L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 18 | 6-answer surveysWhat walk a lifeguard expect a person doesn"t do as soon as he"s providing them mouth-to-mouth?100VOMIT78ENJOY IT/SMILE2KISS/SLIP TONGUE11COUGH2SPIT IN HIS MOUTH4DIE3We request 100 men...Name something friend clean more often 보다 your clothes.100BODY/DINGUS KHAN76GUN2CAR/TRUCK12EYEGLASSES2HOUSE/BATHROOM4DISHES/CUPS4We inquiry 100 single women...What would certainly you do with a an excellent guy who referred to as his mother every hour?100LEAVE HIM64LAUGH/MOCK HIM2SET LIMIT/ONCE A DAY17CRY/FEEL SAD2TAKE HIS PHONE13LOVE the MORE2We inquiry 100 married men...Squirrels store nuts. What does her wife store for winter?100FOOD28CLOTHES/COATS12CHRISTMAS DECOR20WINE/BOOZE12CHRISTMAS GIFTS14FAT/EXTRA LBS14We asked 100 solitary women...Name a native rhyming v "skimp" that unfortunately describes numerous of your remote dates.100LIMP24BLIMP6SHRIMP23CHIMP5PIMP21WIMP21If Batman walk broke, he just could have to offer his bat-what?99BATMOBILE81BATCOPTER2BATCAVE9BATCYCLE2BAT CAPE3BATPLANE2Name someone who offers a paddle.99BOATER/FISHERMAN69BAKER/CHEF2PING-PONG PLAYER21FRAT BRO2PARENT3TEACHER2Name a component of his body the Headless Horseman"s voice can come the end of.99NECK52BELLY BUTTON2BUTT/CHOCOLATE STAR25ARMPIT2CHEST/LEFT NIPPLE12HANDS6When her dog is staring in ~ you, what"s that trying to tell you?99FEED ME/TREAT48I LOVE YOU7POTTY!/NEED OUT23U"RE DUMB/SO"S her HO2IT"S PLAYTIME!11LET"S take it WALK8We request 100 women...Name a factor you can never it is in a stripper.99FAT/BODY ISSUES47NASTY CUSTOMERS3MORALS/RELIGION16TOO OLD/I"M 803CAN"T DANCE15EMBARRASSED/SHY15Name an pet you wouldn"t want to be told you odor like.99SKUNK46GOAT3DOG/WET DOG25HORSE2PIG/HOG18MONKEY/APE5We inquiry 100 married men...Name other your mam shakes in ~ you.99HER FIST33HER giant MELONS7FINGER/MIDDLE ONE27DISH TOWEL2HER HEAD17HER J. LO BOOTY13Name miscellaneous a lonely male would dislike to uncover out taken place to his inflatable doll.98DEFLATED/EXTRA HOLE71IT MELTED3PAL provided IT13DISCOVERED/BY WIFE2STOLEN5DOG ATE/HUMPED4A woman might say, "I broke up with my friend after I discovered out that had" what?98A FLOOZY/CHEATED66BAD BREATH2STD/ALL the THEM16LICE2A WIFE6LIED to ME6Name a factor a woman could not want to kiss her husband.98STINKY/BREATH64NOT right into HIM3MAD/CHEAT"G SCUM11HE"S DEAD2SCRUFF/PORN STACHE9SICK/HERPES9At the funeral of a stripper, name something mourners could throw on the casket.98DOLLAR BILLS55GARTER/BELTS6G-STRINGS/PANTIES19RUBBERS4PASTIES/BRAS7FLOWERS7Name other a person could be talking around when they say, "I was reduced off."98DRIVING/TRAFFIC53$$$/TRUST FUND6ALCOHOL/BAR16A FRIENDSHIP3PHONE CALL14VA-JAY-JAY/NOOKIE6Name a complaint Adam had about the brand-new leaf Eve gained him.98TOO SMALL!52HAS holes IN IT2ITCHY/POISON IVY!30THORNS!2TOO BIG9COLOR/GREEN AGAIN???3We asked 100 married women...What sort of dessert describes your man?98CAKE/CHEESECAKE51PUDDING6BANANA SPLIT/ICE CRM.19JELL-O5COOKIE9BROWNIE8We inquiry 100 married women...Name miscellaneous you could forge her husband"s signature on.98CHECK/HIS PAYCHECK50GREETING CARD5CREDIT CARD/SLIP29PERMISSION SLIP2PRESCRIPTION PICKUP6PACKAGE DELIVERY6Name among his pets a farmer can name after his cheating wife.98PIG/HOG/SOW48DOG2COW31SHEEP2JACKASS/MULE10GOAT5Name miscellaneous that can be described as a dead end.98STREET/ROAD47HAIR2JOB28A LEAD/INFO2RELATIONSHIP14AN ARGUMENT5Name a part of his body the Captain Hook needs to be mindful scratching as soon as he has an itch.98HIS EYE/FACE46HIS EAR3HIS JOLLY ROGER30HIS HEAD/SCALP2HIS BOOTY9HIS other HAND8We inquiry 100 married men...Name something you carry out with your mam that friend can additionally do with your dog.98WALK/RUN46KISS/MAKE OUT9PLAY17TELL she TO SIT5HUG12PET/RUB BELLY9We asked 100 married women...What would you carry out if you saw your husband"s picture on a dating site?98CONFRONT/SCREAM45ATTACK/KILL3LEAVE/DIVORCE35LAUGH2REPLY/FAKE PROFILE10CRY3We asked 100 men...Name something particular you execute at sappy movies.98SLEEP/SNORE42LAUGH/JOKE10YAWN/GET BORED17ROLL mine EYES2CRY/PRETEND no TO14WALK OUT13We asked 100 women...After a man sweeps you off your feet, where perform you expect he bring away you?98VACAY/BEACH36SHOPPING/ZALES2HOME/TO BED34TO THE MOON/CLOUD 92THE CHAPEL/ALTAR15DINNER/AT CHILI"S9We request 100 solitary men...Oh no -- girlfriend just uncovered out your hot day has a what?98SPOUSE/MATE35GUN/AIMED at ME3VENEREAL DISEASE25PIMP3DONG16KID/MOODY TEEN16Name a phrase Santa Claus uses a lot the he can say throughout a romp in the bedroom.97HO, HO, HO!72ON DONNER, ETC.3MERRY CHRISTMAS!11WHAT want FOR XMAS?2NAUGHTY OR NICE?6TO all A great NIGHT!3Name something you"d prefer someone to do to friend from her head to your toes.97MASSAGE/RUB ME67LOVE/ADMIRE ME4KISS/HUG ME12TICKLE ME/TEE-HEE-HEE2LICK ME7WASH/BATHE ME5Name miscellaneous grandma could do if she recorded grandpa smoking marijuana.97ASK because that A HIT61LAUGH5YELL/SCOLD HIM14CALL THE COPS2TOSS IT/FLUSH IT8BEAT HIS OLD ARSE7Name other a mrs does for she baby that her man might say, "Me next."97FEED/SUCKLE60KISS4BATHE11DIAPER/WIPE BUTT3CUDDLE/HOLD11RUB BACK/BELLY8We inquiry 100 men...Name other you"d it is in surprised a group of ladies would perform as girlfriend walked by.97WHISTLE/CATCALL57SMILE/LAUGH5GAWK/ADMIRE BULGE14TALK come ME2FART IN UNISON10FLASH ME9We asked 100 women...When flirting v a guy, name a part of his body you must lightly touch.97HIS ARM54HIS HAIR3HIS HAND17HIS THIGH3HIS SHOULDER13HIS CHEST/NIPPLES7We asked 100 men...Name something you do as soon as you realize you"ve run out of clean underwear.97WASH THEM46TURN within OUT4GO WITHOUT20PANIC2BUY new ONES18WEAR them ANYWAY7We request 100 women...Name a superhero whose tights you"d love to get your hand into.97SUPERMAN41IRON MAN2BATMAN29WONDER WOMAN2SPIDER-MAN15CAPTAIN AMERICA8If there to be a dog court, who might a dog sue?97ITS OWNER40ANOTHER DOG6A CAT23DOGCATCHER2THE mail CARRIER20THE VET6Name a part of she body you"d it is in shocked to hear your grandmother acquired pierced.97CROWD PLEASERS38EARS3BELLY BUTTON28TONGUE2NOSE16"CAVE that WONDER"10On the 4th of July, name a part of she body a stripper could shoot a firecracker out of.97BUTT/THUNDER DONUT35HER HAND8BOOBS/MAN MAGNETS26HER BELLY/BUTTON6HER MOUTH12HER HOO-HA10Name miscellaneous a cowboy might say he wants to be hidden with.96HIS BOOTS ON54HIS SPURS5HORSE the COURSE13HIS SADDLE3GUN/SIX-SHOOTER12HIS HAT9Name miscellaneous a man says was worth providing up half of to gain out the a bad marriage.96THE MONEY50THE PETS3THE HOUSE31THE CARS/TRUCKS3THE KIDS6HIS SANITY3We inquiry 100 men...The an excellent news is, friend booked a commercial for a brand-new men"s product. The poor news is, it"s because that what?96NOODLE DONG47UNDIES/MAN THONGS2HAIR LOSS23DEODORANT2HEMORRHOIDS20JOCK ITCH2In a prenup, a man can stipulate that his wife is not enabled to use his what?96CAR/TRUCK45BOAT3CASH/CREDIT CARDS32TOOLS3RAZOR9TOOTHBRUSH4Name a kind of transportation in which human being do the deed.96THEIR SHAGGIN" WAGON45TRAIN/SUBWAY6PLANE26TAXICAB5BUS7BICYCLE7Name who you"re glad you just see about once a year.96FAMILY/IN-LAWS38MY EX4DOCTOR/DENTIST34SANTA3THE TAXMAN/CPA12BOSS/CEO5We inquiry 100 married men...Name miscellaneous of her wife"s girlfriend pretend isn"t horrible.96BODY/WEIGHT38CLOTHES/BIKINI4COOKING/MEAT LOAF32FISH BREATH4DRIVING13RAT swarm HAIR5We request 100 men...What can a woman bring with she on a date that would certainly make it a date from hell?96HER MOM37PET/LITTER that PUPS9HER EX17MACE2KIDS/SUCKLING BABY16HER BFF15We asked 100 women...What would you carry out if your dinner day says the forgot his wallet?96GET UP/LEAVE36SAY, "GO get IT"4PAY/LOAN that $36DUMP HIM3LAUGH12WASH DISHES/MAKE HIM5We asked 100 solitary women...On a an initial date, name something a guy should need to tell girlfriend he has.96KIDS/HE HASN"T MET31A DOG9A JOB/NO JOB18MONEY/FOR DINNER3ILLNESS/OOZING SORE18WIFE/GIRLFRIEND17Name miscellaneous a male would need to be a Steve Harvey impersonator.96HUMOR/PERSONALITY29SHINY outright HEAD11DEEP VOICE21NICE SUIT/FEDORA3MUSTACHE21HOT FACE/JUICY LIPS11We request 100 women...Name something your man needs a pair of.96SHOES23COJONES11JEANS/PANTS23UNDERWEAR5GLASSES17SOCKS17Fill in the blank: Eve could say to Adam, "Does this fig leaf make me look" what?95FAT77SKINNY2SEXY7STUPID2OVERDRESSED4PRETTY/CUTE3Name something that might accidentally fall into the toilet.95CELL PHONE69BRUSH/COMB3TOOTHBRUSH12TOWEL2TISSUE ROLL5RING/JEWELRY4Fill in the blank: If I"m trapped in one elevator through one various other person, i hope lock don"t what?95STINK/FART65SHOOT/ATTACK ME2BARF/ON ME11DROP DEAD2PEE/BLOW POONADO8PANIC/SCREAM/FREAK7If a masculine stripper dubbed himself The Fireman, surname something he"d usage in his act.95LONG SQUIRTING HOSE64AXE2HAT/HELMET11HIS AMPLE DONG2FIREMAN"S POLE10SUSPENDERS6We request 100 men...I great I could teach my dog to lug me a what?95COLD DRINK/BEER63REMOTE3HOTTIE/WIFE15SNACK/MEAL3NEWSPAPER6PAYCHECK/MONEY BAG5Name the very first thing you"d carry out if you woke up in the city morgue.95YELL/PANIC/FREAK63GET HELP/CALL MOM4ESCAPE/RUN AWAY11DIE4"AM i DEAD, YO?"9DRAMATICALLY pop UP4Name other of her that might get cut off.95HAIR61PHONE/CALL4FINGER12SENTENCES2NAILS8MONEY/CREDIT8Name a component of a human being a cannibal household fights over at Thanksgiving dinner.95PLUMP LEG/THIGHS60HEART3ROASTED RUMP11BELLY2BONELESS BREAST10PEA BRAIN9Name miscellaneous a woman can tell a guy he"s an excellent at even if he"s not.95TICKLING she TULIP56KISSING4COOKING/BBQ14FIXING THINGS4CLEANING/LAUNDRY13DRIVING/DIRECTIONS4We inquiry 100 men...Name miscellaneous you need to never say to a woman the starts with "You look..." what?95PORKY/PREGNANT52DIFFERENT3BAD/HIDEOUS17FAMILIAR2OLDER/ANCIENT12TIRED9We asked 100 women...Name something friend love about men"s underwear.95TIGHT, SEXY FIT50THE FLY/E-Z ACCESS3SOFT/COMFY30COVERS BUTT/BITS2THE COLORS6TAKING lock OFF4The magician can say come his assistant, "Keep her hands off my" what?95WAND50CAPE3HAT18CARDS3RABBIT13HOT BOD/FACE8We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: If a male is looking for a woman v a huge ______, then I"m the one because that him.95HEART48BRAIN/MIND5CABBAGE BLASTER15SMILE/LAUGH4RACK12PERSONALITY/HUMOR11Name other a guy does because that his dog the a woman can do for her man.95FEED HIM44CLEAN UP/HIS POO2RUB/PET/SCRATCH35WALK v HIM2BATHE HIM9HUG/CUDDLE HIM3Name miscellaneous a hospital patient really hopes the nurse doesn"t do to his bottom.95GIVE the A SHOT35SPANK IT9INSERT ENEMA21WIPE/WASH IT7EXAMINE/FINGER13TAKE TEMPERATURE10We asked 100 single men...Name something you"d pretend to give up because that the mrs you love.95HOT HONEYS/COOCH31FISHING2MY BROS/FRIENDS24CIGARETTES2SPORTS/TV20DRINKING16Name miscellaneous you enjoy doing at parties that you would like for civilization to execute at your funeral.95TUNES/KARAOKE26TALK/STORIES11DRINK/BEER PONG24EAT/BY my CORPSE7LAUGH/SMILE15DANCE/LINE DANCE12Fill in the blank: Susan had an simpler time attracting males after she obtained what?94A substantial RACK63CONFIDENT/PERS"ALITY4DIVORCED12MARRIED3SKINNY/IN SHAPE8BIG BUCKS4If there was a church for guys only, what can the members speak it"s okay to do on Sunday?94WATCH/PLAY SPORTS55KISS/HOLD HANDS2DRINK BOOZE28SMOKE2SLEEP IN/3 afternoon MASS5CUSS2Other 보다 a car, name something of yours you can say has a many miles top top it.94MY JANKY BODY49BED4CLOTHES/SHOES24BICYCLE2USED-UP SPOUSE/MATE10TV5We request 100 women...Name something specific that only your guy is allowed to execute to her behind.94PAT/SMACK IT47LOOK/STARE at IT5FONDLE/RUB14PINCH IT5GRAB/SQUEEZE IT12KISS IT11Name someone who could yell at you and also all you can do is suck that up.94BOSS42JUDGE2MOM/DAD31POLICE OFFICER2SPOUSE/MATE12COACH5Name something that could happen to Humpty Dumpty ~ above Easter.94FALL/GET CRACKED42HIDDEN/EGG HUNT7GET EATEN17BE SCRAMBLED4GET DYE JOB14BE BOILED10We asked 100 men...Name something that looks great on a woman that wouldn"t look good on you.94DRESS/MINISKIRT32HAT/CUTE PILLBOX2BRA29THONG2HEELS21LIPSTICK/MAKEUP8A married man can say, "My mam treats me choose a dog. She even bought me a" what?94BONE/TREAT31DOGHOUSE3COLLAR29DOG TOY3LEASH/CHAIN25DOG BOWL3Name other a quick man walk to make himself look at taller.93BIG SHOES/LIFTS79BRAGS/TALKS LOUDLY2POSTURE/CHEST OUT5STRIPED/FITTED DUDS2HAIRDO/POMPADOUR3DRIVES A TRUCK2We request 100 men...Name miscellaneous you desire for Christmas that"s too big to obtain down the chimney.93CAR/TRUCK78FRIDGE2TV5HOT BABE2GRILL3MOTORCYCLE/HARLEY3Fill in the blank: The guy who makes fun of his wife"s ______ is the male who sleeps alone.93BODY73MOTHER2COOKING7SNORING2FACE5HAIR4A woman can tell she man, "You don"t like me if friend don"t like my" what?93FAMILY/MOTHER54BOD/FAT FOLDS4FRIENDS/OLGA & KIKI15HAIR3PET/FARTY CAT13PERSONALITY/HUMOR4We asked 100 married women...Tell me something a woman could do prior to she tells she husband she desires a divorce.93TAKE $/SPEND IT54LEAVE THE LOSER5HIRE LAWYER15WORK OUT/GET BUFF5CHEAT/DABBLE IN DONG8START WORKING6Fill in the blank: A man might tell his wife, "You have actually your mother"s" what?93EYES/FACE52STRINGY HAIR3BOD/MIDRIFF BULGE16MIND/BIRD BRAIN3PERSONALITY/"TUDE10TEMPER9Name a musical instrument an octopus might play the hell the end of.93PIANO48BAGPIPES4DRUMS21GUITAR4FLUTE10HARP6We request 100 women...Name something Steve Harvey would look extra sexy in.93SUIT & TIE/TUX47TIGHT SHIRT5UNDIES/GOLD THONG14SWIMSUIT/MANKINI5BOOTY SHORTS12SKINNY JEANS10We inquiry 100 men...Name miscellaneous you simply can"t get enough of.93SEX/CHICKS41MONEY10SLEEP13TV/SPORTS6FOOD/PIZZA13BEER/BOOZE10We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: I prefer nothing an ext than a great piece that what?93CHOCOLATE/CANDY36BOOTY/A**5CAKE/CHEESECAKE32PIZZA3PIE10MEAT/STEAK7We asked 100 married men...Between us, name something one ex-girlfriend was much better at than your wife.93ROMANCING THE BONE31SAVING/MAKING $9COOKING28DANCING4CLEANING11KISSING10We asked 100 married women...Name something her husband spends much more time doing with the dog than through you.93PETTING21WATCHING TV14PLAYING16GROOMING10WALKING16CUDDLING/KISSING16Name a question a boss would ask a worker while they"re hooked approximately a lie detector.92STEAL STUFF?67BEEN ARRESTED?3LIKE ME as A BOSS?9LOVE LIFE/DO ME?3HAPPY v JOB?6GO ONLINE?4Name something human being dunk your doughnuts in at the old folks" home.92COFFEE61GRAVY2MILK19MAALOX/ANTACID2TEA5PRUNE JUICE3You can sit on the earlier row in ~ church therefore no one deserve to see you perform what?92SLEEP61PICK my BOOGERS3TEXT/USE APP/TINDER18GAB AWAY2SNEAK OUT5DAYDREAM3What"s the an initial thing friend do once you hear a strange noise in her home?92LOOK/CHECK it OUT49HIDE/UNDER BED3LISTEN/TURN down TV17TURN on LIGHTS3JUMP UP/SIT UP10GET GUN/WEAPON10Name a ar a wife shushes her husband.92CHURCH48EATERY/OLIVE GDN.4THE MOVIES25STORE3HOME/BEDROOM8AT A PARTY4Your relatives simply showed up in ~ your residence unannounced. What"s the very first thing friend do?92HIDE/PANIC31COMPLAIN/CUSS OUT4OFFER FOOD/DRINK19PUT garments ON4LET IN/GREET/HUG18TIDY UP/BATHROOM16Name something you put in your mouth that calms you down.91FOOD/CANDY/COFFEE60FINGER/THUMB3CIGARETTE/CIGAR10BOOBS3ALCOHOL10VALIUM/XANAX5Name a place a man can be wherein he"d dislike to watch his mam walk in.91STRIP JOINT54POKER GAME/HALL2BAR/NIGHTCLUB19HIS guy CAVE2BATHROOM/CRAPPER8HUSSY"S HOME/BED6Name a method a average wife might wake she husband increase in the morning.91WATER/ICE ~ above HIM51YANK consist of OFF3LOUD NOISE/YELL21BRIGHT lights ON2SLAP/HIT/KICK11HOT COFFEE on HIM3Name a ar you go where you crave come misbehave.91BAR/NIGHTCLUB42STRIP JOINT9VEGAS/CASINO18WORK2BAKERY/SWEETS SHOP10HOME/BEDROOM10Name miscellaneous a man can do once he sees a an extremely attractive mrs approaching.91STARE/CHECK her OUT37FIX HIS HAIR7WHISTLE17WINK3SMILE17SUCK IN HIS GUT10We asked 100 women...Name something specific that firemen execute that you discover kind of sexy.91HANDLE the HOSE20FIGHT FIRE/RISK11SLIDE under POLE19WEAR UNIFORM9SAVE PEOPLE/ANIMALS19POSE IN CALENDAR13Name something that goes out.90LIGHTS/ELECTRICITY62MY BACK5MY DOG8THE TRASH3PEOPLE7FIRE/FLAME5Name a ar at work-related you would certainly hide if girlfriend knew your boss was looking to fire someone.90BATHROOM52CONFERENCE ROOM4UNDER mine DESK22BREAK ROOM4MY CAR/PKG. LOT4CLOSET4What would he write about if a dog had a blog?90FOOD/TREATS/BONES48LICKING/HIS DOG DONG3OWNER/HUMANS23SLEEPING/DREAMING3CHASING PUSSYCAT7DOGS/SEXY MUTTS6Tell me the last place you were once you lost your temper.90HOME42SCHOOL2WORK23RESTAURANT2CAR/ROAD/PKG. LOT13STORE/YARN SHOP8Name something every woman have to know how to do for herself.90COOK28DRIVE3REPAIR CAR/TIRE28HER MAKEUP3MAKE/MANAGE $$$25CLEAN3Name miscellaneous you must never shot to obtain off of while it"s moving.90TRAIN/SUBWAY25AMUSEMENT RIDE9CAR/TRUCK25HORSE5AIRPLANE17BICYCLE9Name a method a woman knows her day is going in for a kiss.89GETS CLOSE/LEANS IN59MINT/BREATH SPRAY4EYEBANGS HER10HE PUCKERS UP3CLOSES HIS EYES9TILTS HEAD4If her belly button was as deep together a pouch, what would certainly you carry around in it?89MONEY/WALLET57BOOZE/FLASK3CELL PHONE12WEED2FOOD/CANDY9KEYS6If a get an impression man had a treehouse, name something he"d have actually in it that a boy wouldn"t.89BEER/FULL BAR55HOOKERS2TV/REMOTE19MARIJUANA/MEDS2PORN/KAMA SUTRA6FURNITURE5Name other you expect grandpa doesn"t perform at the Thanksgiving table.89RIP A JUICY ONE54DIE/IN STUFFING5BELCH14BARF3SLEEP/SNORE7PICK/REMOVE TEETH6If you had actually to hide a dead human body in her house, where would you placed it?89BASEMENT37UNDER mine BED5CLOSET18CRAWL SPACE5FREEZER17ATTIC7Although that won"t admit it, what can a man rather do with his mom than his wife?89TALK/GOSSIP36CRY5EAT/HAVE COFFEE19HUG/SNUGGLE2SHOP17WATCH SPORTS10Name a reason Old MacDonald chose to sleep in the barn.89FIGHT W/ MRS. M35DRUNK/MOONSHINE4ANIMALS/DIGS BESSIE34WIFE"S UGLY3QUIETER/WIFE SNORES7GOT exhausted WORKING6Name miscellaneous that"s difficult to hold in.89A CHEEK SQUEAK26A SNEEZE9PEE/DOODY19MY FAT GUT8LAUGHTER18BREATH9Name other a squirrel could have nightmares about.88NO NUTS/ROTTEN ONES50CARS/BEING HIT6DOGS13FALLING from TREE3EAGLE/BIRDS8CATS8Name a place a woman would certainly not want to need to pick her guy up from.88JAIL/POLICE STN.37HIS SLUT"S HOME4STRIP JOINT27THE FLOOR3BAR/NIGHTCLUB12KIKI"S CATHOUSE5Name a pet the farmer"s children hope isn"t served for dinner.88BABE THE PIG35LOLITA THE LAMB9CLUCKY THE CHICKEN14CLARICE THE KITTY7FIDO THE POOCH12ROGER THE RABBIT11Name a children"s game adults pat in the bedroom.88HIDE-AND-SEEK29TAG3TWISTER28TRUTH OR DARE3PEEK-A-BOO16DOCTOR9If friend literally had actually a an insect up her behind, which kind would it is in the worst kind?88BEE/WASP27ANT/FIRE ANT3ROACH23STINK BUG3SPIDER/TARANTULA18SCORPION14We request 100 women...My male is together a dog, I"m surprised he doesn"t tinkle on what?88TREE/SHRUB/PLANT27THE FURNITURE5A FIRE HYDRANT21ME/MY FACE5THE FLOOR/RUG19THE LAWN/GRASS11Where"s the worst ar on the body to gain a bee sting?88JUNK/HAIRY MANILOW26NOSE/IN NOSTRIL7BUTT/RUSTY BAGEL22FOOT/TOE5EYEBALL/LID19MOUTH/LIP/TONGUE9Name something a mrs is wearing that causes her come say, "I"m hot."88DRESS/MINISKIRT21HEELS/SEXY SHOES11SWEATER17PARKA/JACKET8BIKINI/SWIMSUIT17LINGERIE/VINYL BRA14We asked 100 men...Name something that gets you much more excited than being v a woman.87SPORTS/FISHING34MONEY/LOTTO WIN8PIGGING OUT17BEING W/ 2 WOMEN!5BEER/FREE BOOZE14FAST CARS9Name other you choose to do alone.87READ/STUDY27WATCH TV/MOVIE7SLEEP20"BEAT approximately MY BUSH"4SHOWER/BATHE18PEE/TOUR the DOODY11We request 100 women...Name a reason some females prefer inflatable dolls to real men.86NEVER TALK/BACK50DEFLATE & put AWAY6NOT confusing SLOBS11BETTER LOVERS3DON"T CHEAT10DON"T SNORE6We asked 100 women...Name a place you"d it is in offended your guy went through his mother rather of you.86VACAY/EIFFEL TOWER44A WEDDING3RESTAURANT25A CONCERT/SHOW3STORE/TIFFANY"S7BAR/NIGHTCLUB4Name someone famous whose buttocks room too large to fail.86KIM KARDASHIAN42BEYONCE3JENNIFER LOPEZ24MELISSA MCCARTHY2OPRAH WINFREY8NICKI MINAJ7Name miscellaneous a woman can do come a man"s face.86KISS IT35SCRATCH IT4SLAP/PUNCH IT29LIE come IT3STROKE IT8SHAVE IT7Grandma might say, "Whenever grandpa it s okay cranky, i just provide him" what?86FOOD/CANDY/COFFEE29MY hot GRANNY COOCH5BOOZE/BEER22DRUGS/EX-LAX4A KISS/HUG16A SMACK/PUNCH10We inquiry 100 men...If you"re job hunting, surname something you shouldn"t it is in wearing in your on facebook photos.86MAN THONG/UNDIES27TANK TOP/TACKY TEE6SPEEDO24TATTOO/"BITE ME"3NOTHING/BUCK NEKKID17GIRL GARB/PANTIES9Name something your lover walk to destroy the mood of acquisition a romantic bathtub together.85BLOWS A BEEFER62GETS IN/HOGS TUB4PEES/POOPS IN TUB6TURNS top top SHOWER2TALKS/ARGUES/JOKES6SPLASHES5If two toddlers got into a fight at a work care, name something they can use as a weapon.85TOYS/BLOCKS47DIAPER/LOADED5BOTTLE/SIPPY CUP13HANDS & FEET3CRAYON/PENCIL11BINKY/PACIFIER6Name something of King Kong"s that"s really long.85HIS ARMS47HIS KING-A-LING6HIS LEGS12HIS MOVIES4HANDS/FINGERS10HIS HAIR6Name other you"d it is in embarrassed to say you obtained your hand captured in.85JAR/COOKIE JAR39BODY/LOVER"S HOO-HA6TOILET16VENDING MACHINE5MY/SOMEONE"S PANTS12SINK/DISPOSAL7Name an excuse a husband gives his wife for why his surname turned up on a date website.85SAME NAME/NOT ME23JOINED by ACCIDENT9BUD supplied IT/JOKE20OLD ACCOUNT6HACKED/ID THEFT18BORED/CURIOUS9We asked 100 married men...Name an pet whose behind reminds you of your wife"s behind.85HORSE23PIG/BOAR12BABOON/APE/MONKEY18LAMB/WOOLY SHEEP7ELEPHANT13DONKEY/MULE12Name a fattening food you"ve thrown away and also then tried come retrieve native the trash.85CAKE/CUPCAKE21CANDY/CHOCOLATE11DONUT18ICE CREAM11CHIPS12PIZZA12Tell me other it appears all celebrities have.84MONEY63A big EGO3A MANSION8A PUBLICIST3GREAT CLOTHES4SWEET WHEELS3Tell me something certain that instantly makes you think about a past romance.84SPECIAL SONG56FOOD/RESTAURANT2COLOGNE/ODOR18WORDS/THEIR NAME2PHOTOS4MOVIE2Name miscellaneous a woman can drive a guy to do.84DRINK52LOSE HIS MIND5LEAVE/DIVORCE11CHEAT3KILL HIMSELF7PROPOSE/MARRY6Fill in the blank: The party at the old folks" residence was for this reason wild that grandma offered away her what?84TEETH48WIG3BRA/PANTIES24GIRDLE2WALKER/CANE4DUMPY DIAPER3We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: There"s naught sweeter than a warm guy holding a what?84PUPPY/KITTEN35WAD O" DOUGH/VISA3BABY/CHILD28VACUUM3ROSE/BOUQUET10DOOR5What occupation would a wife choose her husband to dress up together in the bedroom?84FIREMAN32STRIPPER3COP32FRENCH MAID3DOC/PROCTOLOGIST9CONSTRUCTION5A woman would certainly have reason for problem if her day showed up moving a what?83WEAPON/SHOVEL66ANIMAL/PISSY WOMBAT2PURSE9TIMER2BABY2CONDOM/BAGFUL2If marijuana becomes legal, surname an occupation you hope doesn"t smoke it on the job.83DOCTOR/DENTIST45TEACHER2POLICE OFFICER14CONSTRUCTION2PILOT10BUS DRIVER10If you can miraculously end up being boss at work, what"s the an initial thing you"d do?83RAISES because that EVERYONE!32CHANGE dress CODE4FIRE/EVERYONE27HIRE an ext STAFF3MORE VACAY/DAYS OFF10FREE LUNCH/SNACKS7Give me a word that rhymes v "drunk."83SKUNK32DUNK4TRUNK24BUNK3PUNK11FUNK9We asked 100 single women...If you to be dating similar twins, you"d hope to get the one that"s better at what?83MAKIN" MOOLAH!18MAKING ME LAUGH13KISSING14BEING HONEST/LOYAL12STUFFING mine BIRD13COOKING13Name a an excellent gift because that a woman that would be a devastating gift because that a man.82CHICK DUDS/BRA34MAKEUP4JEWELRY/PEARLS15A VIBRATOR4FLOWERS13PERFUME12Name something a boxer hopes he doesn"t lose when he"s in the ring.82HIS TEETH31AN EYE/SIGHT4FIGHT/ROUND/TITLE22AN EAR4HIS SHORTS12CONSCIOUSNESS9If the Jolly Green giant made edible underwear, what vegetable would they taste like?82BEANS26BROCCOLI9PEAS22SPINACH/CREAMED5CARROTS11CORN9Name other a coworker has actually stolen from you.82PEN25CREDIT because that IDEAS6FOOD/SODA23STAPLER5MONEY/WALLET16TIME/HOURS7We request 100 married women...Fill in the blank: The method my man snores, it sounds like there"s a what in bed through me.82FREIGHT TRAIN24PIG/WILD HOG7SAW/CHAINSAW20BULLDOZER6BEAR18VACUUM CLEANER7Name something friend think of when you hear words "grind."82COFFEE24GEARS/BRAKES7BUMP & GRIND/DANCE17MEAT/SAUSAGE5TEETH15WORK/JOB14Name a sort of fish girlfriend wouldn"t desire to check out on your sushi roll.82CARP21BLOWFISH/PUFFER9GOLDFISH18CATFISH8SHARK14EEL12Name miscellaneous a guy would it is in holding if he"s a player.81SPORTS EQUIPMENT29COCKTAIL5PHONE/NUMBERS18PACK O" RUBBERS4$$$/BLACK AMEX14CARDS/ROYAL FLUSH11Name something of her husband"s an upset wife could super adhesive shut.80HIS big FAT MOUTH41HIS LAPTOP5HIS WALLET12HIS BUTT/POOP CHUTE4HIS PANTS/ZIPPER9HIS car DOOR9We inquiry 100 women...If friend bought your man boxer shorts with an animal design, what pet would be finest for him?80TIGER39MONKEY6DOG/PUPPY15COUGAR/PANTHER4CHEETAH9LION7Name something the moves after you rotate it on.80CAR36PERSON5FAN21BLENDER4VACUUM/ROOMBA8LAWN MOWER6Name an occupation where people talk trash.80ATHLETE29TV/RADIO HOST/DJ6GARBAGE COLLECTOR22SALES/CAR DEALER5POLITICIAN10CONSTRUCTION8Name other a woman has actually that a man might find as well threatening.79MONEY/BIG JOB33LOVER/OTHER CHICK5BRAIN/PH.D.23MAN-EATING BOOBS5CONFIDENCE/BIG MOUTH8A GUN5Give me a word the rhymes through "trash."79CASH33MASH7CRASH13RASH7BASH10FLASH9Name something the you don"t care if it"s fake as lengthy as it looks good.79JEWELRY/DIAMOND22FLOWER/TREE9HAIR/COLOR18NAILS7JUGS/SILICONE SISTAS12CLOTHES/FUR11Name a juicy fruit you can compare your lover to.79PEACH20BERRY/STRAWBERRY7ORANGE16APPLE/GRANNY SMITH4PINEAPPLE16MELON/WATERMELON16We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: guys are favor a crate of chocolates, and I"m attractive to the people that are what?78SWEET34RICH5NUTTY17BITTER5DARK/CHOCOLATEY11CREAMY/GOOEY6When Ronald McDonald took a project as an exotic dancer, he confirmed off his what?78BIG FEET/SHOES27RED HAIR/DOWN BELOW6BUNS19MCNUGGETS6BIG MAC/BURGER12FACE/NOSE8We asked 100 men...Name a bad habit a woman has actually that can not stroked nerves you if she"s hot.78TALKS/WHINES23PICKS NOSE8SMOKES/STOGIES20FART & YELL INCOMING5SNORES13BITES NAILS9If Steve Harvey were your neighbor, name something of his you could ask come borrow.77PIMPMOBILE24SUGAR5SUITS/CLOTHES19MOWER/LAWN SVC.5$15 MILLION17JOKES/HUMOR7We inquiry 100 women...What would certainly you execute if her lover bought girlfriend an expensive jug of cellulite cream?76USE IT, BABY34CRY/BE SAD7HIT HIM/WITH IT13SMILE/LAUGH5YELL/"DIE PIG!"9SURPRISED/"WHY?"8Name something a man might need to get rid of before women will certainly be interested in him.76300 LBS./GUT27MAN FUNK/BAD BREATH8WIFE/PARADE that SLUTS15PETS/PYTHONS4BEARD/PIMP STACHE13ATTITUDE/EGO9Name a biology most men are afraid of.76WOMEN22LIONS7SNAKES16SHARKS6BEARS14SPIDERS11We asked 100 men...Name a dessert you might speak to your mate"s bottom.76JELL-O18PEAR11PUDDING/TAPIOCA13HONEY BUNS10PIE/CHERRY PIE12CAKE/POUND CAKE12Name something you"d hate to loss into face first.74POO/BUTT TRUFFLES35TOILET3MUD22VOLCANO/LAVA3CONCRETE/SIDEWALK7SEWER/CESSPOOL4Name miscellaneous on you or around you that"s off-center.74MY NOSE33MY TIE6MY HAIR/PART13MY MIND/BRAIN6MY feeling OF HUMOR9MY EARS7Name a type of cheese a stripper native Wisconsin can use as her stage name.74CHEDDAR31PEPPER JACK7SWISS/BABY SWISS12STRING CHEESE5GOUDA11BRIE8Besides a coffin, name something a woman can bury her cheating husband in.74A HOLE/IN BACKYARD22TRASH BAG/DUMPSTER10DEBT/LEGAL FEES14SEA/SINKING BOAT4A BOX/SHOEBOX12CAR/TRUCK12We inquiry 100 men...If women didn"t exist, i wouldn"t have sex.

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But I additionally wouldn"t have to what?74CLEAN/HOUSEWORK19WORK/MAKE $4SHOWER/GROOM19BEG/KISS UP4LISTEN/TO her NAG19SHOP/BUY GIFTS9Tell me her worst habit.74BITING my NAILS19PICKING my NOSE6SMOKING15CUSSING/AT OLD LADIES5PROCRASTINATING15EATING/OVEREATING14Name other a man pops.74THE QUESTION17CHAMPAGNE CORK10HIS KNUCKLES14BEER CAN7A BALLOON14GUM12Name something you might have strapped come you.72GUN/HOLSTER31BABY/CHILD6BACKPACK/FANNY PACK12SEATBELT6PARACHUTE10A STRAP-ON7We inquiry 100 married women...Give me one "S" native that defines how your male looks when he"s naked.71SEXY34SHARP5STRONG11SLOPPY5SENSUAL9STUNNING7Name miscellaneous you could be on.71DRUGS/MEDS30A DIET3FURNITURE/CHAIR26COMPUTER/INTERNET3BOAT/RAFT5TV/THE NEWS4Give me a word the rhymes with words "prank."70CRANK20RANK7FRANK13DANK7TANK13DRANK10Name a place where a person could be a no-show.69WORK/MEETING18WEDDING8DR./DENTIST16SCHOOL5COURT/JURY DUTY12RESTAURANT10Tell me one word the can acquire a man excited.68SEX51WOMAN/WOMEN3BREASTS5SPORTS3FOOTBALL3MONEY3Name miscellaneous you"re always sad around when it"s over.68VACATION27CRAZY SWEATY SEX6GM. Of THRONES/MOVIE12CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYS5THE WEEKEND10A PARTY8Fill in the blank: You"re in ______.67TROUBLE32LUCK5LOVE14THE MOOD4HOT WATER7DEEP/DEEP DOO-DOO5Name miscellaneous some human being don"t like to cross.67STREET/HIGHWAY20BODY of WATER7BLACK CAT"S PATH15THEIR BOSS7BRIDGE10LINE/PICKET LINE8Name a food you swear girlfriend have come to be addicted to.66CHOCOLATE/CANDY21STEAK7PIZZA12CHEESE6CHIPS11ICE CREAM9Name a food they"d far better have in sky or you"re not going.66CHOCOLATE/REESE"S17CHIPS/POTATO CHIPS8PIZZA15CAKE/CHEESECAKE8STEAK9CHICKEN/WINGS9Name something friend eat or drink the a stripper could use as a phase name.65CANDY42PEACHES4CINNAMON6CHERRY3CHAMPAGNE5HONEY5Name a ar where you check out a many of people in a really bad mood.65DMV21I.R.S.6MY JOB/WORK13HOSPITAL/E.R.5COURT10DOCTOR/DENTIST10Name one occupation that"s no for the weak that heart.63SURGEON/DOCTOR28SEWAGE WORKER4CORONER/MORTICIAN14HIGH-RISE BUILDER4EMT/FIREFIGHTER7THE MILITARY6Fill in the blank: A vampire can say, "I hate as soon as I"m suck someone"s blood and they" what?63FART21SNEEZE6BURP12SCREAM6TASTE BAD/GARLICKY10DIE8Name other the world"s nicest Porta Potti could have in it.62AIR FRESH"R/NO ODOR23FLUSHER/AUTOMATIC6SINK/FAUCET15HANDWIPES5BIDET7TV6When a man dates a supermodel, he can be surprised that she"s super what?62DUMB21FRIGID/PRUDISH5SMART/WELL-READ14THIN/SKINNY5ARROGANT/CONCEITED9CATTY/MEAN8Tell me someone whose words readjust your life.62FATHER19SPOUSE5MOTHER15CLERGY5TEACHER11JESUS/GOD7Name a TV display you"d it is in embarrassed to see any type of of your household members on.60JERRY SPRINGER21REAL HOUSEWIVES5COPS14THE KARDASHIANS5BACHELOR/ETTE8FAMILY FEUD7Name a famous family you"d desire to play against on "Family Feud."59KARDASHIANS24KENNEDYS4OBAMAS14THE ADDAMS FAMILY3CLINTONS8TRUMPS6If there was an Italian strip club, surname an Italian food a stripper might speak to herself.59LINGUINE17PASTA6CANNOLI11MEATBALLS6SPAGHETTI10LASAGNA9Name a indigenous or expression that starts with "pass."57...OUT19...OVER5...THE SALT11...WORD5...THE BUCK10...GAS7Name the sexiest food in ~ the supermarket.52BANANAS20LIVE LOBSTERS4MELONS9OYSTERS4STRAWBERRIES8CUCUMBERS7Back come index