name a ar where you check out a lot of people dancing.96CLUB/BAR60BALLROOM/WEDDING29TV SHOW/ELLEN4CONCERT3Name a location you can be naked v the lamp on.96BATHROOM58BEDROOM/BED25DR. OFFICE/HOSPITAL10TANNING SALON3Fill in the blank: Boob ________.96BOOB JOB54BOOB TUBE34BOOBIES6BOOB SIZE2Fill in the blank: You need to never show up to work what?96DRUNK/DRINKING53LATE27NAKED/PANTLESS13HIGH/STONED3We request 100 married men...If you take Viagra, surname someone you hope your mam doesn"t blab it to.96PARENT49FRIEND39NEIGHBOR5COWORKER/BOSS3Name an pet you associate with a holiday.96REINDEER49BUNNY32TURKEY12CHRISTMAS DOVE3Fill in the blank: Bouncing ________.96BALL/BALLS48BABY BOY/GIRL35BOOBS7CHECK6Name a fruit that many of the people in your family are shame like.96PEAR43BANANA26APPLE24WATERMELON3Name something friend wouldn"t desire the surgical employee doing throughout your procedure on brand-new Year"s Eve.95TOASTING/DRINKING88WATCHING ball DROP3COUNTING DOWN2KISSING/MAKING OUT2Name other Eve could have thrown in ~ Adam once she was mad in ~ him.95AN APPLE/CORE80A ROCK7SNAKE/SERPENT5FIG/FIG LEAF3Name other a really small fire department can only have one of.95FIRE TRUCK80HOSE7LADDER4STOVE4If there to be a restaurant just for frogs, what insect could be listed as record of the day?95FLY77MOSQUITO8CRICKET8DRAGONFLY2Name a component of Minnie computer mouse that"s no so mini.95HER EARS68HER FEET/SHOES15HER HEAD9HER BOW3On a public day, surname something a man could use to keep his combover in place.95HAT/CAP64HAIR SPRAY/GEL13HIS HANDS9GLUE/SUPERGLUE9A woman can give a man the dorn idea if she renders eye contact while she"s eat a what?95BANANA63HOT DOG/CORN DOG18ICE CREAM/POPSICLE12PEACH2Name something the takes off.95JET/PLANE62ROCKET/MISSILE27CAR/GETAWAY CAR4INVESTMENT/BUSINESS2Name something people wash as soon as a week.95LAUNDRY/CLOTHES61CAR28HEAD/HAIR3FLOOR3Name a ar where you hope the seat alongside you will be empty.95AIRPLANE58BUS17THEATER/MOVIES/PORN15BATHROOM/OUTHOUSE5What"s the worst point to forget come take through you come the beach?95SUNSCREEN/TAN LOTION55SUIT/BANANA HAMMOCK20TOWEL/BLANKET18WATER2Name an American city with the best-looking people and the worst personalities.95L.A./HOLLYWOOD49NEW YORK31MIAMI9LAS VEGAS6Instead of clean it, surname something a man could just spray cologne on.95BODY/ARMPITS45CLOTHES/SHOES44COUCH/CHAIR3TOILET3Name miscellaneous that can be straight or curvy.95HAIR43A ROAD/HIGHWAY32A BODY/HIS WIENER14A LINE6Name a female celebrity who bottom seems to have as large a career as she does.95KIM KARDASHIAN41JENNIFER LOPEZ39BEYONCE12NICKI MINAJ3Name an pet with a pot belly.94PIG85BEAR3HUMAN3KANGAROO3Name something civilization steer.94CAR/TRUCK79BOAT/CANOE11BICYCLE2HORSE2Name miscellaneous a wife might tell her dog to carry out to she husband if he"s being a jerk.94BITE/SIC "EM75TAKE LEAK/DUMP ON12BARK at HIM5KILL HIM2Name an pet that"s much easier to get off of than onto.94HORSE/PONY72ELEPHANT13BULL5CAMEL4Name something that some world like better when it"s old.94FINE WINE/BOOZE67CHEESE/FOOD15CLOTHES/SHOES8MUSIC4Name other some world are as slow as.94MOLASSES57A TURTLE19A SNAIL15DIRT/MUD3Name something human being dunk your doughnuts in in ~ the old folks" home.94COFFEE/TEA55MILK35MEDS/ALKA SELTZER2PRUNE JUICE2Name something around you your grandparents always forgot.94MY AGE50MY NAME26MY BIRTHDAY14MY HEIGHT4Name a fruit the people add to head cheese.94PEACH42PINEAPPLE38STRAWBERRY8APPLE6Name other a man can offer to buy his wife a brand-new pair of.94SHOES/BOOTS40EARRINGS35DOUBLE-G TA-TAS13SUNGLASSES6Name something human being take v them come the laundromat.94SOAP/BLEACH38DIRTY LAUNDRY35CHANGE/QUARTERS15BOOK/MAGAZINE6We request 100 solitary women...If the man you desire is much more interested in her friend, surname a lie you"d phone call him about her.94HAS STD/CRAB CITY35MARRIED/DATING32INTO GALS/"VAGITARIAN"24WHORELIKE TENDENCIES3Name a place you think you"ll be on your 100th birthday.93GRAVE/HEAVEN/HELL81MY HOUSE6NURSING HOME4DISNEY WORLD2Fill in the blank: tiny red what?93RIDING HOOD74CORVETTE8HEN6WAGON5Name something you might be hold in her hand once you"re in the bathtub.93SOAP/SHAMPOO73WASHCLOTH9SPONGE/LOOFAH7CELL PHONE4Name miscellaneous that"s made for a sphere to drop into.93HOOP/BASKET72GOLF CUP/HOLE14MITT/GLOVE5POOL TABLE2Give me a word beginning with the letter "Z."93ZEBRA71ZOO13ZIP/ZIPPER5ZERO4Name something people search because that in the dark.93LIGHTS/FLASHLIGHT71KEYS9CLOTHES/SHOES8GLASSES5Name other a valet might steal from her car.93CHANGE/WALLET69CD/NEIL DIAMOND12PHONE/BLUETOOTH8CANDY/FOOD4If you"re sit under a tree, name an animal you expect doesn"t poop on her head.93BIRD/CONDOR64SQUIRREL16MONKEY9BEAR4Name something girlfriend ride on whereby you have to address rude people.93BUS58SUBWAY/TRAIN22AIRPLANE7ELEVATOR6Name something divers dive for.93TREASURE/GOLD51PEARLS25SEAFOOD/FISH10CONTEST/MEDAL7Name something that starts making monster noises as it it s okay older.93CAR50PEOPLE/BONES35HOUSE/STAIRS/DOORS5REFRIGERATOR3Name other embarrassing that can happen once you"re doubled over with laughter.93PEE/GROW A TAIL47BLOW A BEEFER41RIP PANTS3SNORT2Give me an occupation wherein you call a the majority of lies.93LAWYER37SALESMAN/USED CAR29POLITICIAN22JOURNALIST5Give me a word the rhymes v "saloon."92BALLOON72BUFFOON10BABOON7MAROON3Name something the gets thrown by one athlete.92BALL68DISCUS12JAVELIN8A FIT/INSULT4Name a place where you view grown males jumping up and also down.92SPORTING EVENT67GYM/TRAMPOLINE19BAR/SPORTS BAR3CONCERT3Name a ar where friend see people saying their good-byes.92AIRPORT59FUNERAL/CEMETERY29SCHOOL/PARKING LOT2CRUISE SHIP2Name other sexy the newlyweds shop for together.92LINGERIE/NIGHTIES59BED/SHEETS20SEX TOYS10LUBE3Name miscellaneous a cowboy can be awkward to admit he can"t do.92SADDLE/RIDE HORSE57LASSO/ROPE29USE A GUN3LINE DANCE3Name a type of well.92WISHING WELL57WATER/ARTESIAN21OIL WELL10INKWELL4They may speak to themselves stay-at-home moms, but where room they many of the time?92STORE/MALL56IN THE CAR21HOME/IN KITCHEN10PARK5Name a ar in the supermarket whereby a woman is most most likely to satisfy a man.92PRODUCE51MEATS/DELI23BEER/ALCOHOL13FROZEN FOODS5Name miscellaneous you need to take the height off of prior to you to express it.92TOOTHPASTE50CONDIMENT/KETCHUP33JUICE/LEMON JUICE5HOT PAIR of JUGS4We inquiry 100 married women...What"s your husband"s best physical feature?92EYES47SMILE27BUTT12BROAD SHOULDERS6Name something that has a pointy tip.92PEN/PENCIL43KNIFE39PIN8ICE PICK2Name miscellaneous you choose in her brownies.92NUTS43CHOCOLATE/CHIPS38WEED/HASH7CARAMEL4Name miscellaneous that"s foamy.92SHAVING CREAM39SOAP/BUBBLE BATH34BEER16OCEAN/WAVES3We inquiry 100 men...What would certainly you carry out if you had actually Donald Trump"s hair?91CUT IT/SHAVE IT74RECOMB/BRUSH IT13DYE IT/GRAY2HIDE/NEVER walk OUT2Name something girlfriend buy by the gram.91COKE/DRUGS/MEDS70GOLD11SPICES/HERBS6SUGAR4Name other cows could dream about.91GRASS/HAY/EATING IT64BEING MILKED18JUMPING end MOON5COW/HOT, HUNG BULL4Fill in the blank: Anyone deserve to kiss you on the cheek. Yet only her lover have the right to kiss you on the what?91LIPS/PIEHOLE60NECK15POOPER10BOOBS6Name a beverage friend drink from record cups.91WATER56SODA17COFFEE12BEER/BOOZE6What"s the first thing you with for as soon as you view your boss leave work?91MY PHONE49COMPUTER/INTERNET21MY vehicle KEYS15CIGARETTE/E-CIG6Name something you hope has actually been built to last.91HOUSE/BUILDING46CAR/TRUCK36LOVE/MARRIAGE5ME4Name a ar where a man"s glasses could get steamed up.91BATHROOM/SHOWER44SPA/TURKISH BATHS35THE KITCHEN8BED/BURIED IN BOOBS4Name other of her that"s simply not fast enough.91MY CLUNKER CAR/TRUCK42COMPUTER/INTERNET25MIND/BOD/METABOLISM22MY PET2Give me a sound the a horn makes.91HONK40BEEP40TOOT9AHWOOOOGA2Besides Santa, who else to know if you"ve been naughty or nice?91GOD/JESUS39SPOUSE/MATE21MOM/DAD19ME12Name something civilization swipe.90CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS76PENS6FOOD/CANDY5MONEY3Name something the gets slammed.90DOOR/CAR DOOR74OLD institution PHONE8FINGER4BASEBALL/BALLS4Name a job some world can"t gain just since they"re not good-looking enough.90MODEL72ACTOR/ACTRESS9NEWSCASTER6DANCER/STRIPPER3If animals wore underpants, surname one that would need a really huge pair.90ELEPHANT61HIPPO18BEAR/PANDA7RHINO4Name miscellaneous a mrs gets mad in ~ her male for breaking.90HER HEART/TRUST59A DATE16DISHES/PLATES11WIND4We inquiry 100 married men...Name a ar you like your mam to go to due to the fact that she"ll it is in gone because that hours.90STORE/MALL55HAIR/NAIL SALON23HER MOM"S HOUSE8WORK4Give me a word that rhymes v "pope."90HOPE52DOPE22ROPE10COPE6Name other a man might be holding if his mam is offering birth.90HER HAND51CAMERA/PHONE32HIS BREATH4HER LEGS3Name something through crunchy nuts.90CANDY/CANDY BAR49CEREAL/GRANOLA24TRAIL MIX/CHEX MIX11CRACKER JACK6Name a piece of devices with words "scope" in that name.90TELESCOPE47MICROSCOPE25STETHOSCOPE12PERISCOPE6Besides she finger, name a location on she body the a woman might wear jewelry.90NECK41EAR35WRIST9TOE5When human being say "use it or shed it," what space they referring to?90BRAIN/MEMORY31MONEY29BODY/"TOMMY SALAMI"24VACATION DAYS6Name a college recognized for really smart people.89HARVARD60MIT13YALE12PRINCETON4Name an American city human being from other nations flock to.89NEW YORK59LOS ANGELES15LAS VEGAS10ORLANDO5Name something you steam.89VEGETABLES57CLOTHES15RICE11CLAMS6Name miscellaneous in which people put a solitary flower.89VASE54SUIT/LAPEL21HAIR7GRAVE/CASKET7Name miscellaneous you put your lips with each other to do.89KISS/BLOW KISS52WHISTLE27DRINK native A STRAW6LIPSTICK/LIP GLOSS4Name someone to who you have to never to speak "I told you so."89SPOUSE/MATE41MOM/DAD29BOSS14JUDGE/JUDY5Name a kind of belt.89LEATHER/PANT BELT39BLACK/MARTIAL ARTS32SEAT BELT14CHASTITY BELT4Name something warmth you sleep with once there"s no heat body alongside you.89BLANKET/QUILT39PET/DOG24PILLOW22HOT WATER BOTTLE4Besides your house, name a certain place you could have a gun.88CAR/PICKUP TRUCK71GARAGE/WORKSHOP7WORK/DESK7ON ME/HOLSTER3Name something that"s thicker 보다 water.88BLOOD60OIL15SYRUP9PUDDING4Name other you"d discover on someone"s neck.88NECKLACE/CHAIN55HICKEY16MOLE12SCARF5Name an pet that jumps with hoops.88DOG49LION20TIGER12SEAL7Give me a word the rhymes through "gender."88BENDER47FENDER25TENDER11SLENDER5If you to be a bear, what could we check out you perform in the woods?88EAT/FIND FOOD36WHIZ/DUMP34SLEEP/HIBERNATE13RUB back ON TREE5Name an activity some women are addicted to.87SHOPPING/COUPONS69TV/THE BACHELOR7GOSSIPING6YOGA/EXERCISE5Name other a hiker would have in his backpack.87WATER67FOOD/SNACKS11COMPASS5ROPE4Name something that people grow fields of.87CORN66WHEAT9FLOWERS/POPPIES9POT3Name a fruit that"s an excellent with ice cream cream.87STRAWBERRIES60BANANAS11CHERRIES10PEACHES6Name something people pitch.87A BALL59IDEA/FOR MOVIE13PRODUCT/SERVICE9HORSESHOES6Name something that you see in every courtroom.87JUDGE54GAVEL22CHAIRS7JUDGE"S BENCH4Name something you"d hate to need to jump out of.87PLANE53MOVING CAR20WINDOW/BUILDING9A CAKE5Name something make of foam rubber.87PILLOW/SEAT CUSHION53BALL/NERF BALL14MATTRESS/TOPPER12FOAM FINGER8Name a food that"s easy to capture in her mouth.87POPCORN46GRAPES20PEANUTS/NUTS11CANDY10Give me a word the rhymes through "rumble."87TUMBLE44BUMBLE26HUMBLE9STUMBLE8The older girlfriend are once you gain married, the less likely you room to what?87HAVE KIDS/GRANDKIDS39DIVORCE34CHEAT10HUMP favor BUNNIES4Fill in the blank: web traffic ________87LIGHT37JAM33STOP11CONE6Name miscellaneous a girl dead in she purse top top the first date just in case she needs it.87MACE/GUN36MONEY23CONDOM/BIRTH CONTROL16PHONE12Name something you don"t want civilization to ask girlfriend for.86MONEY/DONATION79MY AGE3ADVICE2MY WEIGHT2Name miscellaneous in your residence that periodically gets very hot.86STOVE/OVEN74WATER6BED/MATTRESS3HEATER/FURNACE3Tell me another way people speak "stoned."86HIGH64BAKED10WASTED9DRUNK3Name a location where friend sit in an flexible seat.86CAR53AIRPLANE13DESK/AT WORK11DENTIST OFFICE9Name something about a masculine gorilla that makes a woman gorilla walk ape.86BODY/STRONG & FURRY43HIS MUSKY SCENT21BEATS HIS CHEST13HIS ROAR/VOICE9Name something around people the gets bigger as they reach center age.85BELLY/WAIST71EARS6NOSE4EGO/ATTITUDE4If he ran out of diapers, what can a dad placed on a infant instead?85TOWEL/WASHCLOTH54SHIRT/T-SHIRT20PAPER TOWEL8NEWSPAPER3Name something discovered on a roof.85SHINGLES/TILES52CHIMNEY20TAR8VENTS5Name miscellaneous that"s slippery once it"s wet.85FLOOR50ROAD/BRIDGE23BODY PART/PERSON9STAIRS3What would be the worst sort of pest to keen up her nose?85SPIDER/TARANTULA43COCKROACH24TICK9WASP/BEE9Name other Mrs. Claus would probably like come ride on.85SLEIGH34SANTA"S POLE30RUDOLPH/REINDEER14MOTORCYCLE/HARLEY7Besides a bull, name an pet that has actually "bull" in the name.85BULLDOG33PIT BULL/TERRIER21BULLFROG17BULL MOOSE/WINKLE14We inquiry 100 married men...Fill in the blank: You"d love my wife if girlfriend love women that ________ too much.84TALK/NAG48WORK16EAT13WORRY7Name something you might find in a tank.84FISH36GAS30WATER9SOLDIER/COMMANDER9They say, "If you"ve gained it, flaunt it." so what have you obtained that you prefer to flaunt?84LOOKS/SILKY MANE27BODY/ONION BOOTY26BRAINS/DEGREE20PERSONALITY/HUMOR11Tell me a kind of food human being serve stuffed.83TURKEY62CHICKEN14PORK CHOPS4PEPPERS3Name a place people spend the night and think the the comforts that home.83HOTEL/MOTEL/B&B45TENT/CABIN/WOODS26THEIR very own HOME/BED9JAIL3Name other that when you learn exactly how to execute it, you never forget.82RIDE A BIKE61WALK8TIE SHOES7DRIVE6Name something world have problem closing.80THEIR MOUTHS36DOORS/CABINETS33A DEAL/MORTGAGE8A an excellent BOOK3Name a fear that people eventually grow out of.79THE DARK54BOGEYMAN/MONSTER11HEIGHTS/FALLING9DEATH/DYING5We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: A girl can always use much more what?79MONEY33SHOES/CLOTHES29FOOD/CHOCOLATE12LOVE5Name miscellaneous that ladies break.79NAILS27DISH/GLASS24HEARTS23THE BANK5A new TV show about dogs could be title "So you Think you Can" what?67BARK/WOOF52EAT/CHEW6BE TRAINED/OBEY5FETCH4Name a food that a low-fat variation of simply doesn"t cut it.56ICE CREAM23CHEESE15CAKE/CHEESECAKE11PIZZA7Name an activity that puts a large smile on your face.51HIDING THE SALAMI23SPORTS12WATCHING TV/MOVIE9PLAYING through KIDS7Back to index