In respectable 2005, aided the Unites states Mint through the introduction of a new nickel, the "Ocean in View!" by setting a commemorative mark featuring that design. "Ocean in View!" is just one of several brand-new nickels that commemorate the bicentennials the the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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In august 2005, participated in the United states Mint"s launchof the "Ocean in View!" nickel by unveiling a 12-inch stainlesssteel commemorative disk, featuring the style of the new nickel. Adedication of the mark took location in a ceremony in ~ Cape disappointment StatePark close to Ilwaco, Washington.

Scientists native"s nationwide Geodetic Survey set the note atCape disappointed State Park, a park of the Lewis and also Clark national andState historic Parks, managed by the Washington State Parks and also RecreationCommission. The nickel and commemorative mark are part of one ongoingcelebration come commemorate the bicentennials the the Louisiana acquisition andthe Lewis and also Clark Expedition.

Historic Reference

The "tails" next of the "Ocean in View!" nickelbears a architecture based on a photograph by Andrew E.Cier that Astoria, Oregon, the the western waters as they might have beenfirst perceived by Lewis and Clark and their team in November 1805.
The heads side of the "Ocean in View!" nickel bearsa new image the President cutting board Jefferson.

A regulation passed by Congress and approved by President shrub in April 2003authorized the redesign of the nation"s nickel because that the very first timesince 1938, to commemorate the bicentennials the the Louisiana purchase andthe Lewis and Clark expedition. The United says Mint released thenickel series in 2004, with the tranquility Medal nickel, complied with by the Keelboatnickel, and then the American Bison nickel in march 2005.

The last nickel in the U.S. Mint"s Westward trip Series™,the "Ocean in View!" nickel design commemorates the completionof Lewis and also Clark"s exploration westward come find and also map a transcontinentalwater path to the Pacific Ocean. The nickel depicts the dramaticcoastal landscape wherein Lewis and also Clark reached the Pacific ocean on November 7, 1805. Thenickel and commemorative mark feature the inscription "Ocean in view! O! TheJoy!" an entry in Captain william Clark"s journal, exultinghis belief that they had finally reached the Pacific ocean after for this reason manymonths the arduous travel.

The "heads" side design for the 2005 nickel bears, for the firsttime in 67 years, a new likeness that America"s third president,Thomas Jefferson. The "Liberty" inscriptionon the coin complies with Jefferson"s own handwriting. The designis based upon a marble bust the Jefferson through the French sculptorJean-Antoine Houdon and paintings through Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale.

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The brand-new imageof president Jefferson replace instead replace the picture of president Jeffersonthat had actually been ~ above the nickel since 1938. Depictions the Monticello and ThomasJefferson went back to the nickel in 2006.

Designation: Not however in databasePID: Not however in databaseYear: 2005Location: Cape disappointment State Park close to Ilwaco,WashingtonLatitude/Longitude: not yet in databaseEvent Commemorated: 2005release of the U.S. Mint"snew nickel, "Ocean in View!" i beg your pardon commemorates the minute theLewis and also Clark exploration reached the Pacific OceanRelated net Sites: