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"Outside looking In" is the debut single by American singer Jordan Pruitt. It was videotaped for the Disney Channel original Movie review It and Weep in 2006. When there was no soundtrack album because that the film, the song released as a single to encourage it. The tune is likewise included ~ above Pruitt"s debut album No ordinary Girl. The song debuted (and eventually peaked) in ~ number 77 on the Billboard warm 100 in mid-February 2007, the highest debut of that week. Back it was Pruitt"s first single to it is in released, it was her 2nd single to graph on the Billboard warm 100, the very first being "Jump come the Rhythm". An ext »

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You don"t know my nameYou don"t recognize anything around meI try to beat niceI want to it is in in her gameThe points that girlfriend sayYou might think I never hear around themBut word travel fastI"m informing you to your faceI"m standing here behind her backYou don"t know exactly how it feelsTo be external the crowdYou don"t know what it"s likeTo it is in left outAnd friend don"t know exactly how it feelsTo be her own ideal friend ~ above the exterior looking inIf you might read mine mindYou might see an ext of me than meets the eyeAnd you"ve been every wrongNot that you think ns amYou"ve never provided me a chanceWell, I"m tired of continuing to be at homeI"m bored and also aloneI"m noble of wasting all my time

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Jordan Pruitt Jordan Lynne Pruitt (born may 19, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia) is one American record artist. After recording a demo album in 2006, Pruitt was signed come Hollywood Records. Much more »


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