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STROUDSBURG, PA – one Alabama woman was busted ~ she tried passing a medicine test in a sneaky way.

Jade Cullen, 26, to be on parole due to the fact that she was busted through drugs a when back. Together it would rotate out, Jade hadn’t been so clean. As part of her parole she had actually to fulfill with a probation officer and take random drug tests, yet she failure her recent test.

The Monroe county Sheriff’s office states a probation officer i found it Jade fidgeting v something between her legs. A closer look and they found a condom inside her filled with one more person’s clean urine. Together you can imagine, she failed she test and is currently facing more charges.

That’s additionally how she came to be our Dumbass that the Day!

GIVING BACK: an ext Help coming for Louisiana indigenous Ft. Bending County Judge and Assistance ministries W. Houston

by Sharron Melton / Sep 24, 2021

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) West Houston aid Ministries (WHAM) and also Fort bending County judge KP George space joining forces to distribution food and also supplies to victims of Hurricane Ida in Houston, and also families in need. This special drive-thru food distribution will take location on Saturday, September 25 native 9 to be – 12 noon in ~ WHAM headquarters situated at 10501 Meadowglen roadway in Houston. Food and also supplies will be distributed to roughly 300 cars on a first-come, first-served basis, while provides last.

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This is also a very important cause and mission for fort Bend ar to and that"s why judge KP George wanted the ar to obtain involved.


PET adoption FEES WAIVED: “Fall In Love” pet Adoptions take location Saturday

by Sharron Melton / Sep 24, 2021
HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Houston Humane culture Waiving fostering Fees because that VIP dogs & cat This Saturday. It"s all part of the shelter`s "Fall in Love" fostering Event to aid Pets with stays Over 30 Days, uncover Forever Homes.

For someday only, Houston Humane culture is waiving fostering fees. This marks the begin to the fall season. The shelter"s "Fall in Love" occasion gives every Houstonians the opportunity to find a furry forever friend. The event will be organized this Saturday, Sept. 25 in ~ Houston Humane Society, one of the city"s biggest non-profit pet shelters specialized to eliminating cruelty, abuse and also the overpopulation of animals. All pets come spayed or neutered and are up to day on vaccinations. One approved fostering application is required.

HOUSTON, Texas(KIAH) – The city the Galveston is bringing earlier a piece of background for visitors and residents. The Galveston Island Trolley service is return on weekends beginning October 1st, 2021 and also will be the an initial trolley rail service since the city was flooded throughout Hurricane Ike in 2008.

The city says three beautifully restored trolleys will be to run the entire route of the line, i m sorry connects downtown and also the Seawall along 25th Street. Because that the an initial weekend the city will celebrate the return by offering cost-free rides. The general public is also invited to to visit a special occasion on Oct. 1st starting at 9 a.m. ~ above Postoffice between 22nd and 23rd Street. After the an initial weekend, the fare will be $1 every person and also for now, the trolleys will run on Fridays, Saturdays, and also Sundays from 10 a.m. Come 7 p.m.