The Biz’s best (and only) united state hit is a hilarious tale of groupie love unable to do wrong. Biz based the story on one actual endure that had actually happened to him.The beat and also hook… review More 

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Have you ever met a girl that you tried to dateBut a year to make love she want you to wait?Let me phone call a story of mine situationI was talkin' to this girl native the U.S. NationThe means that i met she was ~ above tour, at a concertShe had long hair and a short miniskirtI just gained on stage, drippin', pourin' v sweatI was walkin' with the crowd and also guess that I metI whispered in her ear, "Come to the picture boothSo I have the right to ask girlfriend some concerns to check out if ya hundred proof"I asked her her name, she said: "Blah-blah-blah"She had 9/10 pants and a very huge braI took a pair of flicks and she to be enthusedI said: "How perform you favor the show?" She said: "I was really amused"I started throwin' bass, she started throwin' ago mid-rangeBut when I sprung the question, she acted type of strangeThen once I asked, "Do ya have a man?", she tried come pretendShe said: "No, i don't, i only have a friend"Come on!I'm not also goin' because that it, this is what I'm goin' singYou, you got what i needBut you say he's simply a friendAnd you speak he's simply a friend, oh babyYou obtained what ns needBut you say he's just a friendBut you to speak he's just a friend, oh babyYou acquired what i needBut you to speak he's just a friendBut you to speak he's simply a friend
So ns took blah-blah's word for it in ~ this timeI thought simply havin' a friend couldn't be no crime'Cause I have actually friends and that's a factLike Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and JackForget about that, let's go into the storyAbout a girl called "blah-blah-blah" that adored meSo we started talkin', gettin' familiarSpendin' a the majority of time, so we can develop aRelationship or part understandingHow it's gonna be in the future we to be plannin'Everything sounded so dandy and also sweetI had no idea I remained in for a treatAfter this to be established, everything was coolThe tour was over and she went ago to schoolI dubbed every day to see exactly how she was doin'Every time that I dubbed her, it appeared somethin' to be brewin'I called her room, a man picked up, yet then I referred to as againI say: "Yo, that was that?" "Oh, he's simply a friend"Don't gimme that, don't also gimme that!Jus' bust thisYou, you acquired what ns needBut you to speak he's simply a friendAnd you say he's just a friend, five babyYou gained what ns needBut you speak he's simply a friendBut you to speak he's just a friend, oh babyYou obtained what ns needBut you to speak he's just a friendBut you speak he's simply a friend

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So, I involved her college on a surprised visitTo view my girl, the was therefore exquisiteIt was a college day, ns knew she was thereThe first semester the the institution yearI visited a door to ask wherein was she dormThis guy made me fill out a visitor's formHe said me wherein it was and I to be on my wayTo view my baby doll, i was happy come sayI arrived in prior of the dormitory"Yo, could you phone call me where is door three?"They verified me wherein it was for the momentI didn't know I remained in for together an eventSo, I involved her room and opened the doorOh, snap! guess: v what i saw?A fella tongue-kissin' mine girl in her mouthI to be so in shock, my heart went down southSo please, listen to the message that ns sendDon't ever talk come a girl who states she just has a friend...