Gmail is a really popular email business provider. However, that is no error-free. Numerous users have actually reported this error as soon as trying come send an email through Gmail – a server error occurred and also your email was no sent. This difficulty may be pertained to the Gmail organization itself or your browser.

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Some users have actually reported a Gmail error once trying to send one outgoing message. The error password is preceded by the complying with text: “There was a server error and also your email was no sent. Follow to our research, the trouble only occurs in Firefox and some other browsers, however not in Chrome.

If girlfriend are currently experiencing this details problem, the adhering to methods may aid you. We have uncovered some workarounds that users in a similar situation have actually used to prevent the Gmail error. Please follow the method you feel many comfortable with. Let’s get started!

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How to deal with the Gmail error “There to be a server error and also your email was not sent”

What is the reason for the Gmail error “a server error occurred and also your email was no sent”?


The “Server error occurred and also your email was no sent” error normally occurs as soon as a Gmail customer is unable to develop a working connection with its servers. You’re actually sending out the email to Gmail’s servers, which, in turn, store it in the recipient’s account that you selected in the email. As soon as this connection is difficult, you obtain an error message.

This trouble is especially typical in the Firefox browser, and also many workarounds job-related for this difficulty as well. The most usual solution is come disable Avast’s e-signature.

Other solutions are additionally possible, together as writing a brand-new email, clearing the browser cache, reinstalling the browser, etc. We will certainly go through them every one by one, beginning with the most vital workarounds.

The most likely causes of this trouble are together follows.

It may be a brand-new account that has actually not yet been well-known by Gmail.You may be trying come send one post to many users.

How to fix the Gmail error “There to be a server error and also your email was not sent”


Clear your web browser cache and cookies

Google Chrome

Launch Google ChromeClick the “MenuSelect ToolsSelect Clear web browser dataClick “Clear cache” and “Cookies


Start FirefoxGo to the menuChoose Privacy -> SecurityChoose cookies and also website dataClick clear data

Microsoft Edge

Start Microsoft EdgePress Ctrl + transition + DelSelecting short-lived Services and FoldersClick Delete

Opera Browser

Launch Opera browserPress Ctrl + shift + DelSelect duration Since the installationCheck the box alongside the Cached images and also files.Select Clear browser dataDisable internet browser extensions

Google Chrome

Start Google ChromeClick the food selection button.Choose much more toolsSelect the cursor beside each extension


Start FirefoxGo come the menuChoose add-onsSelect extensionsClick the three-pointed icon next to each extension, then click Disable.

Microsoft Edge

Start Microsoft EdgeSelect the food selection buttonSelect extensions.Right-click the expansion you want to remove and select Remove.You can also select an extension and also click Delete.

Opera Browser

Launch the Opera browserSelect menuGo come Extensions.Navigate to every extension and also click the “Disable” button.Using a different browser

I understand this may not it is in ideal, however if your antivirus doesn’t have actually a built-in setup that tells it to stop scanning signature messages, friend can shot using a web web browser other than Firefox to avoid the Gmail bug.

This method is typically preferable if you are satisfied through a third-party antivirus solution. So try using Chrome or Opera to send the exact same emails the you previously failed to send utilizing the Gmail internet app. Her outgoing emails need to arrive in ~ their destination without any problems.

Compose a brand-new message

You should try to copy the exact same text you wanted to send and also send it v the message you simply composed. There space many cases where Gmail cannot effectively configure chin and accessibility its servers. In this case, try checking your net connection. If you are using a proxy server, try connecting to the web with such restrictions. Also, copy every the text (contained in the email you room trying to send), create a new email, dough the message and try sending it to the recipient again.

Once you’ve clearing the cache and also disabled every mail, you must no longer receive error message from her Gmail server.

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Frequently asked Questions

Open your email regimen (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, or home windows Mail).On the devices menu, click Accounts.Click ~ above your email account, and then click "Properties."Click the "General" tab.Make sure that the "Email Address" is your valid address for this account.Click ~ above the "Server" tab.