L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 18 | 5-answer surveysWe inquiry 100 men...Name something friend love to do to women"s feet.100MASSAGE/RUB "EM72LOOK AT/ADMIRE "EM6TICKLE "EM8SOAK "EM7KISS "EM7Name a component of her body friend might try to clean out with your finger.99WAXY EAR74CRUSTY EYE4BOOGER-LADEN NOSE13FINGERNAIL4BELLY BUTTON4We request 100 men...Name a reason your ex is her ex.99TWO-BIT HO70LONG DISTANCE4MEAN/CRAY-CRAY10DIFFERENT INTERESTS8PATHOLOGICAL LIAR7We inquiry 100 women...Name a superhero costume your guy is too out of shape to wear.99SUPERMAN66THOR2SPIDER-MAN15BATMAN13CAPTAIN AMERICA3We request 100 married women...What would certainly your husband just love to check out you do about the residence topless?99CLEAN/VACUUM55DANCE3COOK27WATCH TV11BRUSH MY long HAIR3We asked 100 married women...Name something you"d carry out if your husband made appointments for the 2 of girlfriend on a swingers cruise.99REFUSE/CANCEL51BUY/WEAR SEXY UNDIES3FREAK/BEAT HIM25DIVORCE/LEAVE HIM15LAUGH/CUTE GIGGLE5If Santa Claus got pulled over by the police, surname something they can search.99HIS big SACK50HIS ship ROLLS3HIS SLEIGH30HIS GRIZZLY BEARD10HIS SUIT/HAT6We asked 100 married women...Name something your husband had much better not be wearing once your book club girlfriend arrive.99SKIVVIES/THONG43DRESS/PROM GOWN3A TOWEL28SPEEDO/BALLBUSHKA19NOTHING/A SMILE6We request 100 men...Name a reason you can suspect you"re turning into Popeye.99GETTIN" MUSCLY42MUMBLING4DEVOURING SPINACH38OLIVE OYL/OIL9SQUINTY/CLOSED EYE6Give me a three-letter word that starts with the letter Z.99ZOO40ZIT13ZIP18ZAP15ZEN13We request 100 married men...Name other you"d asking your mam to wear that would cause her to begin laughing.99BIKINI/SWIMSUIT38HAT/BALL CAP5COSTUME/BIRD WINGS30LINGERIE/G-STRING16MINISKIRT/DRESS10What"s causing that buzzing in her pants?98PHONE85REVVED-UP STIFFY2BUGS/WASP5OLD school PAGER4TUMMY/LEAKY FART2Name something about a woman giraffe the a masculine giraffe might say is long and sexy.98SUCKABLE NECK76SWEET BUSHY TAIL2THOSE GANGLY LEGS14HOT purple TONGUE4HOOVES/OUTER TOE2Tell me other sweet that a the majority of strippers usage as a stage name.98CANDY/CANE76CINNAMON3SUGAR/BROWN SUGAR10HONEY/HONEY BUNS5CHERRY4Name something a wife could train the dog to detect on she husband by sniffing him.98PERFUME/VAGINE NO. 974FOOD3BOOZE10CIGS/SMOKE6DRUGS/ANGEL DUST5We request 100 married men...When your wife calls girlfriend a large baby, surname something you"ll start doing come act choose one.98CRY/THROW TANTRUM71BABY TALK2POUT19SPIT UP4SUCK mine THUMB2Name miscellaneous James link does the is the fantasy of most men.98SCORE/PUSSY GALORE70USE COOL GADGETS2DRIVE fast CARS19CARRY/SHOOT GUN5SPY2We asked 100 married women...What does your husband clock you do once he really have to be help you perform it?98CLEAN/LAUNDRY66TAKE out TRASH4COOK16GROCERY SHOP/UNLOAD7TAKE care OF KIDS5Name something a man might do when he"s imitating Tarzan.98BEAT HIS CHEST55GROWL/ANIMAL SOUNDS2THE TARZAN YELL28SWING on ROPE/VINE10WEAR A LOINCLOTH3We asked 100 married women...Name miscellaneous you"d carry out if your chubby hubby started exercising and became hot.98JOIN IN/GET FIT48WORRY HE"LL CHEAT3RIDE that STUD23BE HAPPY/ATTABOY!20HUG/KISS MORE4Give me another method people to speak "dad."98POP/POPS43DADA4FATHER19DADDY16PAPA/PA16We inquiry 100 women...Some nights, what would certainly you fairly take to bed v you than a man?98MY DOG/CAT37FOOD2BLANKET/PILLOW36BOOK/MAG21TEDDY BEAR2We asked 100 married women...Name an pet whose ship looks a lot prefer your husband"s belly.98PIG37KANGAROO12BEAR20HIPPO16GORILLA13If a magician"s rabbit can talk, it can say, "Hey, it hurts when you pull me out of your" what?97HAT81COAT/JACKET2BUTT/FART LIPS8PANTS/ZIPPER4EAR2Name miscellaneous you wish you could hypnotize her boss into saying.97RAISE/PROMOTION74BE LATE/LEAVE EARLY3I QUIT/YOU run CO.8TIME OFF/PAID!8YOU ROCK/YOU"RE RIGHT4You recognize it"s no working when you"re on a date wishing you were where?97HOME/BED v DOG71SLAMMER2WORK/NUCLEAR PLANT14ANYWHERE ELSE6AT THE DENTIST4Name something a man might be wearing rather of pants.97SHORTS65LONG SHIRT2KILT15TRUNKS/SPEEDO12UNDIES/BOXERS3Name miscellaneous you"d carry out if you had actually a doctor"s appointment and no clean underwear.97GO COMMANDO58WEAR "EM DIRTY4CANCEL/RESCHEDULE17BUY SOME13WASH A PAIR5Name something grandpa wishes grandma leaves on as soon as they do whoopee.97CLOTHES/BRA52THE LIGHTS! YOWZA!2HER TEETH27TV/MURDER SHE WROTE14HER WIG2Name a place you stick a thermometer.97MOUTH/UNDER TONGUE52TURKEY/FOOD9EAR15MY CHILI CANNON11UNDERARM10Fill in the blank: ns love a item of juicy what?97FRUIT50PIE4MEAT/CHICKEN35GOSSIP4ARSE4We asked 100 women...Sometimes girlfriend think her man"s brain is the dimension of what kind of ball?97GOLF BALL49MARBLE4TENNIS BALL20PING-PONG BALL18BASEBALL6Name who who has actually seen her bare bottom.97MY MATE/LOVER48MY EX2MY MOM/DAD34MY DOCTOR11MY SIBLING2We asked 100 women...When a man you don"t desire to marry proposes come you, call me an excuse you usage to permit him down gently.97NOT READY/TOO SOON45AGAINST MARRIAGE7WRONG FIT/JUST BUDS27I"M into CHICKS10I"M TAKEN/MARRIED8We request 100 solitary men...What would you perform if your gorgeous date tells friend she just got out of prison?97TRY to SCORE36VIGILANT/WITH WALLET2ASK WHAT SHE DID35LEAVE/RUN18GOOGLE HER6Name something around the angry Witch that might remind a male of his mother-in-law.97CACKLE/VOICE32OUTFIT/BLACK HAT3EVIL, stunner NAG32UGLY FACE/NOSE26HER BROOM4Name a biology that God can have produced just to stroked nerves us.96BUGS/FLIES76SNAKES2PEOPLE/KANYE11CATS4MICE/RATS3Name something friend do approximately a campfire that makes you feel prefer a kid again.96COOK/EAT/S"MORES66PLAY IN THE FIRE2SING/KUMBAYA14TALK/GHOST STORY11SMOKE A JOINT3Name a tool a building worker might put in his trousers to impress the ladies.96HAMMER/MALLET61DRILL2SCREWDRIVER18WRENCH12TAPE MEASURE3Name something friend ride that could leave you v a sore bottom.96HORSE54MECHANICAL BULL2BICYCLE/SPIN BIKE31MOTORCYCLE6ROLLER COASTER3Name miscellaneous dogs execute that a man could get placed in jail for doing.96PUBLIC WHIZ/DUMP49BITE2HUMP/OUTSIDE25LICK PEOPLE/OWN NADS12SNIFF/BUTTS8Name an pet print that makes for sexy panties.96LEOPARD49CAT/CAT PAW4CHEETAH19TIGER17ZEBRA7We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous you have a difficult time saying no to.96FOOD/BEAN BURRITO49SEX/WITH warm CHICKS5KIDS/GRANDKIDS19HELPING OTHERS12DRINKS/BOXED WINE11If you to be a chicken, what would you object to someone doing to you?96COOKING/EATING ME39CAGING ME2BEHEAD"G/KILL"G ME27PLUCKING ME21STEALING my EGGS7Fill in the blank: Some politicians belong in the White House. Rather belong in the ______ house.96JAILHOUSE/BIG HOUSE36WHOREHOUSE2DOGHOUSE27OUTHOUSE25NUTHOUSE6We request 100 men...Name a country you"d travel to if you want to learn exactly how to end up being a better lover.96FRANCE34SPAIN11ITALY26ARGENTINA13BRAZIL12Name something friend would never pick up v your bare hands.95TURD/MY WIFE"S66LAVA2ANIMAL/CARCASS18HOT COALS5HOT PAN/POT4Name a city that you"d hate to be in during a significant blackout.95NEW YORK58LAS VEGAS3LOS ANGELES18CHICAGO13DETROIT3Name other that"s more tough to carry out in a hammock 보다 in a bed.95"PET THE PEACOCK"57JUMP3SLEEP/ON STOMACH15TURN/ROLL OVER12GET IN and OUT8Name a part of your body friend clean out.95MY EARS50MY NOSE8MY MOUTH/TEETH16MY CRACK/POOP CHUTE11MY ship BUTTON10Name something you grab onto when you"re making out in the front chair of a car.95PARTNER/NIPPLE49SEAT BELT2STEERING WHEEL31SEAT/HEADREST8DASHBOARD5Sometimes, Christmas in California is therefore hot, you have the right to see Santa Claus put on nothing yet a what?95SPEEDO/SWIMSUIT44PAIR of FLIP-FLOPS2SANTA HAT28THONG/PAIR of UNDIES19SMILE2We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: ns don"t choose a man"s underwear if it"s as well what?95BIG/BAGGY38FULL the HOLES4TIGHT/SNUG24DIRTY/SMELLY22SMALL/SKIMPY7A mam tells her husband, "Yeah, I"ve acquired a large bottom, however you"ve obtained a big" what?95GUT, FAT BOY!36BUTT TOO!4HEAD/EGO32MOUTH15NOSE8Name something you execute in the shower that starts through the letter S.95SING33SHOWER6SHAVE28SHAMPOO18SOAP/UP10Name a component of a woman dog that a masculine dog watch at and also thinks, "That"s hot."94TAIL/PUNGENT POOPER78HER INVITING VULVA3LONG TONGUE/MOUTH5SOFT EARS4SLENDER GAMS4Name miscellaneous you step over in ~ a wild party.94PEOPLE/DRUNKS60FOOT-LONG VIBRATOR2CORN-RIDDLED VOMIT21DRINKS/BOTTLES6GARBAGE5Name a quality a woman desires in a man, yet she"ll resolve for the in a dog.94LOYAL/FAITHFUL60UNCONDITIONAL LOVE7COMPANIONSHIP10AFFECTION/LICKER9OBEYS/LISTENS8Name something girlfriend would do to your boss if you winner the lottery.94WAVE BYE/QUIT58BEAT/SMACK "EM3TELL OFF/FLIP OFF17BUY CO./FIRE BOSS13SPEND on BOSS/SHARE $3Name miscellaneous that transforms a houseguest right into a home pest.94OVERSTAY56STEALING2MESSY PIG/BODY LICE23TALK"G/COMPLAIN"G10EAT"G EVERYTHING3Name something that might fall out of a person"s ear.94HUGE WAD the WAX41BUG/A ROACH5EARRING25HEARING AID13EARBUDS10Name something in ~ an amusement park it would certainly feel great to journey naked.94ROLLER COASTER40SWING/SWINGING SHIP4WATER RIDE/FLUME32MERRY-GO-ROUND11FERRIS WHEEL7Tell me a factor your vehicle might be acquiring towed.94BROKE DOWN/FLAT40REPO/PAYMENT DUE7PARKED ILLEGALLY27ACCIDENT10UNPAID TICKETS10Name a reason you skip church the you"d never tell her pastor.94HUNGOVER/DRUNK30FISHING/HUNTING2GETTIN" LUCKY22CATCHIN" part Z"S21WATCH"G THE GAME/TV19Name something you"d be surprised grandma would certainly wear rather of her granny panties.93THONG/G-STRING75GRANDPA"S/BOXERS2NOTHING/COMMANDO7BIKINI/SWIMSUIT6LEATHER/LEDERHOSEN3Name something you ride the might reason you come walk funny afterwards.93HORSE58MY LOVER/JON HAMM2AMUSEMENT RIDE14BICYCLE10BULL/MECHANICAL9We asked 100 women...Name a an excellent way to damage your cheating man"s cabinet phone.93WATER/FLUSH IT51HAMMER IT6RUN end IT15STEP top top IT12BURN/MICROWAVE IT9A wife could give her husband one more what?92CHANCE54CHORE/ERRAND3KISS22HELPING of FOOD10CHILD3Name something you"d be surprised to find out your grandparents were making.92HOT sticky WHOOPEE46COUNTERFEIT $3BOOZE/MOONSHINE22DRUGS/POT COOKIES15A BABY6We inquiry 100 men...Name a ar you"d be surprised your ceo asked you come go v him ~ work.92STRIP JOINT35CHURCH3BAR/NIGHTCLUB30HIS HOUSE/BOUDOIR18HO HOUSE6We request 100 married women...Name something the keeps you from strangling her husband.92I LOVE HIM31SMILE/CUTE FACE6THE LAW/JAIL TIME27OUR KIDS15PAYCHECK/WORKS HARD13Name a factor grandpa states Judge Judy is his type of woman.91TOUGH/FEISTY65LOUD SEXY VOICE3WISE/FAIR DECISIONS10OLD like HIM9HOT BIG-LIP GINGER4Name other a chimp does that you hope the boy you"re babysitting doesn"t do.91POO & litter IT/PEE46SCREECH4CLIMB/SWING/JUMP23SCRATCH/PICK BUGS14PICK NOSE4We surveyed 100 married men...Between us, what is the least sexiest component of your wife?91FEET/TOE FUNGUS43MOUTH/HER 3 TEETH4BELLY32JUGS/PEPPERONI NIPS7PUTRID/FURRY PITS5We asked 100 women...Name other you great you can do like a man.90PEE/STANDING36SLEEP2EARN $$$/GOOD JOB24LIFT/WEIGHTS15REPAIRS/USE TOOLS13Name something the rhymes v "stakeout."90MAKE OUT35BAKE OUT4FAKE OUT22TAKE OUT18SHAKE OUT11When grandpa goes to bed at night, name something he wishes will happen in the morning.89HE"LL wake up UP76STAND/GET OUTTA BED3MORNING WOOD/SEX4BREAKFAST/COFFEE3NICE B.M./WHIZ3We request 100 women...I would certainly leave my guy in a minute if I ever saw that holding a what?89CHICK47NASTY CRITTER/SNAKE3GUN/WEAPON23DUDE10JOINT/DRUGS6Name something a man might buy his girl friend a pair of.89EARRINGS43DOUBLE-D IMPLANTS3PANTIES/EDIBLE26SHOES/BOOTS12SOCKS/FISHNETS5Name something friend shouldn"t laugh ideal in the middle of.88FUNERAL40OPERA/SONG4CHURCH/SERMON25SEX14A JOKE5Name a factor a frog croaks.87HORNY because that HOTTIES43IT"S NIGHTTIME4HUNGRY/ATE FLY19TALK/COMMUNICATE16HURT/STEPPED ON5Name something the pool boy brings with him as soon as he cleans a hot housewife"s pool.87PIPPI DONGSTOCKING31TOWELS4SWIMSUIT/SPEEDO25LOTION/OIL14POOL SUPPLIES/NET13Fill in the blank: ______ attack.86HEART ATTACK55BIG MAC ATTACK6PANIC ATTACK13SHARK ATTACK6ZACK ATTACK6Name a one-word message a man sends his girlfriend come tell her the he"s breaking up through her.86BYE39"DEUCES"4DONE25OVER13ADIOS5We request 100 married men...Name a bird that sounds choose your mother-in-law.86CROW33WOODPECKER8CHICKEN/HEN17PARROT/PARAKEET16DODO12Name a location where you watch happy wives with their dissatisfied husbands.85STORE/QUILT SHOP67PARTY/WEDDING3THEATER/OPERA7CHURCH4SALON/SPA4Name miscellaneous grandma speak grandpa not to do in front of the grandkids.85BLOW butt BOMBS38SCRATCH/HIS CRACK3CUSS36TONGUE KISS HER4PICK HIS NOSE4Name miscellaneous a camper can have v him in his resting bag at night.84FLASHLIGHT56PERSON/NUDE BABES3GUN13KNIFE8CELL PHONE4Name something a wife doesn"t desire her husband to sit ~ above in the nude.84COUCH/WHITE SOFA54CLEAN BED4TABLE/DURING MEAL11KITCHEN COUNTER8CHAIR7Tell me something that Santa could say the won"t miss when the retires.83TRAVEL/ALL NIGHT29BAD COOKIES/MILK7WHINEY BRATTY KIDS24CHIMNEYS/ROOFTOPS13NAD-SHRINK"G WEATHER10Name other that might be growing on you.80HAIR/HIPSTER BEARD59TASTE the KALE/FOOD4MASSIVE MOLES6CLUMP the WARTS6BACTERIA/FUNGUS5Fill in the blank: do what?80LOVE41HAY6MONEY17WHOOPEE9BACON7Name something a 100-year-old financial institution robber could accidentally leaving in the bank when he renders his getaway.79TEETH/DENTURES37HIS GLASSES7CANE/WALKER12GUN/MUSKET12MONEY11Name the very first thing a woman could buy best after a male dumps her.79ICE CREAM/FOOD33RING/JEWELRY5CLOTHES/SHOES26BOOZE/BOONE"S FARM10BOOB JOB/SURGERY5Give me another method people to speak "broke."79BUSTED22BANKRUPT11TAPPED OUT21POOR13SPENT12Name other painful friend made love on the seemed like a good idea in ~ the time.78FLOOR/RUG27WASHING MACHINE3GROUND/BEACH/PEBBLES26CAR HOOD/SEAT12TABLE10Name something world put down.75OTHER PEOPLE34BOOK/NEWSPAPER8CUP/DRINK14PHONE10ANIMAL/PET9Fill in the blank: ______ your fingers.74CROSS22COUNT/COUNT ON7LICK20SNAP17WIGGLE8Fill in the blank: Honk if you"re what?73HORNY46MAD/ANNOYED3HAPPY15HOT/SEXY6HERE3Fill in the blank: A man can have one too numerous what?73DRINKS/OF TEQUILA27TIES4CHICKS/WIVES18CARS/TRUCKS15TOOLS9If your boss fired you, surname something you can throw the end the home window on your means out.73DOCUMENTS/FILES20PENCIL/PEN11MY BOSS15COMPUTER/LAPTOP14MY I.D.

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BADGE13Tell me another means people say the word "drunk."71WASTED45HAMMERED4INEBRIATED10SMASHED7TIPSY5Name a location you see civilization squirming in your seats.71THEATER/MOVIES27AIRPLANE5CHURCH18DENTIST/DOCTOR12COURT9Name something human being pull the plug on.71TV/CABLE23LAMP/LIGHT4DRAIN/SINK/TUB22PATIENT/LIFE SUPPORT12RELATIONSHIP10Fill in the blank: hold the what?65PHONE26LINE6DOOR14MAYO10ELEVATOR9Name a biology you see and also can"t phone call if the two of them space fighting or mating.62BIRDS/DUCKS19SNAKES7BUGS/BEES14CATS12DOGS10Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and also men gotta what?60EAT21FART7WATCH SPORTS/TV15PORK/BREED10WORK7Give me an "L" word that defines your boss.59LAZY18LOUD7LOSER12LOVELY11LIKABLE11Name a kind of home you could find a man in.57DOGHOUSE21APT./PENTHOUSE6WHOREHOUSE17FRAT HOUSE7LOG HOUSE/CABIN6Name miscellaneous you"d hate to discover you"d been sitting on.55GUM28WET PAINT6TACK/NAIL8FOOD/CHOC. PUDDING7BIRD DOO/POOP6Name something the if one human being starts law it, others will, too.51YAWNING33CLAPPING4HUMMING/SINGING6DRINKING4SMOKING4Name the strangest place you"ve ever made love.50CAR/TRUCK25BEACH/OCEAN5PARK/PLAYGROUND8BATHROOM/TOILET7WOODS/TENT5Back come index