Passions is one American soap opera set in the fictional town of Harmony, brand-new England. Passions" story heat centers on the Crane family and several other family members within the town of Harmony; your passions, lives and paranormal experiences are portrayed in the story lines. The Cranes live in their mansion on crow Hill, controls the town of Harmony. Julian, boy of Alistair Crane, is the existing head of the Crane family. He lives at raven Hill v his fianc


Father Lonigan is brought into the residence so the he can baptize Tabitha. Rebecca and Gwen space arrested after anyone watches the videotape. Ethan pledges his future come Theresa. ~ Tabitha admits all her past crimes she is baptized and it stops the volcano native erupting. Sam is shocked as soon as he finds the end that all the women in the Standish family are witches. Gwen"s marital relationship to Ethan is exposed together being invalid. Endora cures father Lonigan and he is able to view again. Louis is happy when sophisticated tells him the he is walking to it is in father. Paloma lets Noah understand that he is going to it is in a father as well. Theresa and Ethan room announced as husband and wife, once they lastly get married.

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Rebbecca and also Gwen room worried the everyone will discover out what they have actually been increase to. Endora returns to her boy form. Esme lets everybody understand that they space in good danger. Kay speak Tabitha the she requirements to baptized if everybody is to be saved. The truth around Rebbecca and also Gwen is revealed.

Both Gwen and Theresa try to to convince Ethan that he must be through them. Juanita refuses to ago up Theresa"s story. Theresa tells Ethan that Ethan Jr is yes, really his son. Ethan finds his kid with the video clip camera after ~ Rebecca is unable to gain it off him and also he decides to watch what is on it. Endora brings Norma, Edna, Kay and Miguel right into the house. Once they all try and prevent the volcano indigenous exploding anyone vanishes other than Kay and also Endora. Kay and also Endora receive a message from Timmy in Heaven.
Tabitha and also Endora room still can not to obtain out that the house. A boring Tabitha materializes Julian and also Eve right into the house. Julian admits come Eve that Endora is his daughter. Gwen and Etan are married but after the ceremony Ethan discovers the Theresa is quiet alive. Juanita is stopped from escaping. Ethan tries to protect against the bomb native going off.
Tabitha and also Endora work-related out that the earthquake is simply the start of the bad things around to take place in Harmony. Juanita marvels why she bomb hasn"t gone turn off yet. Gwen and also Ethan gain ready to continue with the wedding adhering to the earthquake. Evil forces prevent Tabitha and also Endora native leaving the house. Theresa find Juanita"s bomb and Juanita tells her she knows who she really is.
Ivy and also Sam work-related out that there have to of been something necessary on the video clip camera. Ethan decides to avoid the wedding after discovering that his and also Gwen"s parental aren"t there. Noah and also Paloma get married instead. Gwen is promised through her mother that nobody will ever find out what they have actually been increase to. As Noah and Paloma room announced husband and also wife one earthquake hits the town.
Tabitha and also Endora manage to defeat the elf and also it is sent ago to hell. Everyone is shocked to check out that Antonio is still alive. Gwen and Rebbecca are shocked as soon as they uncover out the camera has actually been filming them and also Rebbecca tries to steal it. Gwen and also Ethan"s wedding begins.
The elf returns and also tells Tabitha the she has to die as she has actually become an excellent and offered up her evil ways. Endora make the efforts to save Tabitha. Ethan hears Pilar speak to Gertrude through Theresa"s name. Sheridan is surprised to view Antonio and he tells her her father organized in captive in Boston but he escaped to be through her. Luis and fancy are married and also Sheridan reveals to Antonio"s family that that is still alive.
Tabitha problems when she cant discover Endora again. Edna and Norma get married. Pilar provides her daughter some advise. Sheridan is required to let louis go. When Gwen and Rebbecca comment on all their past schemes, Sam"s video camera films it.
Norma and Edna surprised Tabitha as soon as they tell she they intend to get married. Kay and also Miguel room announced together husband and also wife. Ivy tells fancy that Sheridan thought about letting her dice so the she would certainly not get married Luis. Sheridan asks louis to give their relationship one more try.
When Endora ultimately gets her human form back that is as a teenager and not a child. Theresa i do not know remember what Gwen claimed to her. Juanita"s bomb continues to counting down. Sheridan messages Luis questioning him no to marry her sister.
Tabitha find life challenging without she powers. Kay is shocked after ~ finding the end what taken place at the church and that Tabitha has actually lost every her powers. Kay is also surprised to find that Julian is Endora"s father and thinks that Tabitha must reveal she is a witch and that she conserved everyone. Tabitha wants to leaving town yet her daughter wants to attend the wedding. Gwen walk to check out Gertrude come tell her the she knows the she is really Theresa.
Juanita is involved that her plan will work. Viki and also Vincent are pleased that whatever has unable to do the means they planned. Tabitha agrees to provide away all her strength to help those who have actually died and also after she has they start to recover. Theresa lies to Ethan when again. Tabitha refuses to be seen as the hero. Viki and Vincent are taken away by the police. Endora is unable to return to the method she provided to be.
Tabitha refuses to help the victims of the poisoning since she knows that all she powers will certainly disappear if she enters the church. After ~ Endora pleads with her to enter, Tabitha end up doing so. Pilar collapses ~ she stop her mom from taking the poison. An elaborate and louis both pass the end after learning that Pilar has actually died. Viki and also Vincent call Tabitha she has actually arrived also late.

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Tabitha tells Norma and also Edna that they have nothing to concern about. After Sheridan is freed through Esme, they decision to try and stop Viki and also Vincent. After Julian stops Vincent from killing night she do the efforts to get help. Ethan lastly works out that Gertrude really is. Theresa decides to take some of the poison it s her after she realizes that she cant live without Ethan.
As everybody prepares come eat, Viki and also Vincent watch on. Sheridan decides to let an elaborate eat the poison food and then disclose what is going on. Sheridan has actually a adjust of love but before she have the right to reveal what is walk on Vincent locks her up. After eating the food human being start to it is in effected in the church. Esme is shocked when Tabitha tells her the Viki is the killer. Endora reflects her mother and Esme what is happening in the church yet Tabitha refuses to help.

Passions is one American soap opera collection in the fictional city of Harmony, brand-new England. Passions" story line centers on the Crane family and also several other families within the city of Harmony; your passions, lives and also paranormal experiences are portrayed in the story lines.

The Cranes live in your mansion on raven Hill, controls the town of Harmony. Julian, son of Alistair Crane, is the existing head the the Crane family. He resides at raven Hill v his fianc