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Also well-known As: ProStreet: need for SpeedGenre: Racing, Sports vehicle Auto gyeongju Developer: electronic Arts Publisher: digital Arts ESRB Rating: Everyone-10 release Date: November 15, 2007

Step 1:go as well the Code get in then form in the "unlockallthings" cheat then go also a race day, leave and also go as well you garage market the complimentary cars for 90 to 100k restart your playstationStep 2:repeat action 1 as countless times together you want until you satisfied v you cash I imply 1 mill.Step 3:go too the automobile lot and buy theses cars:a corvette c6, a lancer evolution, a rx-7 and a viper.Step 3: upgrade them completely too level 4.Step 4:beat RYO the showdown king and also the other kings using the cars girlfriend bought in action 3 and also if you usage some ability I promise you will certainly win.Step 5: clock the final video clip and gain the reality that you have beat NFS Prostreet!

In stimulate to execute this, you must have the UNLOCKALLTHINGS cheat on, then go beat the king (ex.Aki Kumura). Next, walk through and also DOMINATE the three events leading up to Aki. You"ll be challenged by him AGAIN and win his vehicle a second time. Quickly you will have all the cash you need, yet I"m not certain if it have the right to be done an ext than 2 times, so you shot it out and see!

I found this a earlier, so, another good GRIP and also SPEED automobile would be the viper since with every the level 4 parts, it"s a fast car. Also, prior to my save gained deleted, I found out that the Evo the Ryo has actually is great at speed and also grip.

Want to placed a different exhaust pointer on a stock body kit due to the fact that the various other body kits room ugly? Well with this valuable trick, girlfriend can!First, go to her garage. Pick custom upgrade and also body kits.Then pick every little thing one you have the right to put aftermarket exhaust on; doesn"t matter which one.Back monitor to the custom upgrade screen ans select exhaust tipsSelect whichever one you desire to placed on the stock bodyGo come the human body kit screen and put it on the stock body (it"s far better to get the stock autosculpt)You gain all her money earlier from purchase the human body kit beforeThe aftermarket exhaust walk not show up till you upgrade the blueprint and go ago to the car an option screen.And presto! Aftermarket exhaust pointer on stock body!This cheat is just tested ~ above ps2 variation so I have no idea if it works on anything else.Please leaving a comment and let me know if i"m crazy or not!

FIRST: Nissian GT-R (R35)SECOND: Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionTHIRD: Porche 911 TurboFOURTH: Suburu Impreza STIFITH: BMW M3 E46SIXTH: Volkswagon R32

Drift cars:1:Madza RX-72:Poniac GTO (65)3:Dodge Charger R/TDrag Cars:1:Chevy Corvette C62:Ford Shelby GT5003:Ford Mustang 06

Grip:Lancer Evolution, 911 turbo, Impreza WRX STI, Volkswagon R32, BMW M3E46Drift:RX-7, RX-8, Comaro SS, GTO "65, 350ZDrag:GT500, Supra, CTS-V, Mustang GT, Pontiac GTO, Pagani Zonda, Charger R/TWheelie Competition:Challenger R/T, Supra, GT500Speed Challenge:Viper SRT10, Ford GT, Lamborgini, Skyline GTR, Nissan GTR, 911 turbo

Good Drift Cars

Some an excellent drift cars room the "65 GTO, Camaro SS, and Charger R/T.

Best Cars for Drift, Grip, Drag, and Speed Races

*Must have actually level 4 upgrades for this come work**To attain level four upgrades you have actually to enter in the "unlockallthings" cheat code**B - bought**W - Won*Drift - Porshe Cayman S (B)Speed - BMW M3 E46 (w) or Nissan Skyline R34 (W)Drag - evade Charger (wheelie competitions) (B) and either Ford Mustang GT (W - drag king"s car) or 1965 Pontiac GTO (W - speed king"s car)Grip - Nissan GT-R (B) or Mitsubishi Lancer development X (W - use the cheat "mitsubishigofar" come obtain)*These space the car I select to drive and also can be tuned any way you choose.I have gotten a 7. 79 sec in Drag through the Charger and also it will execute a wheelie forclose come 1300+ ft if fully upgraded*.

The best Cars For drag Racing:Subaru Impreza WRX, dodge Charger R/T, Chevrolet Chevelle SS & Chevy Camaro SS.

Best Cars for Racing

The best Cars because that Racing:Subaru Impreza WRX, Ford GT, Nissan Skyline & Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.

Faster E.T.s

Feather the throttle in the an extremely beginning once you space warming increase the tires. Keep the rpms in the environment-friendly zone. When the gyeongju starts permit the automobile idle and also do no touch the throttle. Once the third amber light transforms on, transition into very first gear. Once the eco-friendly light comes on pond the throttle and transition normally. If your an excellent enough fight nos in 2nd. Additionally use the supra upgraded right into the 3rd or fourth upgrades and it will certainly run mid 6"s. No joke.

For your speed races (also grip races in tier 2), use the Ford GT. Make sure you update it cause you"ll require it. For the traction races, usage the Shelby GT 500. The can overcome him.

For the drag races, gain a Shelby GT 500. It deserve to do 1/4 mile race in 8 secs flat. Also, in wheelie competitions, once you begin off, the GT will stay in the air for around a couple of seconds then begin to drop. When it starts come drop, hit your NOS and hit the shifts right and you"ll autumn at about nearly or more than 1,000 ft.

Without utilizing the unlock al lthings cheatcode, go to the 2nd raceday in Noise Bomb. Select either (1-4) of the markers as soon as you have won. Select marker #5 once you dominated the event. Climate you will acquire a cost-free car marker. To buy the Zonda v the marker market it and also you will obtain at least 325,000 dollars or more.

There room a couple of steps come this cheat and it may take a while.Step 1: when or If you start playing the game go to "Code Entry" and punch in UNLOCKALLTHINGS, as soon as you have actually done this you will unlock the complete career map and also all the cars.Step 2: once you have unlocked whatever go to an even and also start it. When you"re in the occasion screen, don"t begin to race simply yet, exit out and go to your GARAGE, once in the garage, you will have about 4 cars, one for each gyeongju style.Step 3: if in the garage you deserve to sell those automobile which will certainly run increase to about 15k come 40k. Once you have actually sold the extra cars, save your game.Step 4: as soon as you have actually sold every the extra cars and saved the game, RESTART your PS2. (Doing this will certainly not erase anything, cars, game data, or money. That will just reset the map ago to its original state indigenous which you began at.Step 5: last Step. Once you have actually done action 4, repeat measures 1-4. Law these procedures will obtain you a lot of money. (In my situation I"m up to about 450k. ).

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When her in a traction race, begin the race and once you obtain to the third shift, simply hit the NOS button. Save on shifting and if girlfriend look earlier you"ll hardly have the ability to see the vehicle behind you.

When you enter the traction race and it claims prepareto warm up your tires hold down the x buttonuntil you see the flow meter reach the eco-friendly areaon the appropriate of your screen. As soon as in the greenarea let go of the x switch until your flow meterdrops come 0, then hit the x switch again until itreaches the green area. Proceed to do thisuntil the gyeongju starts. This wil always an outcome inyou having good traction because that optimum starts.